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Daddy - The Birth of a Father

By Tuhin A. Sinha

While strolling over a bookshop in a mall, I spotted a book with the title 'Daddy'.  I stopped by and read through few pages, found it interesting  and picked up a copy. Needless to say, I was in love with the cover photo of the book, where a new born child is holding fathers finger. Have never come across such picture as parenting and Children domain  is predominated by 'mothers' or 'motherhood'.
While putting this book in my baby bag to carry home, I was wondering that there are very few mediums of media which does feature the importance 'Father' or 'Fatherhood' in child's life. Pondering into mediums which gave a much significance to the 'Fatherhood' I thought of the movie by Mahesh bhatt, 'Daddy' where Anupam Kher reflects that how fatherhood is important in child's life and how he as father felt incomplete with a child just like any mother, Aamir Khan's 'Akele Hum Akele Tum' - where in Aamir Khan plays a father who takes care of his child wholeheartedly, yet questioned in courtroom scene of being a 'Good dad' or 'Good parent. Fatherhood is as sensitive as motherhood when it comes to raise a child.
 Modern dads have no inhibitions changing diapers, dressing up kids for school, cooking for kids favourite meal and be there whenever child needs. Moreover dads also support new moms in laundry, breastfeeding, and spending sleepless nights. Gone those days where these stuffs where taken care only by nanny or grandma, new dads proves to be a strong support system.

Giving more importance and with paradigm shift in Indian Parenting, Tuhin A Sinha writes an exclusive book for father, 'DADDY'. When you look around you will see few dad's wearing their baby and also doing shopping at the same time. Daddy, a first of its kind Indian book, provides a rare parenting insight from a father?s perspective, and looks at issues, concerns and joys that every new father goes through. Combining personal narrative, with stories from new fathers and leading medical practitioners, the book brings together ideas on involved fatherhood and explores the changing relationship dynamic between a couple after the baby arrives. In more ways than one, it celebrates the spirit of new age fatherhood.

Of course I did sneak into some pages, the book consist varied writings for fatherhood. From Paternal pangs to tips and to-do-list for d-days. The book also covers other parenting topics like how to select a school, how to manage a 'separation anxiety', money matters and getting back to work. The book seems to be a comprehensive approach towards modern days fatherhood and celebrating the spirit of fatherhood.

After going through these wonderful pages of book, reached home and gifted to my husband. He simply loved, it and said, 'Finally something for us super dads'. He further said , 'How I wish I would have read this before Erishka came into our lives.' Having a hands-on father adn supportive hubby makes parenting easy for a child and mom-dad.

It's a must read for all expecting dads and new dads. I would also recommend this book as a perfect gift for a dad during 'Baby shower', where whole attention is on moms, lets make the to-be-dad to feel much special. For more blogs on father and fatherhood click here>>

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