Monday, 11 May 2015

Relive the Mothers Day Celebration!

Bunch of most enthusiastic moms in town at 'Mothers Day Special'
On 10 May 2015, Momzspace in association Art Blend Cafe hosted of of it's kind Mothers Day Special event. We kick-started the celebration with a casual introduction of all mom participants followed by a 'Health Talk' by Ranjani Raman. The talk was interesting as Ranjani made it very interactive by throwing questions like How many times you buy a grocery in a week? When was the last time you made your favourite dessert? What food item you crave for? and many more. 

After some insightful interactions she explained us that if you buying grocery more than twice a week than you end up buying more junk food, how is it easy for all moms to put a family at first for food preferences, the food item you crave defines you. This whole activity made the session interactive, interesting yet informative. 

When asked her what is she looking for the winner of 'Fit and Fabulous Mom', she says, "A mother takes care of her health and who takes the control of the kitchen." To find the winner Ranjani made all mom participants play game, and started eliminating one-by-one. And finally she found the winner of 'Fit and Fabulous Mom' Title. Smitha Ganapathy (Mom Entrepreneur) won the title of 'Fit and Fabulous Mom'.
Ranjani giving prize to 'Fit and fabulous Mom' Smita Ganapathy
For the Smart Mom Contest We have had invited Babita Jaishankar to Judge the Contest. It was amazing to see her as vibrant as ever along with two lovely daughters. She shared her success story and also told how important it is for mom to take care of herself.  
Babita Jaishankar interacting with Mom participants
On asking her what is she looking for in the winner of the title 'Smart Mom'? She says, "I want mom to be themselves, they need not be a Super Mom, but someone who excels at being a woman, a mother and a nice, humble human being in every respect. As the saying goes, there is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to become a good one." 

She further added, "For me all moms are winners, and so declare the winner I'll pick the one who unique or adding value to society." I must say that it was a tough job for Babita Jaishankar to select one winner. So there was a tie between three Smart Moms, Deepa, Simran and Luvena.
Babita Jaishankar Award to 'Smart Mom' winner: Luvena, Simran and Deepa
The Winners of 'Smart Mom Title' are Deepa, single parent of three kids, who gives time to herself too), Simran (Mom of toddler boy who patiently allowed her kid to scribble all over the answer sheet while she writes, she is a baker and works for animal welfare), and Luvena (Yoga instructor, who says you have to compete with self not with others) To read what Babita Jaishankar shared as a mom and an Entrepreneur click here>>
Judges at Work to select 'Mom Artist'
Each mom is an artist by heart, this mothers day we thought of acknowledging the creative streak in 'Mom Artist'. All the paintings, art work were displayed at the gallery and our judge Babita Jaishankar and Ranjani Raman selected Vidya Hukkeri's creation for the Award 'Best Mom Artist'. 
Casting Art by Vidya Hukkeri
Vidya Hukkeri's art reflects the power of art to capture the live moment of childhood, wedding and growing old. 
L-R: Vidya Hukkeri (Winner of Mom Artist) with Babita Jaishankar, Ranjani Raman and Nidhi Pathak
While these contests were taking place, Mom&Me live sketch and tarot reading session was going on. And kids were busy making creative gifts for their moms too ;-)

My reaction while getting tarot reading done, it says 'Queen of Coins'
This was the best Mothers Day ever! I started my Mothers Day celebration with 'Dream Run' with Soles of Bangalore , (thanks to Preeti Khattri for inviting me. This was the first time ever I ran after school days. Loved your signature style Dance warm-up session too.), attended commemorative meeting with my Buddhist friends and ended with an amazing celebration of 'MothersDay' at with Momz'Space Moms at Art Blend Cafe. Thanks to all our lovely mom participants, mom artist and mom entrepreneurs who made it on Sunday evening. 

