Monday, 5 January 2015

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Hey mummas and deddas, I hope you all had an awesome family time with kids running around in the house till midnight and with no looking at clock to follow routine. We had a lovely family time, as I opted for ‘Tech Detox’, though I cheated once in a while. But ‘Tech Detox’ was a real blessing for me and my family time. For me this lovely celebration time took to a ‘Reverse gear’. Yes, my lo refused to take bath, even though i tried changing water temp, bought fancy baby soaps, used bubbles and also made paper-puppets and told her story in bathroom. Phew! tried what not, but all in vain. 

Firstly I thought maybe because of winter, but later she also refused to brush her teeth. Apart from this when she wanted me to notice her, she would simply act as if she is crying (in a happy manner), “Mumma, Erishka baby crying , waa, waa, waa”. I use to find it cute but then she kept doing this for every time she needed the attention. That’s it, i reached at the saturation point of my patience.

While talking to her doc during the visit of vaccination, he said sometime in a process to learn something new or explore something new, regression is quite common amongst toddlers. It’s something like "two steps forward, one step back”. It’s mainly because there are just so many new skills  and things around to explore and juggle the same. He asked me to be patient with little setbacks and to remember that it’s just a phase and will pass by soon.  

He further said, “Regression is a normal part of a child's development. Children don't progress like the bookish milestones stated in fancy parenting magazines, kids have their own graph. It cannot be always a straight, upward path.” He also calmed me little by saying there are also few example of grown up toddlers and pre-teens who go back to sucking her thumb, clinging, having trouble falling or staying asleep, or losing control of bowels or bladder.

I am sure you all moms would be or have been through this phase, please share your views, comments, regression stories and tips for other parents to follow. 


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