Saturday, 28 February 2015

Women's World>> Powered by Women

We take immense pleasure to announce our upcoming event 'Women's World ' is powered by Women Entrepreneurs like Sujata S Iyer(Founder of Mommy and Me With Su, Vocalist, voice-over artist) , Hema Latha (Owner of Fashion Boutique -'The Fine Colors, & Co-Founder a women driven Taxi Service, 'Taxshe')  and Priya Mankotia (Chocolatier & Founder of Krisp and Crumbls).  

With their upmteen love, effortless passion and support from our proud women sponsors , I am sure that all women participants will have wonderful  memories of 'Women's Day' to cherish for.

Mommy and Me With Su:

It is a Mother-toddler program with an holistic approach to develop and inculcate the best in a child with theme based activities around music, art &craft, stories and much more…!!!!  Sujata S Iyer - Founder of Mommy and Me with Su is a Passion driven, yet a successful women Entrepreneur. Sujata is a communications specialist and a voice over artist, a vocalist in Hindustani herself. 

She was introduced to formal classical music at the age of 10 through her guru Smt Shyamala Gopalakrishnan, then switched to Hindustani music and learnt from Smt Hemalata jog of Gwalior gharana as her heart was always into natya sangeet, bhavgeet and abhangs. Daughter in law of Shri S Balachandran (MUMBAI)Musicologist and Flautist.
To Know more about Sujata S Iyer click here>>

The Fine Colors

 The Fine Colors - a Clothing line , fashion Boutique by Hema Latha. The collection ranges from western, indo-western to traditional and trendy outfits. 

Customers at 'The Fine Colors' checking out new trends

It has a vibrant collection of designer sarees that too fitting in every pocket. 

It also has unique collection of accessories like belts, jewellry, which goes very well with the clothing line displayed at the showroom. 

Hema Latha is also Co-Founder of a Women Driven Taxi Service called 'Taxshe' 

 Krisp & Crumbls

Krisp & Crumbls is passion driven business by Priya Mankotia - A hands on Chocolatier. She eats, breathes and lives chocolates. At Krisp and Crumbls, Chocolate their our passion.  

From conceptualizing a design, hand decorating, to ultimately creating the chocolate arrangement, gift box or favor, every order is made fresh and we use international brand of chocolate.

Besides making finger-licking chocolates, they provide premium Gourmet Chocolates which are uniquely displayed in their signature style chocolate arrangements & Boxes. 

They undertake orders for corporate events, kitty party, birthday party, special occasion,  baby shower and the list goes endless. 
At Krisp & Crumbls, every order is created with the utmost care and attention so that your gift will create a lasting impression. 

 The event gives you opportunity to let your creative juices flow and learn new art i.e Jewellery making, pamper yourself with colourful nail art and sing along with the soulful compositions by our Woman Guitarist 'Preeti'. Workshop materials, snacks and refreshments would be provided at the venue. Know all about 'Women's Day ' Celebration here>>


Woman Guitarist>Tunning with Passion & Profession

 Women's Day Celebration>>
With the power of 'Pink' gearing up in the spirit of celebrating womanhood, meet 'Preeti Khatri' - A web Application Developer by profession, marathon runner as well as playing up with Strings for passion. So what are you lovely ladies waiting for hurry and register to one of it's kind 'women's Day celebration. 
Preeti - tunning passion and profession with humour!
 The event gives you opportunity to let your creative juices flow and learn new art i.e Jewellery making, pamper yourself with colourful nail art and sing along with the soulful compositions by our Woman Guitarist 'Preeti'. Workshop materials, snacks and refreshments would be provided at the venue. Know all about 'Women's Day ' Celebration here>>


On 8th March 2015, participant of women's day event, 'Women's World' will have an opportunity to hear a soulful composition by 'Preeti Khatri'- a guitarist and vocalist.  

 Women's World is hosted by 'Momz'Space' - A Motherhood Community and 'Art Blend Cafe' - A coffee with hobby. This event is supported by Mommy And Me With Su, The Fine Colors and Krisps and Crumbls.  

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WOMEN'S WORLD>> Celebrating Womanhood

Fun, food, art, music and lots more

Heylos to all beautiful ladies out there, put on your shoes, and get going for the upcoming event, 'Women's World' hosted by 'Momz'Space' . Momz'Space in association with Art Blend Cafe presents one of it's kind celebration of 'Women's Day 2015'. 
A big shout to all 'Proud Women', calling women from all walk of life to join us on the Women's Day and celebrate the spirit womanhood. The event is all about By the women, of the women and for the women. 

Yes, it's not a feminist drive, yet celebrating the independent and free women in an artistic way and little of pampering. Meet like minded women from all walk of life like women in business, women in creative arts, women professionals from all over the Bangalore.
Live woman guitarist playing during the event
Event includes an interesting workshop on Jewellery making workshop (all materials provided at the venue),  Grafitti on 'Women power', pamper yourself with Nail Art and takeaway gorgeous goodies to make the Women's Day more special. The special attraction is women guitarist and vocalist to attend the celebration and make the event more lively.

