Thursday, 2 April 2015

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Month of March 2015 have been like a roller-coaster ride for me, from joining back to work, having women's day event to myself and child falling sick... Everything said and done I feel more content and stronger than before. 

MomzSpace India hosted two events to celebrate the womanhood on March 8 "Women's World" and on 28th March 'Chit-Chat, Chai & More...
We began the month of march with the 'Women's Day' celebration, which was sketched to perfection  ensure that each women participant do have a soulful experience. 

While ending the month with high spirits of womanhood, we thought of something different. Yes, the event was titled, "Chit-Chat, Chai and  More".  

Being women, we loved doing chit-chat, of course no gossips or bitching but yes sharing the experiences of each women present in the room.
Door-Mat Made by upcycling old t-shirt by Lady's Finger

The Chit-chat was sparkled with the presence of our special invitee 'Vidya Ramurthy' (Founder of Satthvam), a passion driven eco-friendly Mom Entrepreneur. She spoke about how simple thing s in life make big change in others life as well as nature. 
She shared her upcylicing Tips & Tricks with aspiring creative women entrepreneurs. She also shared the emergence of 'Satthvam' and it's growth and also her own journey as a career women, than a wife, mom of two boys and now a role model for many women to aspire for. 
By Lady's Finger -Supported by MomzSpace
On a lighter note she said he misses to ahve a girl child as she cannot take her boys for shopping (as they find it boring) and also dressing up them is no fun. Being mom to two boys is no fun, she further adds that she misses the frills and frocks! With a beaming smile, she says but she feels content when one of her boy compliments her occasionally.

While sipping steaming ginger chai and samosa, we all ladies chatted for almost 3 hours with lots of real-life stories of women entrepreneurs in creative field, where passion clashes with profession.
While doing all these chit-chatting , women were also making the coaster, treasure box, cup &saucer from the newspaper roll-ups.

I also shared my upcycled creatives from used coffee jars, jam bottles. I had made these during my pregnancy days, when i was on a bedrest due to leg injury. Upcyling and creatives kept me insane!
Things we all had in common was we all worked for a cause like Simran (Ovenderful) is an ardent animal lover and also campaigns for the same, Vidya (Founder of Satthvam) and Aparna (Aps') spreads the awareness for. Keerthi (Founder of 'Lady's Finger') who shared her upcycled products and inspired rest of us to spread the awareness. 
Thanking her with small token of love
Special Thanks to Vidya, with her presence the purpose of meet happened to be more informative and meaningful for all aspiring creative enthusiast and mom in business.

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