Monday, 24 November 2014

Umadevi: Technologist, Hacker & Architect

We are proud to announce our one of the sponsors for upcoming Mompreneurs Meet III- High On Heels, Umadevi Santhanam - Technologist, Hacker and An Architect. She is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Citrya Innovations.

Her associates define her as the energy source, innovator, technologist. She lives, breathes and eats technology – innovating dramatic solutions, building unassailable architectures, soaking in technology trends, creating astonishingly efficient technology platforms, and mentoring minds that can fuel innovation.  

Uma has over 16 years of experience as Enterprise Architect in architecture, design, and code of enterprise scale products. She is also a Certified Ethical Hacker and passionate about security of enterprise architecture products. 
About Citrya Innovations:
At Citrya, we Make Life Easier - we innovate to build niche technologies that change the way you do business - from eye catching Web Presence, dramatic Web Analytics, effective Social Presence and the next big technology in location aware computing - LACE. Our mantra is "Ideas. Value. Results." signifying an endless cycle of adding value to you.

On a personal note Uma is a prolific reader, loves to enjoy a cup of tea with her closest friends and can at the drop of a hat, take off on a family trip with them. Also once she is connected with an individual and if the frequency is matched she can talk non-stop ;-) She is a caring mother, strong entrepreneur, loves to travel and adding to if may I call her a 'Techie Mompreneur'.
Moreover, she is passionate about empowering women and we are proud to have her as one of our Sponsors for Mompreneurs Meet III - High On Heels ... Thanks Uma for supporting our initiative to create an ecosystem for mompreneurs. Buy tickets here>>

Nidhi @MomzSpace
Buy tickets here>>

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