350 Rs for one women participant
Kids below 3 yrs  comes Free, also kids craft activities will be available at the venue. Kids above 3 yrs are charged 150 Rs. including food and craft activities.

Venue: Art Blend Cafe >> Google maps
#659, 24th Main, 22nd Cross, 
2nd Sector, HSR Club Road,
HSR Layout, Bangalore, India 
Contact no: 080 2258 1913 | +91 9886782062

For Registration please call on +91 9620808160 | +91 9886782062 

Looking forward to see you all and have lots of fun on the Women's Day 2015. This event is organized by 'Momz'Space in association with Art lend Cafe and supported by Mommy and Me With Su (Mother-toddler Program by Sujata S Iyer) For Facebook event link Click here>>

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Review>>A Play Date with 'Purple Bee'

With the ranging electronic games and mobile apps for kids, young parents finds it quite difficult to keep their kids in touch with creativity. One of the biggest worries for today's young parents is how to keep their kids away from techie` world and broaden their creative horizons. I often keep doing few play and learn activities with creativity, and my eyes are always looking for something new and interesting to keep lo occupied in productive, yet creative activity. 

Finally, I got my hands on a 'Creative box' by 'Purple Bee'. A one stop solution for moms who run run out of creative ideas to keep their kids occupied with creative crafts. With work take over family time and play time spent with kids, this kit is designed to involve parents into activity by guiding their kids while doing activity. 

The Purple Bee Activity Box: Theme Colours contained 3 activity sets with all materials neatly packed individually. Following is the activity sets we recieved in the activity box; (Must say each different, yet in-line with Theme: Colour Box).
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  1. Lunch Napkin
  2. Flower Garland
  3. Tambourine (Dafli, Khanjari in Hindi)
Looking at the attractive activity box, my lo was quite excited, So we invited her friend Saket (Son of my mommy friend Kanak Chabaria) over a Play Date with 'Purple Bee'. The First activity we picked up was 'Tambourine' i.e Dafli, Khanjari in Hindi. Yes, the one which we as kids used to play in our childhood days. My lo nearing to be 3 yrs in this May and her friend is 5 years. I was really amazing to see them doing activity together, was lovely to see how her friend was helping her to create her tambourine. Yes, as it involves colour and water we did not move from the craft station. As moms we also helped them on how to mix colour with right proportion of water, and how to stroke it neatly without doing the mess. 

Saket's moms said, "My mother-in-law, does lot of such craft activity with Saket. And this was the rare occasion that am doing craft with him." She further added, " This activity box inspires us to think out of the box things to do with kids. One can do the same on it's own like D-I-Y, but with busy schedule one has to think of different concept related activities and also run-around fo rhte materials needed for the same. Purple Bee makes it easy for busy moms to spend quality time with kids"

In the Tambourine kit we had two plates to be painted, and this was the first time i gave liquid/water colour to my lo. She was so super excited, as if her dream came true! Earlier she have played with only colourful clay, crayons and pencils. In fact, when she received water colours as gift, she use to innocently dip the paint brush on the water colour cakes and stroke brush over the paper, thinking she is doing painting. I kept mum, and did not utter water ever in front of her when she is with water colour cakes.As Tambourine had to be created with two painted plates, we gave one plate to my Lo and the other to her friend. Both painted very differently, hers was typically girly with vibrant pink, orange and purple colour, whereas her friends was typical boyish style with blue, black, lil yellow, with stars  and moon. 

We joined two wonderfully painted plates with rice grains (provided in kit) inside, kept it aside to dry. The same day Saket drew few designs on the white cloth given for 'Batik Napkin'. Somehow the designs made him and Erishka both were not so clear. But we kept it to dry. Once dried, and before I give any instruction my lo painted 'Lunch time napkin with bright Yellow.  So with no option left, we did not go exactly with instructions and did our hand-prints on it. It came out well, and now treasured as 'Keep Sake' :-)

The Flower Lei Activity set was done by Erishka and me, it was good to see her tiny fingers struggling with pouring glittery thread into the flowers and colourful pipes. Then somehow she said, "Mumma you do, I will give you matching." Means she'll give flowers and pipes of same colour, and I will pour it in thread. I was really nice see her looking for colours, and asking me, "Which Colour now, mumma?" . Once the Flower lei aka. garland was ready she made me wear it. So much I told her to wear it on herself. But she denied and said, "Gift for you mumma". This made me feel special.

MomzSpeaks: The product helps a child to explore creativity, with learning of concepts in-line with theme. I might call it magic box as it gave me and my friend ample time to talk while kids were busy doing activity. Once you bought this you would not need any other material except newspaper and water, rest all ingredients are provided in leak proof and choking proof style.

  1. A perfect weekend activity for busy parents like working moms / Dads and mom in business, who finds it difficult on how to spend quality time with their kids. 
  2. Buy Purple Bee as a 'Birthday Gift' for kids, when you not sure on what to buy for birthday boy/girl. 
  3. It can be SOS during travel trips or during holidays to keep little ones occupied.
  4. A perfect 'Play Date Activity for kids'. 

