Monday, 10 November 2014

Book Review>'Poppy N Pals' By Anitha Kannan

If you are a mom of a 5 year plus kid and searching for something for fun + productive activity. Then am sure you would love to add Poppy N' Pals  By Anitha Kannan to your child's reading nook. The children's comic is not only fun to read but also productive as it also has a few instances and attractive graphics that may help you to inculcate the moral values in your child at early stage of their life.

Meet the Pals: Mimi, Poppy and Tee
Poppy N' Pals is a fun children's comic series revolving around three adorable friends Poppy (The most helpful friend you can find in Pincyl town. His smart-simplicity makes him attractive), Mimi (Mimi is the richest and prettiest, mimi can’t help being loving and caring to everyone) and Tee (Poppy's cute little pet who never misses an adventure with his friends ) in Pincyl town.
Dive into the world of colourful graphics by Arjun Dev and little adventures scripted By Anitha Kannan . Poppy N' Pals (Volume 1) includes 5 comic stories i.e Rainbow Rescue | Karate Klash | Shoe Shopping | X'Mas. 

The comic also includes the fun sticker activities, colouring pages, puzzles and a pin-up Map of Pincyl town. One may call this book a perfect gift for a child 5+ and keep them occupied for hours of reading and doing creative activities too.

About the Author:
Anitha Kannan is a Media Consultant, working in the area of interactive services for children. In her spare time, she writes stories revolving around fun and imaginary characters that come alive from her childhood memories and day dreams. Her biggest inspiration is her very young daughter and her musician husband. 

Anitha's message for Parents ...

Dear Parents,
Here's where you are making the right decision for your kids - Yes! sensible purchases. Order a copy of Poppy N Pals - Volume 1 that is enriched with values and colourful graphics to engage children.

Give your children an opportunity to enjoy the little joys of reading and expanding their imagination through Poppy n pals - a journey that will never end!
With love for kids,
Anitha :-)

Book Price: 200 INR
Age: 5 years plus

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