Thanks to my awesome mommy friends who joined us for celebration and 'MothersDaySpecial' CoreTeam (Debolina, Suman, Keerthi, Jyothi, Shipra Aunty, Seema). Good to see lovely mommy friends Deepti Mahesh - KYDZADDA and Smitha Ganapathy for being part of Momz'space again and again.
Guest of honour Babita Jaishankar with Guest Speaker Ranjani Raman 

With my Mommy Friend Deepti Mahesh - Inspiring Mom Entrepreneur

With Debolina my mommy blogger friend who writes amazing poems too

L-R: ME, Suman (Host), Babita Jaishankar and Ranjani Raman
We  extend our gratitude to all our sponsors who supported this event Motherhood India (Sarjapur), GoodBox for Businesses, Four Fountains (Koramangala, Bellandur), Luvena Rangel (Yoga Instructor).

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

MothersDay>> Celebrating 'You'

“Of all the rights of a woman, 
the greatest one is to be a mother.” 

Every mother celebrates motherhood each and every day of their lives. 
So, you must be wondering why this special day? What is so special about celebrating motherhood for one single day?

Well, this Mother’s Day, we are not celebrating motherhood. We are celebrating being YOU- how each and every mother is unique, how you are a Supermom, how you are a special person to your child, how you have made a commitment to deliver without any return. We are celebrating how special YOU are to yourself, to your family and to everybody around you.
If nobody told you that you are special, if you never knew what is special about yourself and if you want to see and know how special you are, this Mother’s Day brings along a ‘special message’ for you.

Mother’s Day event by Momzspace on May 10 at the Art Blend Cafe, HSR Layout is such an event, ‘of the mothers, by the mothers and for the mothers’. The excitement starts unfurling as the fun roller-coaster starts from 4 pm with games, contests, inspirational talks, music, dance, food, goodies, prizes and loads of surprises to look forward to.
As we speak about mothers and how special they are, we have some snippets from our moms, who will strive to make this event as exciting and fun-tastic as possible. Let’s hear what they will be celebrating this day with YOU:
Babita Jaishankar: A Proud Mom  and an Entrepreneur!
Babita Jaishankar: From being a mother of two lovely girls to a fashion designer, makeover expert and managing WSol (Wardrobe Solutions), including her clothing brand, BAJA - The New you, Babita is a spontaneous person with a knack for creativity and innovation. 
She strives to make a ‘new you’, which simply leaves you spell-bound. She will be a special guest for the event. She will be looking out for Smart Moms, who might not be Successful Super Moms, but someone who excels at being a woman, a  mother and a nice, humble human being in every respect. 
As the saying goes, there is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to become a good one. Babita will be happy to meet the ‘good mother’ in all of you. Read her personal blog>>
Ranjani Raman: Proud to be Mom and Health Expert

Ranjani Raman: She is a leading Nutrition and Wellness Expert in the city and have been helping 1000+ clients over the past 3 years. She has been spreading the power of wellness and wellbeing among people, which brings along happiness and harmony. 
Her nutrition brand, Nurtrilife has a wide variety of products for dietary interventions and lifestyle modification. Her consultations have created a huge difference in her clients, taking them towards a healthier life. So, if you want to benefit from her immense knowledge and the power of nutrition, be there to listen to Ranjani
Her health talk which is exclusively tailored for 'MOMS' will surely motivate you towards a healthier self. She will also pick and choose the ‘Fit and Fabulous Mom’ among the group after a fun, impormto, activity-based contest.

