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Kids & Diabetes: What can we do as Parents?

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Heylos to all my lovely ladies, am sure you all must be busy preparing for the Children's Day or may be you've already started celebrating. It's midnight and am just done with my Lo's fancy dress add on. Yes, I got it done now as I was busy taking care of my unwell lo. Though i doubt that she will be attending the Children's Day Celebration at school, but still thought of making something handy which she is comfortable if at all she wish to attend, and not to feel out of place. Yes in Bangalore most of them are busy celebrating Children's Day and while doing this we all are missing out on a very important date ie. 14th November - The World Diabetes Day.


Can you imagine a child having a dream to have a 'SWEET'? And that too with no scoldings thereafter. We cannot relate kids without sweets and vice a versa. It's so difficult for us as an adult to control our sweet cravings, just imagine how the little one who is suffering from Diabetes would be feeling. Yes of course from school books we have been taught that not everyone has to cut down sweets, but has to control and keep moderate. And out of all things in the world how will you make your child understand the same? 

Watch Video>> Kids and Diabetes in School (KIDS)


MomzSpace is extremely glad to have Ranjani Raman, Founder of Nutrilife - a well-know nutritionist and Certified in Child Nutrition as our guest blogger. Her write up on how as a responsible parents we can guide keep an alert towards the diabetes symptoms is very informative and eye-opening.

Child Diabetes on rise! Are we, as Parents, guiding them right?

The next time your child shows symptoms like drastic weight loss, increased hunger and thirst, frequent urination, dry mouth, blurred vision and fatigue, remember to remind yourself that this could be a sign of diabetes.

When it comes to diabetes in children, it is most often referred to Type 1 diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes, which is also referred to as Juvenile diabetes. However, with the current lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, it’s becoming common to see children being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, where the body just cannot produce enough insulin resulting in increased blood sugar levels.

Overweight children seem to be at a higher risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes at an early age which might carry over into their adulthood. With the growing number of children being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, there is a huge emphasis to help create awareness and inculcate healthy eating and lifestyle modification patterns, so that we can together march towards a healthy future.

What can we do as Parents?

1.    Let the child know that diabetes is a medical condition and can be managed. It is our responsibility to inculcate strength and confidence so that the child reflects the same.

2.    When symptoms arise, do not panic as this can make the child feel uncomfortable. Accept the situation and handle gently.

3.    Dietary modification plays a very vital role in diabetes management. A few changes can give big results.

-    Eliminate all refined foods such as white rice, biscuits, breads, thick soups and other foods made of refined flour to avoid spiking the blood glucose levels. Replace them with whole cereals which are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals thereby regulating the sugar levels.
-    Remove processed foods such as pizzas, burgers, noodles, instant foods, chips, packed juices, aerated drinks and flavored drinks. The preservatives and additives in these foods only aggravate the situation.
-    Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your child’s routine on a regular basis. This will help curb the hunger pangs in a healthy way and also giving fiber along with the essential vitamins and minerals for growth.
-    Drinking enough water is equally important to compensate for the dehydration and to promote healthy functioning of the body systems.
-    Encourage the child to eat every 2 hours but ensure the portion sizes are not huge. Eating frequently can help in keeping the sugar levels constant thereby helping the child to stay active and stable throughout the day.
-    Always keep healthy foods such as nuts, dry fruits, fruits handy to handle a sudden dip in the sugar levels. Talk to your child about hypoglycemia and ask him/her to let you know the moment they feel weak or tired.

4.    Exercise is as important as healthy eating to ensure proper blood circulation and regulation of blood sugar levels. Encourage outdoor games, walking and playing at the nearby park, taking the staircase etc. and treat your child normal when among other children to promote healthy self-esteem.

5.    Follow a regular check-up calendar so that you track your child’s sugar levels and ensure it is maintained well. Also help your child to maintain the ideal body weight for the age and height. This will help you assess the progress and if you are doing right as a parent. Diabetes can be managed for life if understood and regulated well.

Let’s work towards handling children with diabetes with utmost care, for even they are born for a purpose and we, as parents, should take care not to let their lifestyle and eating habits stop them from attaining that purpose.

About the writer: 

Ranjani Raman (Founder of Nutrilife) is a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant with an experience in the profession for over 3 years helping over 1000+ individuals on their wellness journey. With a Masters in Dietetics and a certification in Child Nutrition, she deals with various individual clients with numerous wellness goals and challenges. 

She believes purely in dietary intervention and lifestyle modification and DO NOT promote or sell any commercial products. Her services include counseling and personalized diet plans under Individual nutrition consultation, Nutrition packages for weight loss, child nutrition, disease management etc.

I hope my mommy readers would have found this information very helpful. Thanks Ranjani for sharing these valuable pointers. Moms,
share and spread the Awareness of Diabetes in Kids. Here is the free downloads available for school teachers, must know information for parents to avoid, guidelines for children to follow and also for parents of diabetic kid. Please feel free to download and spread the awareness.


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