Monday, 27 April 2015

Mothers Day>> Experience the Joy of 'Motherhood'


With the success of our two back to back Women's Day celebration, Momzspace is back with an exciting event for all moms in Bangalore. On this 'Mothers Day' celebrate the motherhood in a special way.This event is hosted by Momz'Space in association with Art Blend Cafe. We hereby invite moms from all walk of life (smart-mom-at-home, work-from-home-mom, working mom, and MomEntrepreneur) to partake in all exciting activities planned for the special day.

We have planned lots of fun activities and contest for moms and kids. We are proud to announce our Guest of Honour Babita Jaishankar (Founder of BAJA | WSol) . Bangalore moms, do not miss the opportunity to attend 'Moms Health Talk' by Ranjani Raman (Founder of Nutrilife)

Agenda: Mothers Day Celebration

Mom and kids activities: 
  • Participate in 'Smart Mom Contest' Judged by Babita Jaishankar
  • 'Momz Health Talk' by Ranjani Raman
  • Get #momnme charcoal portrait done by and Award winning Artist Avijoy Saha. Avijoy have conferred award 'Shankar International Art' by Former President APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • Mom Artist can showcase their art work and talent.
  • Mothers Day activities for Kids
  • Gorgeous Goodies for all Mom participants

Time: 4pm to 7pm

Venue: Art Blend Cafe View Google Map>>
#659, 24th Main, 22nd Cross,
2nd Sector, HSR Club Road,
HSR Layout, Bangalore, India
Contact no: 080 2258 1913

For participation in the 'SmartMom Contest' and MomzSpace Art Gallery please fill this form  Hurry up! Register now, as we close the registration for participation in contest on 5th May 2015.

For more information call us at; Nidhi+91 9620808160 | Prateeti +91 9886782062 or drop us an e- mail at |

Sponsored by Motherhood India, Sarjapur:

Monday, 20 April 2015

Guest Blog>> Munch and Move

Here is my non-mommy guest blog for Ravia Gupta (A media enthusiast who is opiniated about all current affairs, poet, painter and a 'New Mom'. My guest post was not related to motherhood or parenting talks but about how important is to have healthy lifestyle to live life stress-free and with zero or no disease.

Munch and Move
Cross-post by Nidhi Pathak

Most of the working people in ITs and corporate is that they have nausea, heavy head, gastric, re-flux and what not? Some also complain that they don’t even have time to eat but still they are having bloated stomach and heavy body. what could go wrong/ The answer is that these working people are lacking healthy lifestyle. 

Spending more than couple of hours in front of office desk, meeting office targets, keeping the social media status updated, and then bonding with real-life friends and dear ones. It reflects adverse effect not only on your physical but also mental health. While following the basic tech routine in daily life, we tend to neglect or overlook our healthy lifestyle.

 Healthy lifestyle has two main components; 1) Eating fresh and healthy food on time, and 2) Exercise for at least 30 minutes in day. If both mentioned factors are taken care of, one can enjoy a healthy life, physically and mentally. And of course, a healthy body and peaceful mind makes you more efficient at work as well as personal life. The food you eat can have a direct effect on your energy level, physical activities and mental state. Read more>>

Cross-post>> MOMents to share!

About the Author- Ravia Gupta; Follow raviagupta on Twitter

She is my friend since college days and a new mom now. We share lots of thing in common, one of them is our 'Buddhist Practice'. Thanks once again ravia for introducing me to this beautiful practice, it has made my journey towards motherhood less stressful. 

New Mom RAVIA GUPTA shares her 'MOMents' with us;

Can’t believe it! Recently, someone asked me how big is your lil one now? Well, it’s the first time someone asked me such a question in the past seven months or so and I wondered what to answer and started thinking that he is big enough to sit for a while without any support, smart enough to make an attempt to crawl or roll over to reach out for his favourite toys, wants to be left alone to see his feet moving, loud enough to initiate talks when no one hears him out, intelligent enough to not to go to strangers and innocent enough to smile genuinely even without a reason and kind enough to spread happiness wherever he goes… Read more>>

I was not surprisd to see her latest post about her precious 'MoMents' with her baby Yuvan on her personal blogHer post took me back to my post-pregnancy days, and I #TrueThat once you are a mother, you always be. We both use to write so much about current affairs and other newsy issues, but since I became mother, I have had dedicated entire blog for it and so much to still write about my motherhood experience. And thus, her come back post on 'being mom' and the 'Precious moments' did not surprise me ;-) Keep Blogging Ravia, and welcome back to blogging after a long hiatus.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Kids Kitchen>> Fresh home-made pasta

A big hello to all little chefs out there. Put on your chef hat and get ready to prepare some fresh home-made pasta. In my previous post on home-made wheat pasta I had prepared simple fettuccine pasta. Yes, this summer special kids kitchen we'll make fresh pasta of lasagna sheets, spaghetti, and bow shape pasta. 