Product Review>>  
Purple Bee: Colours Box
Rating: ***

3 Activity kits, including all materials used for each.

Price: 650 INR

Age: 3 to 7 years

For more information on previous Activity Boxes visit Purple Bee Click here>>
Activity Box: Sound of Music
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Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day>> An open letter to all Dads

To all 'New Dads',

Dear Dads,
Since the time women conceive and till the little one is out grown teenage age, some how a little girl takes back seat and motherhood steps forward. Knowingly or unknowingly we all moms always give first preference to our kids than us as an individual.

Just like in every women, a teenager and a little girl, a mother too wanted to be felt loved. Yes, be it a new mom, first time mom or a hands on mom, just like any women she too has a desire to be loved and be surprised planned by her loved one.

Here is big shout to all new dads, if at all you are thinking that after being mom our womanly desire to be wooed, loved and surprises. Then you all dad should re-think, and put on your shoes on this Valentine and make your loving wife (New mom ) feel loved and special.

Apparently while reading this you 'dads' wold be thinking what baby product/essentials, maternity/nursing clothes to gift her on this valentine. If at all you are thinking on those line then watch your way as your heading your love life to a Danger zone.

Am not saying that we moms do not love gifts for our little angels or any essential which makes our mothering easy-peasy, but on this special day of love, you wife wanting to regain her own identity and to be loved as the way before parenting happened.
This does not mean that little love has to be ignored but you may always plan a Valentine's Day which can make her relive her old romantic days spent with you. Am sure you all new dads must be running around for diapering and snoring with open eyes during colicky days. My recent post about 'Ways to make new mom special on Valentines Day featuring in the baby blog of

Please take a read and plan something special for your lovely wife, make her feel that she is still as beautiful as in you saw her first time and you are still inmadly and deeply in love with her.  In my blog 'Valentines Day gifts for New Mums' will give an insight on what women, wife and new mom wants on the valentines day.

Momz'Speaks @ Momz'Space
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Love yourself mumma!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Weekend Trip>> Bienvenue à Pondy

My hubby and his runners group at 8th Auroville Marathon

Heylos to lovely ladies out there, last weekend we spent at Puducherry (Pondycherry). What made us travel at this time was not a celebration but my hubby's participation in marathon. Yes, he is one of those who loves running Marathon (even else where) and keep himself fit. We took this opportunity to take some time-out fro daily mundane and spend few days at peaceful pondy.
Family time @ Paradize beach

The day before we started the journey towards Pondycherry, I had spent awesome time with Deepti at Art Blend Cafe, HSR. We almost spent half a day there, did jewelry making and connected with few like minded Mom Entrepreneurs (Prateti and Archana). Like a little girl, I carried the neckpiece we both made with the help of Archana to my trip. Trust me Jewelry making was not easy for me but Deepti just did it right, and kept me teasing. Felt like reliving my schooldays, had fun, food and lots of chat. We left for pondy by road on Saturday early morning, had awesome masala Dosa and filter coffee (Tamil style) on the way far better than any MacD or CCD chains. 
Fun and some shopping, donning neckpeice made by a friend

If you are following my blogs, you must me knowing that I am simply in love with this place (So much that i want my retirement house to be here), specially Auroville, Aurobindo Ashram, and extremely beautiful Promenade Beach . During my last trip in 2013 Christmas time i.e  Christmas Calling>> Bienvenue à Pondy  we had spend almost 10 days and had more opportunity to explore the city. But this time our trip was in bit jiffy, but still made sure that I do observe meditation atleast once, stroll at Promeade Beach, visit Amethyst Cafe`, and visit Paradize Beach too. If these three are done, then my trip to Pondy is successful. 
My water baby does not wish to come home
In addition to it we also visited Auroville Bakery, picked up few fresh baked breads and also few cottons for Erishka (for Summer), some jewelry too. This time while strolling towards the 'Amethyst cafe`, we spotted Kalki. Unlike any bollywood celebrity, she looked just like a girl next door, casual and with no celebrity quotient attached. Erishka as always loved every part of this trip, she did not wanted to come back home. Quoting Erishka, "Mumma, no home, no Manne," "Let's go to water (Beach)." She loved blowing bubbles at Promeade Beach.
Inside view of 'Auroville Bakery', smells freshly baked bread

Surprisingly this time my lo also discovered new game, or I may call some imaginary friends. As there were no kids with us in trip, she was playing with imaginary friends like Mickey Mouse, Mister Maker, and Doggyy. It was so cute to see her conversing with the imaginary friends and pretend play with them. We also played with few shells collected from Paradize beach. And Erishka use to put it in one small potli and call them as 'Coins'. For more travel tips and tricks with little one click here>> Also watch this place for more tips and Tricks for the Road trip with kids.
I made this keepsake from the shells aka coins collected from Pondy

I would highly recommend Pondycherry for parents who love to travel. It is the Child friendly place. I found people very friendly, passing smile and helping each other, compassionate  and humble in nature. This place is excellent in hospitality, safe enough for kids to play carefree and very helping people around to guide you if you are stuck. It's an excellent children friendly destination for mom like me who loves to travel along with kid. 

Nidhi @Moms' Space

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