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Heylos to all lovely ladies, after recovering from acute viral fever followed by all family members too, somehow I  gathered myself, put on party shoes and celebrated the 'International Women's Day' in a Soulful manner named, 'Women's World'. With we all three moms ( Prateeti, Archana and me) in business running around for not only organising event but also for our kids who were struck by virals..

Posing with loyal participants , sponsors, speaker and singer

On 8th March 2015, Momz'Space hosted 'Women's World' at Art Blend Cafe in a unique manner.
Unlike any other women get-together, this celebration was one of it's kind. No! it was not a kitty party, not a tea-party, no stall-exhibition, no cliche' exchange of Business Cards or any sales pitch.
Jewellery making workshop in progress

Jewellery making workshop in progress

Jewellery making queue waiting at Nail art station

It was one in all a soulful experience with lots of art, learning and positivity to celebrate womanhood. We had organised two art session one was 'Jewellery Making Workshop', and the other was nail-art, followed by 'Positive Talk' by Pragya Prasad (Tarot Reader) and soulful composition by Singer-composer Preeti Khattri.

Nail-Art Every women's weakness

Nail-Art Every women's weakness

Keerthi getting Nail-Art done!

Keerthi getting Nail-Art done!

The participants of this event were artsy yet musical too. They enjoyed learning session of Jewellery making and too home a pair of lovely handmade earring each and a sparkling smile.
Shipra Aunty teaching kids craft
Big boy getting creative with Artsy supplies

Trio had fun making colourful Octopus
Woman who were donning mom's hat, came along with their kids tagging, and Shipra Aunty taught them some creative and colourful crafts too.

After being creatively inclined, we did had an amazing 'Positive Talk' by Pragya. All the ladies on the deck just loved listening to her as each of us could relate to what she was talking, yet also giving positive aspect for the same.

Keerthi Momz'Space Volunteer 'Game-in-Charge'
Ladies all smiles while 'Game-in-Progress'
Gia Putting Bindi on Pragya's forehead
While we were waiting for out Women Guitarist, as she was still looking for the venue, our very own Positive talk speaker volunteered for our next 'Bindi Game' too. Where each women was blind-folded and asked to stick bindi on Pragya's face. It was very cute to see her colourful face after the game was over. Just when Tushar asked us to come together for a group pic as the sun was setting for the evening. So we did miss quite few guest in pics who came in later or left early and few were getting thier nails done ;-)
All happy women : All smiles

There arrives our soul of the evening, Preeti Khattri - Guitarist, vocalist and composer. Preeti walked in, with beaming smile and a sparkle in her eyes.
Lady guitarist just rocked the evening with a soothing blend of Bollywood music and western numbers, Each one at the deck was foot-tapping and swaying along with her tunes.


Mannu giving token of love to Lady Guitarist
Damini giving token of love to Vocalist Andrila

We also had a surprised guest 'Aindrila Chatterjee ' who sings for Shankar Mahadevan (Renowned Bollywood Composer, who run music academy also)

So much thanks to Prateeti for allocating perfect spaces for each activity, it was organised, non-mess artsy event.  Super thanks to the Art Blend Cafe's staff who patiently tackled 22 talkative/impatient/demanding ladies, Lens Dynamic - Photographs by Tushar Shukla for official lens and also taking our mobile pix ;-)  , Seema Mishra my sos :-) , Shipra Aunty and Special guest Woman Guitarist - Preeti khattri who made the evening eventful with soulful music to ears.

We take immense pleasure to thank our support system powered by Women Entrepreneurs like Sujata S Iyer(Founder of Mommy and Me With Su, Vocalist, voice-over artist) , Hema Latha (Owner of Fashion Boutique -'The Fine Colors, & Co-Founder a women driven Taxi Service, 'Taxshe')  and Priya Mankotia (Chocolatier & Founder of Krisp and Crumbls).  
All smiles: Women Power: Nidhi & Prateeti
With their umpteen love, effortless passion and support from our proud women entrepreneurs, I am sure that all women participants had a wonderful evening, made new friends with like-minded women,  and loads of memories from 'Women's Day' to cherish for years to come.

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