Thursday, 18 December 2014


I asked for three wishes to be fulfilled by Santa this Christmas, one of them was 24/7 safety for my lo. Reading through media reports and the day-after images have left me speechless. Also annoyed with media when i saw popping booms to take bytes of victim family and survivor. For god sake or say for humanity sake please be sensitive!
 What made me write this post was the heart-wrenching poem shared by one of the FB Groups.  Could not stop and had to pour my heart out!

Am glad that I'm not in a position where I had to take coverage of this attack, yes I do remember the sleepless nights we had during Mumbai attacks and just like any media due to CTR and TRPs we were also looking at the numbers of dead, injured and so... but that phase still haunts.

Visuals and caption excerpts of a bloodshed all over auditorium, bullet-ridden wall, and small coffins; makes me 'still', 'numb', 'wonder', and yet again am 'HELPLESS'.


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