Prateeti Shukla: A proud mom, techie, foodie and an Entrepreneur
Prateeti Shukla: She started her journey of creating a difference with Art Blend Cafe (ABC). This is a place for Coffee with a Hobby, where people can enjoy both the taste of good coffee and conversation. And it is not just about food and fundas, it’s a whole new world of art and crafts for everybody. It is a place to meet friends, love the talks and bring out the artist hiding in you. After her long professional career, she wanted a new way to connect to people and art and this is what she did.
Prateeti feels that, “This is an apt platform to unleash your creativity and showcase your talent. Moms exhibit immense efficiency and multitasking capabilities, which can create wonders if channelized properly.” So, if you have a unique way to connect through your talent, be there to share and showcase and make yourself different.
Archana Gupta: Proud to be mom, Techie, entrepreneur and an artist
Archana Gupta: Co-founder of Art Blend Cafe, Archana has many talents, including different types of arts and crafts. She enjoys her passion more than anything. Her forte is jewelry making, paper crafts, clay modelling etc. She loves working with kids; conceptualizing and conducting workshops for them. ABC was a great way to meet new people and take her talent to them. 
Archana says, “The bond between a mother and a daughter strengthens when they work together. My daughter is equally creative and she uses art to communicate with me like if she wants to say sorry or thank you. I love the things she makes for me. Moreover, I love our discussions during work and the connect, which makes our bond stronger.” So, if you bond with your child in a special way, be there to share your stories and memories.
Archana & Prateeti recieves 'IndiaLifestyleAward2015' (Best Artsy Cafe) from Minisha Laamba 
Suman Magaji Kumar: Proud Mom, an Entrepreneur and an Artist
Suman Magaji Kumar: Mother of a cute daughter, Suman has been actively participating in the event. She will be talking and engaging with each and every one of you throughout the event as the lovely host. After a professional career, finally, she is chasing her dreams, pursuing her passion. Suman makes wonderful hair accessories for kids, she recently stepped into shoes of 'being Mom Entrepreneur', with the launch of 'Drama Queen', one stop solution for hair accessories and beyond.
According to her, My daughter is my inspiration, my biggest critic as well as an appreciator. My current work gives me happiness and motivation. I look forward to connect with fellow mommies from different background and know what gives them happiness.” So, if you feel small things can’t make you happy, be there to hear so many examples on how you are special in your own way.

Praggyah: Working at Kotak Bank & a Tarot Reader

Praggyah R Prasad: She is a fortune-teller. Yes, you heard it right. She might not be able to predict how soon your baby will finish their food, but she can surely help you relieve your worries to a certain extent with the power of words. She feels that, “Women tend to forget about themselves when they become mothers. This will be a great platform for moms to open up and discuss about familiar issues.” 

She has been associated with various corporate and centers, helping people heal from their problems. Being an MBA in Finance and Marketing, Praggyah surely knows how to play with numbers, cards and people. If you are looking for answers, be there for an enlightening tarot card session for yourself.

Keerthi Vibin: Proud Mom, an artist & an Entrepreneur
Keerthi Vibin: She is a mother of two year old boy. Before motherhood she had an successful career as an Air-hostess at Jet Airways. She is the founder of 'Lady's Finger'. Women participants at Women's World loved her work in a giveaway goody bag. This time too Lady's Finger is generous enough to all you lovely moms an artistic goodies.
Debolina: Proud Mom, blogger, poet and freelance writer
Debolina Coomar: She is a mother blogger, a poet and a freelance writer. She is a regular blogger for Momzspace, My Baby Cart and Smart Indian Women. She wrote a beautiful poem dedicated to her mother called, 'Woman of Substance'. She loves playing puzzles and riddles at 'The Brain Breezer.' She strive to ignite the power of thought with a whole new perspective and shares her favourite quote (Walt Disney): "If you can dream it, you can do it."
Nidhi Pathak: A Proud Working-Mom, Blogger, an artist and an Entrepreneur
Nidhi Pathak: Founder of Momz' space will share her success story how she got an idea to build a community completely run by mothers. With her informative motherhood  & parenting blogs, momzmeets, mom entrepreneurs meet, she educates, empowers and support the mothers in all possible ways. She also runs kid's kitchen where she teaches three year old and above to prepare their meals without using fire/bake besides educating them about healthy eating habits.
Nidhi says, "For me being 'mom' is the most prestigious title for me. It's just like completely being 'new you', it transformed me into extrovert ;-) , compassionate and humble as a person. I started taking more care of myself than ever before. I find absolute happiness with a beaming smile of my Lo. My message to all moms is to live the moment, time flies fast, enjoy the lil moments of life"

