Thursday, 12 February 2015

Weekend Trip>> Bienvenue à Pondy

My hubby and his runners group at 8th Auroville Marathon

Heylos to lovely ladies out there, last weekend we spent at Puducherry (Pondycherry). What made us travel at this time was not a celebration but my hubby's participation in marathon. Yes, he is one of those who loves running Marathon (even else where) and keep himself fit. We took this opportunity to take some time-out fro daily mundane and spend few days at peaceful pondy.
Family time @ Paradize beach

The day before we started the journey towards Pondycherry, I had spent awesome time with Deepti at Art Blend Cafe, HSR. We almost spent half a day there, did jewelry making and connected with few like minded Mom Entrepreneurs (Prateti and Archana). Like a little girl, I carried the neckpiece we both made with the help of Archana to my trip. Trust me Jewelry making was not easy for me but Deepti just did it right, and kept me teasing. Felt like reliving my schooldays, had fun, food and lots of chat. We left for pondy by road on Saturday early morning, had awesome masala Dosa and filter coffee (Tamil style) on the way far better than any MacD or CCD chains. 
Fun and some shopping, donning neckpeice made by a friend

If you are following my blogs, you must me knowing that I am simply in love with this place (So much that i want my retirement house to be here), specially Auroville, Aurobindo Ashram, and extremely beautiful Promenade Beach . During my last trip in 2013 Christmas time i.e  Christmas Calling>> Bienvenue à Pondy  we had spend almost 10 days and had more opportunity to explore the city. But this time our trip was in bit jiffy, but still made sure that I do observe meditation atleast once, stroll at Promeade Beach, visit Amethyst Cafe`, and visit Paradize Beach too. If these three are done, then my trip to Pondy is successful. 
My water baby does not wish to come home
In addition to it we also visited Auroville Bakery, picked up few fresh baked breads and also few cottons for Erishka (for Summer), some jewelry too. This time while strolling towards the 'Amethyst cafe`, we spotted Kalki. Unlike any bollywood celebrity, she looked just like a girl next door, casual and with no celebrity quotient attached. Erishka as always loved every part of this trip, she did not wanted to come back home. Quoting Erishka, "Mumma, no home, no Manne," "Let's go to water (Beach)." She loved blowing bubbles at Promeade Beach.
Inside view of 'Auroville Bakery', smells freshly baked bread

Surprisingly this time my lo also discovered new game, or I may call some imaginary friends. As there were no kids with us in trip, she was playing with imaginary friends like Mickey Mouse, Mister Maker, and Doggyy. It was so cute to see her conversing with the imaginary friends and pretend play with them. We also played with few shells collected from Paradize beach. And Erishka use to put it in one small potli and call them as 'Coins'. For more travel tips and tricks with little one click here>> Also watch this place for more tips and Tricks for the Road trip with kids.
I made this keepsake from the shells aka coins collected from Pondy

I would highly recommend Pondycherry for parents who love to travel. It is the Child friendly place. I found people very friendly, passing smile and helping each other, compassionate  and humble in nature. This place is excellent in hospitality, safe enough for kids to play carefree and very helping people around to guide you if you are stuck. It's an excellent children friendly destination for mom like me who loves to travel along with kid. 

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