Monday, 1 September 2014

Random thoughts> Mommy speaks

Heylos to all lovely moms out there! Thanks for your amazing response for my previous post, 'How to keep the baby blues at bay'?  Last Friday, while sipping a cup of hot coffee and waiting for my friend at the cafe situated in the hustle bustle of the city, I  was getting more anxious to meet my friend as I had a stipulated time (till my lo is in Playschool). Needless to say, a random thought just came in my mind, echoing, "Till, how long?"  No! This was not the result of the accumulating waiting time but for my motherhood.

Yes! Please don’t raise your eyebrows, I confess that I really enjoy each and every moment of motherhood since the day I conceived. But sometimes like any mom, I too feel that my hands are bonded and I am restricted for time and activity as I have added responsibility.

It begins with when you declare this 'Happy news', much known in India as 'GOOD NEWS'... Yes that's how the close relative and friends will ask the moment you tie a knot, "Any GOOD NEWS, keep annoying you till you declare one". Any ways the what am trying to share is, there is sheer social pressure for being parent and then it follows with having a sibling for your LO as she 'needs company'.

What makes me write this article is that, since we conceive till we die, as mothers/parents we are just under pressure from the stereotype social norms. It begins with, "will you opt for C-section or you will really undergo Labour pain?" and when baby is born, prompt question they have to ask, "What formula you are planning to give? (After undergoing surgery , where am unable to even talk to people properly, these are the funny questions all visitor have to ask) FYI I had both labour pains and due to medical reasons opted for C-section, I breastfed s well as occasionally bottle fed my Lo. Am very sure soon they will ask how much your lo is going score in 10th or 12th? Then followed by will she take science or commerce, which Business College she is going to join. And once your kids' education is completed successful, you'll notice each quaint and stranger in your proximity to be more concerned about their marriage, they might also end suggesting you funny candidates for the alliance. For God sake, 'Can you please stop giving unwanted directives for being parent?" With no surprise such questions are also asked by so called 'Modern Mom' or 'Modern Parent'. Argh! Get a life!

Why can't these so called well wisher stop asking mom a questions? At times it seems like am in KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati), where even answering what I do or hoping to do , it isn't a correct answer and adding to it I don't even win any lottery too ;-)

 Today’s modern momz are very well-read, medically supported and smart enough to take the decision. The style of parenting of earlier ages or few years aga may work or may not, as science and technology is developing at high pace. Nevertheless, I always call up my mom and my aunt for emergiencies?! Don’t get scared, emergency in early motherhood is like high fever for many days (in spite of taking medications), your Lo's first fall or not passing stool for a day or two or may be about my lo wants to eat junk food aka maggie.

Like any new mom, I used to also get panicked with petty issues, but then just a call to mom, everything seems to be at place. Not that I followed whatever she said, or it worked but yes it made me feel secure.

Thinking over it again and again, I also realised how much I am depended on my parents for any emotional support, now am thirty year old woman, a mother and a wife but still a single call to my mom during emergencies makes me feel 'ALRIGHT'.

So when I get annoyed with Erishka's never-ending demands, I start thinking of my parents like I still bother them. But as my dad always said, "If you trouble us we like it, as we feel that we are needed and important in your life". During my college days I wasn't able to understand the underlying meaning in what he said, but now after 'Being mom' I can completely relate to it.

BTW what made me write this post is that just because I have some limitations in time due to kid I was gettign so much annoyed, but after writing down, am feeling much better, and looking forward for what's more in the store of 'Motherhood and Parenting'.
Am still enjoying as a kid thanks to my parents for still pampering me, and being a mom am loving it, thanks to my 2 year old little monster!!!

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