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Christmas Calling>>Wishlist Template for mom and kids

All you mums must be busy with Christmas preparation and holidays. Am pretty sure that you all must be having some secret wishlist. When i asked my lo what do you want from santa? (she is just 2.5 , so she isn;t that familiar with term 'Wishlist) She promptly replied, "Mumma Fish". I was flabbergasted by her reply was wondering does she want it live in pond, or fried or roasted.. Phew! lots of thoughts were flashing in my mind. In a while she asked, "Mumma what do yo want from Santa Clocks? ( smiles, yes that's how she pronounce)

So below is my Wishlist all set to fly to Santa's mailbox in North Pole!

I have requested him to gift me uninterrupted meals/shower-time/washroom, "Magic machine" to organise my lo's toys, and 24/7 safety angel for my little princess. 
Wishlist template for moms

Did I ask more? You can also create your own Wishlist and send it to 'Santa'. Create your own Wishlist to Santa.  

Here are the few D-I-Y simple steps to create your very own wish-list and send it to NorthPole (Santa's Office); 
1) Place your cursor on the image template, click right of the mouse tab,
2)And save the below image,
3) take a colour (optional) printout ,
4) Put it in an envelope and seal it,
5) Write Fly to Santa, North Pole and
6) You may parcel some cookies for Santa and Carrots for Reindeers

7)Place your wishlist to santa and parcel box under the Christmas Tree.
8) Ta-da you are done! Your Wishlist will be soon granted!

Kids'Kitchen Wishlist for this Christmas!
 By now am sure you all would have tried atleast one or two Christmas songs / carols with your little ones. Festivals gives us more opportunity to do activities with kids, make best of it. They will cherish these precious moments for the life time, Like I do...
I pray to God that all yours and your little ones wishlist is granted by Santa. 

A small tip, please try to send your wishlist latest by 20th, so that Santa gets enough time to make arrangements for your wishlist and gifts.

Don't forget to keep secret door open,
So that Santa can easily deliver 

your wishlist approval and gifts
Sing a-long, spread the love!
Merry Christmas!

Nidhi @MomzSpace

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