Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day>> An open letter to all Dads

To all 'New Dads',

Dear Dads,
Since the time women conceive and till the little one is out grown teenage age, some how a little girl takes back seat and motherhood steps forward. Knowingly or unknowingly we all moms always give first preference to our kids than us as an individual.

Just like in every women, a teenager and a little girl, a mother too wanted to be felt loved. Yes, be it a new mom, first time mom or a hands on mom, just like any women she too has a desire to be loved and be surprised planned by her loved one.

Here is big shout to all new dads, if at all you are thinking that after being mom our womanly desire to be wooed, loved and surprises. Then you all dad should re-think, and put on your shoes on this Valentine and make your loving wife (New mom ) feel loved and special.

Apparently while reading this you 'dads' wold be thinking what baby product/essentials, maternity/nursing clothes to gift her on this valentine. If at all you are thinking on those line then watch your way as your heading your love life to a Danger zone.

Am not saying that we moms do not love gifts for our little angels or any essential which makes our mothering easy-peasy, but on this special day of love, you wife wanting to regain her own identity and to be loved as the way before parenting happened.
This does not mean that little love has to be ignored but you may always plan a Valentine's Day which can make her relive her old romantic days spent with you. Am sure you all new dads must be running around for diapering and snoring with open eyes during colicky days. My recent post about 'Ways to make new mom special on Valentines Day featuring in the baby blog of

Please take a read and plan something special for your lovely wife, make her feel that she is still as beautiful as in you saw her first time and you are still inmadly and deeply in love with her.  In my blog 'Valentines Day gifts for New Mums' will give an insight on what women, wife and new mom wants on the valentines day.

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