Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Better Women, Better World

Heylos to all lovely ladies out there, am sure by now you all would have had awesome Halloween. I was back to my beautiful Bangalore on 30th and then i was too exhaustive to celebrate Halloween.... with a more than a month long vacation to north India and Gujarat, I was left with no energy. The entire vacation was full of food, festivities and traveling.

The best part happened during this trip was I was able to host a meet at Planet Women Hospital -Better Women, Better World in association with Certified Garbh Sanskar and Food and nutrition Expert Dr. Anushree. The health meet for moms-to-be was supported by Stem Cell and strech marks removal creame too. The session began with sitting exercise for expectant mom and diet do's and don't for the same.

The meet was concluded by the rapid-fire quiz. Also lot of myths were de-coded which I would write an elaborated post in some days. Yes the myths like , Papaya is not bad for pregnant ladies, Ghee is not the only source of Calcium and also it does not mean if it's normal delivery it's the best for you body, and C-section does not lead to put on extra pounds post delivery and many more. Watch this place for more facts and information about pregnancy and beyond.

Have a happy November and start preparing for the 'Children's Day'.


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