Rolling fresh homemade pasta is fun cooking activity for kids as it has all the features that our little chefs love; mixing solids and liquids with their hands, then they get to mold and flatten a play-dough like dough into something edible. I call it deliciously fun-time with kids.

Lets prepare 'Farfalle' pasta, fondly known as bow shape pasta for boys and butterfly pasta for girlies. Farfalle is always a big hit with kids as it's something edible they have made which can be worn like bow tie or can play with butterfly toy. Little butterflies ("bow tie" in Italian is 'cravatta a farfalla', "butterfly tie").

Why to make fresh pasta at home from scratch?

  1. It tastes better than packet pasta 
  2. It holds its sauce better than the packed and processed pasta
  3. Contains no preservatives,no gmo or additives or artificial flavours
  4.  And it cooks quicker than packed and processed pasta

Ingredients for vegan pasta dough

Wheat Flour 250 gms per child
Semolina / sooji optional ( Combine wheat and semolina 4:1 ratio, the combination is also known as 'Semola Di Grano Duro' in Itallian)
rolling pins
Dough cutter (optional)
Pasta rolling machine (Optional)
Water as per consistency

Method for Vegan Pasta Dough

  1. Vegan pasta is simple to make it from scratch and more sumptuous in taste. On a clean work station or big plate or chopping board, use your hands to create a mountain of a flour, and then dig out a ‘bowl’ out of it. Aiming for roughly 6 inches across, with inch-thick sides and a shallow flour base.
  2. Pour 50 ml of water into this bowl and use a flat facing upwards fork to slowly stir in a circular motion at clockwise. The idea in this step is to gradually move flour into the center and create a thick, smooth paste. Keep stirring it, and gradually add little water, using the fork to pull in flour from the sides of the bowl.
  3. While doing this see to it that you do not break the flour wall at any point. When you’ve poured in all the water and the central paste is smooth - it’s time to get your hands dirty! With the help of your hands mix the liquid and remaining flour thoroughly together. 
  4. Keep mixing and try to form a ball of sticky flour. Sprinkle more flour on th sticky ball and follow pack and fold method. The vegan pasta dough should be slightly sticky – not wet but not dried out. Repeat the process of flat, sprinkle, pack and fold method for 4-5 times, will give rise to a smooth, yet firm dough ball.
How to roll the pasta manually?

Sprinkle some flour on your work surface and use a rolling pin to roll this ball into a flat as per the thickness you need. This should take about 5-7 mins, now you can shape this pasta as you like (for lots of long pasta options, I recommend a pasta machine).


For making Farfalle pasta ...

With your homemade pasta dough rolled nice and thin, take a sharp knife and cut it into horizontal strips. Working from right to left, use your ravioli cutter (or knife) and chop each strip (vertically) to form 2-inch wide rectangles.

Now to make kids favourite bow-tie /butterfly shape pasta, take one rectangle on clean work station, then place your index (first) finger in the centre. Use your thumb and second finger to pull the top and bottom edges together, then slip your index finger away at the last second and squidge these edges together so that they stick. Repeat, repeat, repeat a little more, and you’re done.

How to cook fresh home-made vegan pasta?

Drop a bunch pf pastas into a large cooking vessel of salted boiling water. pasta in a large full pan of well-salted boiling water. Fresh pasta will take just 2-3 minutes to cook. Once it rises to the surface of boiling vessel, give it just a minute more and drain it. Let it cool little, then mix it with salad, cover it with your favourite pasta sauce.

I hope you all proactive parents try this recipe at home, and redefined the so called 'Junk food' pasta as a wholesome healthy food for kids. The purpose for me to teach kids about pasta rolling is not to make them an Italian chef but to inculcate that even pasta can be healthy provided it's home-made :-)

Happy parenting, Happy Cooking!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Photos>>Kids Kitchen at KydzAdda

Last weekend I had an eventful weekend with my cute little chefs at 'Kids'Kitchen'. The workshop kick-started with Kitchen Safety Rules, food Hygeine and history of Pizza. like always, I was not surprised to know that little chef knew much more than what  did ;-) Below are few in action photos Day1 Workshop: Pizza Making, please take a look;

Watch this space for more pics of Day 1 workshop of Pizza making @KydzAdda. Our next workshop at kydzAda is scheduled on 19th march and it will consist Pasta kneading and rolling, making bow shape pasta, making Pasta sauce from scratch. As Pasta rolling require individual attention we are restricting our registration to 10-12 kids per class. Hurry register now, and block your seat.

