Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Yes, I am Proud To Be A Mompreneur!

Heylos to lovely moms, below is the beautiful article written by Milan-Babyblog writer at MyBabyCart.com. Please sit back, sip a cup of coffee while looking outside your workspace window. Am sure you would enjoy reading this wonderful write-up. I cannot agree more to whatever is penned by her. Yes it keeps me motivated and encourages me to do pursue what am doing now.

Dedicated to all 'Mompreneurs, this is for you.' While we all mompreneurs anxiously waiting for Mompreneurs Meet III, this write up give us one more reason to celebrate and feel proud of being mompreneur.Buy tickets here>>

Proud to be a Mompreneur!
By Milan Singhal @Babycart.com

When I reflect on my past, I feel glad that I took the right decisions at the right time. I look myself in the mirror and the reflection shows a determined woman who refuses to be known as a homemaker throughout her life. "My whole life revolves around my kids and spouse" was not an acceptable idea to me. "I spend the golden years of my life in doing household chores" was not my aim in life. I did not agree to that lifestyle.

I never ignored my family in the process. It was, it is and will always remain my priority. So I found a solution by creating a niche for myself – whether it’s from home, or from a little office tucked at the corner of the road, I started running my business operations with a strong will.
My hobbies which I am pro at became my business model and helped me in becoming my own boss. I used social media to my advantage and started marketing my products. I made plans – plans to succeed, to better myself with each passing day so every night I sleep satisfied and wakes up next morning fully charged to take on the day. Read more>>
About Milan:
I am proud mother of two girls and a freelancer by profession. An alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, I have dabbled in various publications before started blogging for MyBabyCart, which provides a platform, where through my words I am able to reach and help hundreds and thousands of mothers by writing on topics close to my heart, be it providing answers to a query as simple as “gifting ideas for kids of different age-group” to little tricky ones like “time-management tips for working mothers”. I hope that my blogs help as much as they entertain our dear mommies. Keep reading, keep liking and yes, keep commenting on my blogs! Read more>>

Nidhi @MomzSpace
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