Sunday, 4 January 2015

"MomzSpace" puts on a 'Santa Cap'

Heylos to all lovely moms, here is a quick recap on what we did for Christmas and enjoyed the 'Joy of Giving as well as receiving it" ;-) Thanks Debolina Coomar for this beautiful write up for Momz'space. 

Secret Santa 
of the moms, by the moms and for the moms

By Debolina Coomar

People say women cannot keep secrets, but this Christmas, the mommies of Momzspace proved them wrong. In this festive season spreading joy, these wonderful mothers took a step forward to gift a smile to another mother they do not even know.

Mothers have always been a Santa, a giver of happiness to their children and others around. But this time, Nidhi Pathak, the founder of Momzspace ( though to bringing a tint of merry in their lives with the Secret Santa (SS) endeavour. Mothers interacted, communicated; exchanged gifts and most of all engaged themselves in a wonder game of sharing and caring.
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