Nasobuddy: Say bye bye to blocked nose

With frequent climate change, exposure to pollution, having baby' with little or more mucus is quite common these days. No matter how much you take care of your baby's health with strict hygiene factors and so, but still infants are prone to have nasal congestion. Though my child is summer baby, but frequent cold sure to temp change use to lead her having blocked nostrils.

 Hence, she use to have sleepless night when she was infant and uncomfortable and irritable sleep as she grew. There were times when she use to get so annoyed as blocked nostrils was interrupting her to feed breast-milk comfortably. I shared with my mom, she somehow asked me not to bother, she claimed that she will sniff out on her own, or i can try removing it after giving her warm bath. 

Firstly, she was too young to sniff mucus out, secondly I was too scared to touch or insert anything in her nostrils. Yes I use to use warm washcloth to squeeze the mucus (note. not inserting anything in nostrils). In fact her pediatrician also suggest to give feather touch massage with fingers died in warm water from eyebrows towards nose running down slowing over nostrils. It did work , but too difficult to do with baby with high reflexes.

Recently I received 'Nasobuddy' -Nasal Aspirator (0-5 years) for product review. How I wish I knew about Nasobuddy during those days! It's better late than never as Nasobuddy can be used by infants  upto 5  years. 

  1. Safe and Easy to use design for Indian infants and Kids  upto 5 years
  2. Hygenic filters provided in kit will prevent mucus to  transfer from child to user.
  3. Easy and light weight. So quite convenient to carry it on-the-move.
  4. Easy to wash and clean the aspirator pipe and other attachments. filters are disposable. 
  5. It does not require hot water sterilization(as the product does not go inside baby's nose) . The yellow mouthpiece (used by the parent) can be wiped with spirit if required.
  6. It's Safe to use as the product has no sharp edges
  7. Easy to use, no complication in assembling or geeting things right, it an handy-man for busy mom for quick fix of blocked nose.
  8. It's BPA Free :-) Am a pro-glass and steel mom, I do recommend this product as it's BPA free. 
  9. Doctor Recommended:

Nasobuddy comes with a Nasal Aspirator (nasal Suction Tube and sucking pipe, attached yellow mouth), 5 Extra Hygienic filters and an instruction manual. Yes, a separate 10nos Nasobuddy filter pack is available. Price on request.

Ratings: **** 

Mom-says: I have given one star less, despite the fact I loved the product. But sometimes it's too much taxing to keep sucking speacially with hard mucus. I recommend if there can be any automation, to easy the manual hardwork. I would not know the the technicality and medical challenges. See if some more modification can be done. The best part is my lo loves using it, not sure beacuse it's something new for her, but happily she allows me to clean her nostrils with Nasobuddy.

Moms' Tip: To ease the snot sucking, please do use Nasobuddy Nasal Drops or any branded saline drops. To clarify more doubts Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions 

From Company official Website: Infant nasal congestion is common and often occurs in newborn babies, or later due to colds or allergies such as hay fever. Your baby may have around 6 colds in their first year. Babies are “obligate nasal breathers”, which means that they naturally breathe through their nose and when their tiny nasal passages are blocked they find breathing a problem, this is particularly an issue for newborns when they catch a cold. In fact, the only time babies breathe naturally through their mouths is when they cry!

    When your baby’s nose is blocked she finds it very difficult to feed which can make feeding very stressful, upsetting your routine. The most likely reason for a baby crying when feeding is due to a blocked nose. It can be especially difficult when breastfeeding as a congested baby can have real problems latching on. Read more>>

Price: 359 INR only. You can buy this product online from below mentioned shopping site:
  1. Buy on Amazon>>
  2. Buy on
  3. Buy it on Ebay>>
  4. Company official Website>>

Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to keep Kitchen Safety with Kids?

I wanted to send out a quick reminder of how to keep your children safe in the kitchen. At Kids'Kitchen we teach all our little chef about cooking hygiene, food facts and lots more. But for us the most important thing to keep in mind is 'Kitchen Safety'. Be it a fun session of  cooking activities with kids either at our workstation or at your home kitchen, 'Kitchen Safety should be at the top priority.

So here are some pointers to keep in mind when you cook with your kids:

  1. Always supervise young children and older children who are still inexperienced in the kitchen.
  2. Before starting any kids cooking activities, make sure you read all the kitchen safety rules loud and also clarify their doubts if any
  3. Don't leave knives, breakable items and other potential dangers within reach of young children. They can use a butter knife to cut soft items.
  4. Always operate the oven or stove yourself; don't let young children do it. Keep toddlers and preschoolers a safe distance away when you open the oven.
  5. Have a fire extinguisher on hand. Teach your kids how to stop, drop and roll in case they catch fire (they should know this anyway, whether they cook or not).
  6. Use safety tools, such as kitchen gloves, and an apron, to protect skin and clothing. Also, wear short sleeves or roll long sleeves up securely.

