Thursday, 2 April 2015

Poem - A Woman of Substance

A Woman of Substance
      By Debolina Coomar       

When I was floating in the sea, something kept me alive,
Something attached to me helped me to thrive,

I could hear the voice, the laughs and cries,
I could feel the touch, fell the bond that ties.

Months later, I could her eyes, numb with tears of joy,
Holding me in those arms; her hair was my first toy.

Weeks later, I called her name, she was overwhelmed,
Then, a walk, a talk and so many moments we framed.

Years later, I went to school and then college and further ahead,
But, she taught me the most important lessons of life and choices I made.

My first song, my first poem, my first crush and heart break,
My happiness, my pain, and emotions I cannot fake.

Seasons came and went, in every time and tide,
She became my strength and never left my side.

I became a daughter, a sister and a wife,
Now, I have a soul inside me, full of life.

She lived her whole life with ‘choices’ made for her,
But, she will be ‘My choice’ always and forever.

They call her just a woman of mere existence.
But, I call her MOTHER, a woman of substance.

About Debolina:  

She is a firm believer of 'live & let live', she like to enjoy the tidbits of life as it comes by. As a person who enjoys reading and interacting with people, and also exciting to write about emotions, lifestyle, current affairs and pretty much everything that affects a common man's life. 

On career front, she is an ex-HR and Corp. Comm. person and currently mother to a lovely 8 month old daughter and a freelancer creative writer. 

She strive to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective and shares her favourite quote (Walt Disney): "If you can dream it, you can do it." 

The writer/poet/blogger regularly contributes for and for My Baby Cart's baby blogShe is fabulous in jotting few riddles and brain teaser to you. She also has a FB Page ' The Brain Breezers' Read her personal blog here.

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