Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Love yourself 'mumma'!

With the never-ending work at home and ever increasing demands my our little ones, we find it hard to find the much needed 'Me Space'. We are always tagging with our kid or discuss topics related to our little ones. My shopping list have automatically shifted my focus from cosmetics and lingerie to baby toiletries and kids clothes. 

So, this how conveniently we have replaced our needs with theirs never ending demands. So it's high time , that we think about 'Me-time-' and start taking care of our self. We as a home maker of family are the fulcrum of the entire system at the 'Home Front'.

My hubby always reminds me of taking care of myself. And when he is at home during weekends, it's like a bliss! He takes care of my daughter so that I nap for few hours in noon, visit parlor and relax for sometime, visit my friend's place or do my meditation. 

I urge all new moms not to give lame excuses like you don't have time for 'yourself', because you need to make time for yourself. No one else can do good to yourself except you. So stop cribbing , blaming! Step out, open new doors, meet new people and learn something new and rediscover yourself apart from being mother. Like the good old saying goes, 'A happy mom raises happy child'.  And you are responsible for your own happiness.

So before any break down happens, start taking care of yourself, starting loving yourself. Meet your friends, go for a shopping without your kid, go clubbing with your old friends, get back to your hobbies and if you wish you can have a real long chat with your good old best friend.

This time make a New Year resolution to enjoy 'Me-Time' and love yourself!!!

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