Tuesday, 17 March 2015

"I miss my Summer Holidays, Do you?"

Most of you lovely moms would be keeping up with the exam fever for final academics. My recent post on mybabycart Baby Blog is all about how to not pressurise and strategise study or learnign structure for little one. My opinion is very straight and simple, 'Let the Little be', let summer camps be at the bay. My views are not against any summer camp practice but at toddlers age it's too early. Having recieve couple of mails and enquiry to recommend summer camps in Bangalore ans mumbai, I had to pen this article on MBC babyblog.

I would also recommend the young parents to spend as much as time in holidays with your child. As this is the only opportunity you get to learn new things of your child, and will help you to make befriends with them.

During summers, my mom use to host sports day for kids and also fancy dress. No sponsors , no stalls, no fancy gifts. After the sports day and fancy Dress competition she you distribute small gifts to all and also give home-made cream with Jelly :-) This would sound quite usual for us urban / modern moms now, but since then this was as equivalent as McDonalds treat. We enjoyed small home-made ice-gola,  park visits, play date to IFFCO and bhel-paani poori party at our terrace. 

My mom not only used to organised these playdates but also participate with us in all activities we did. Now, looking at the mangoes hangingin courtyard trees, beaming sun and other activities I do with Erishka and her friends. I just could nto resist to relive those childhood summer holidays. 

 MBC Cross Post: “One-two, Buckle my shoe.”

With the e-mails from my mommy readers flooding in my inbox, asking me queries for what is the right age to send kids for abacus, which are the language development classes for kids at 2-3yr, foreign language or coaching for the preparing to get admission in desired branded pre-school.

Phew! I was estranged to know that such coaching / classes are available for toddlers too. Most of them are geared up for summer camps are also filled the registration forms too. My humble request is that, “Let the little be!” Let them be the way they want to be. My latest post is all about how simple things can make your child prepare for future with no external coaching given. Read more>>

Time changes, but small yet simple things still makes us happy. So lets, relive our childhood by being playful and involved with our kids activity this summer. So be active, creatie and plan some cool and awesome playdates for your kids. Am sure they will remmeber this golden period, like we are cherishing our childhood summer. 

I miss how I use begin and end my day with mangoes and mangoes, love for mangoes never die. I miss helping my mom making potato chips ( I used to love the pre-fried boiled chips), also 'Achaar', loved to slipped few marrinated mangoes slices in salt and spices  , and chew it till my teeth titter tatter... and doing lots of crafts, playing games with my sister and my mom.... Miss you summer , miss the time spent  and miss you mumma.

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