Monday, 20 April 2015

Cross-post>> MOMents to share!

About the Author- Ravia Gupta; Follow raviagupta on Twitter

She is my friend since college days and a new mom now. We share lots of thing in common, one of them is our 'Buddhist Practice'. Thanks once again ravia for introducing me to this beautiful practice, it has made my journey towards motherhood less stressful. 

New Mom RAVIA GUPTA shares her 'MOMents' with us;

Can’t believe it! Recently, someone asked me how big is your lil one now? Well, it’s the first time someone asked me such a question in the past seven months or so and I wondered what to answer and started thinking that he is big enough to sit for a while without any support, smart enough to make an attempt to crawl or roll over to reach out for his favourite toys, wants to be left alone to see his feet moving, loud enough to initiate talks when no one hears him out, intelligent enough to not to go to strangers and innocent enough to smile genuinely even without a reason and kind enough to spread happiness wherever he goes… Read more>>

I was not surprisd to see her latest post about her precious 'MoMents' with her baby Yuvan on her personal blogHer post took me back to my post-pregnancy days, and I #TrueThat once you are a mother, you always be. We both use to write so much about current affairs and other newsy issues, but since I became mother, I have had dedicated entire blog for it and so much to still write about my motherhood experience. And thus, her come back post on 'being mom' and the 'Precious moments' did not surprise me ;-) Keep Blogging Ravia, and welcome back to blogging after a long hiatus.

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