To know more about the kitchen activities with kids please click here. Also like our FaceBook Page to stay updated about kids cooking activities during holidays. 

Poem - A Woman of Substance

A Woman of Substance
      By Debolina Coomar       

When I was floating in the sea, something kept me alive,
Something attached to me helped me to thrive,

I could hear the voice, the laughs and cries,
I could feel the touch, fell the bond that ties.

Months later, I could her eyes, numb with tears of joy,
Holding me in those arms; her hair was my first toy.

Weeks later, I called her name, she was overwhelmed,
Then, a walk, a talk and so many moments we framed.

Years later, I went to school and then college and further ahead,
But, she taught me the most important lessons of life and choices I made.

My first song, my first poem, my first crush and heart break,
My happiness, my pain, and emotions I cannot fake.

Seasons came and went, in every time and tide,
She became my strength and never left my side.

I became a daughter, a sister and a wife,
Now, I have a soul inside me, full of life.

She lived her whole life with ‘choices’ made for her,
But, she will be ‘My choice’ always and forever.

They call her just a woman of mere existence.
But, I call her MOTHER, a woman of substance.

About Debolina:  

She is a firm believer of 'live & let live', she like to enjoy the tidbits of life as it comes by. As a person who enjoys reading and interacting with people, and also exciting to write about emotions, lifestyle, current affairs and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. 

On career front, she is an ex-HR and Corp. Comm. person and currently mother to a lovely 8 month old daughter and a freelancer creative writer. 

She strive to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective and shares her favourite quote (Walt Disney): "If you can dream it, you can do it." 

The writer/poet/blogger regularly contributes for and for My Baby Cart's baby blogShe is fabulous in jotting few riddles and brain teaser to you. She also has a FB Page ' The Brain Breezers' Read her personal blog here.

Photos>> Creative Women March'ing Together ...

Month of March 2015 have been like a roller-coaster ride for me, from joining back to work, having women's day event to myself and child falling sick... Everything said and done I feel more content and stronger than before. 

MomzSpace India hosted two events to celebrate the womanhood on March 8 "Women's World" and on 28th March 'Chit-Chat, Chai & More...
We began the month of march with the 'Women's Day' celebration, which was sketched to perfection  ensure that each women participant do have a soulful experience. 

While ending the month with high spirits of womanhood, we thought of something different. Yes, the event was titled, "Chit-Chat, Chai and  More".  

Being women, we loved doing chit-chat, of course no gossips or bitching but yes sharing the experiences of each women present in the room.
Door-Mat Made by upcycling old t-shirt by Lady's Finger

The Chit-chat was sparkled with the presence of our special invitee 'Vidya Ramurthy' (Founder of Satthvam), a passion driven eco-friendly Mom Entrepreneur. She spoke about how simple thing s in life make big change in others life as well as nature. 
She shared her upcylicing Tips & Tricks with aspiring creative women entrepreneurs. She also shared the emergence of 'Satthvam' and it's growth and also her own journey as a career women, than a wife, mom of two boys and now a role model for many women to aspire for. 
By Lady's Finger -Supported by MomzSpace
On a lighter note she said he misses to ahve a girl child as she cannot take her boys for shopping (as they find it boring) and also dressing up them is no fun. Being mom to two boys is no fun, she further adds that she misses the frills and frocks! With a beaming smile, she says but she feels content when one of her boy compliments her occasionally.

While sipping steaming ginger chai and samosa, we all ladies chatted for almost 3 hours with lots of real-life stories of women entrepreneurs in creative field, where passion clashes with profession.
While doing all these chit-chatting , women were also making the coaster, treasure box, cup &saucer from the newspaper roll-ups.

I also shared my upcycled creatives from used coffee jars, jam bottles. I had made these during my pregnancy days, when i was on a bedrest due to leg injury. Upcyling and creatives kept me insane!
Things we all had in common was we all worked for a cause like Simran (Ovenderful) is an ardent animal lover and also campaigns for the same, Vidya (Founder of Satthvam) and Aparna (Aps') spreads the awareness for. Keerthi (Founder of 'Lady's Finger') who shared her upcycled products and inspired rest of us to spread the awareness. 
Thanking her with small token of love
Special Thanks to Vidya, with her presence the purpose of meet happened to be more informative and meaningful for all aspiring creative enthusiast and mom in business.