Still thinking what’s so special in it? 
This will surely blow your mind off>>

  1. Gear up for the Smart Moms Contest to be judged by Babita Jaishakar.
    The winner will get a 1 hour makeover session by BAJA and gift vouchers for other participants too.
  2. Fit and Fabulous Mom will be announced by Ranjani Raman after a small activity-based contest. Enlighten yourself with her MOMS Health Talk as well.
  3. Amazing display of art and crafts by fellow mommies at mom entrepreneur Kiosk.
  4. Get cues about your bright future in readings at Tarot Card Session by Pragya.
  5. Get you and your little one sketched on paper by renowned charcoal artist Avijoy Saha.(Awarded by Abdul Kalam)
  6. Discover how special you are to your child in the Crafts Session, where your kid goes all creative to make that special gift for you

Last, but not the least, it is YOU, who makes the event so special. So, there is no chance you can afford to miss it! The stage is all set, the trumpets ready to blare, the fun is ready to roll, what we await is YOU. Come and join us to celebrate this very special day with your children and spread your joys of being a mother with everybody. 
Come and Celebrate BEING YOURSELF!
-XOXO Debolina and Nidhi

For participation in the 'SmartMom Contest' and MomzSpace Art Gallery please fill this form For more information call us at; Nidhi+91 9620808160 | Prateeti +91 9886782062 or send mail at | 

Mothers Day>> Experience the Joy of Motherhood

Monday, 4 May 2015

'GoodBox for Business' for Mom Entrepreneurs

As 'Mothers Day' is fast approaching, we would like to give the Mom Entrepreneurs i.e Mompreneurs an awesome platform to connect, and chat directly with their customer with the help of 'Goodbox for Business'. Along with fun-filled evening planned for moms participants, don't miss an opportunity to directly connect and chat with the key members of 'GoodBox'

We are proud to announce our association with 'GoodBiz -Goodbox App for the Businesses' for our upcoming event for celebrating 'Mothers Day' on 10th May 2015. Read more about the event >>

About Goodbox ...
Goodbiz is the Goodbox App for businesses. Grow your business with Goodbiz by creating a mobile app presence for your business. Connect with customers directly & take orders, enquiries, bookings, feedback & more.

Why Goodbox is an must have app for Mom Entrepreneurs?

  1. Get your business online for FREE in 5 minutes
  2. Get new business enquiries, lead
  3. Send offers to your customers with zero SMS cost Gooodbiz also helps businesses in improving their service standards by making direct feedback reach them and helps them manage their business remotely. 
  4. It's an ultimate zero investment marketing & sales tool for small vendors, home based busines, mom entreneur and startups to connect directly with potential customers
  5. It is just like an official application for your business development and virtual presence as well
  6. With no commission and no listing fee, Goodbiz is super easy to use. So what are you waiting for? Install now and take control of your business.
  7. It's quite an easy-peasy for a non-tech savvy 'Mom entrepreneur' to use, in simple words it's much similar to watsApp, hike, line1 
  8. Along with it's simple to use interface, it has unique features to promote, and scale up yout business like each user can create, edit and add pics to their business profile on Goodbox, has a right to disclose/hide thier contact information, and lots more

Here's a link to our app - currently it is FREE to download.

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App Features: 
  • Discover: Find businesses around you who would take that extra effort to give you great service 
  • Favorite: You can Favorite the business you like to receive special offers and services, & to connect with them instantly 
  • Privacy is sacrosanct: Your number or your name is not shared with anyone. Only you can share that info. This is a special feature designed to protect you from spamming & ensure your safety 
  • No middlemen: You can directly connect with businesses on Goodbox. Your request will be directly sent to them & you both can chat on the app 
  • Vendor profile: You can check vendor profile, pictures and his/her location

Momspeaks>> It is the popular app for mobile with about 100+ downloads, install and experience this app on your phone and boost your business in just 2minutes. And the best part is it does not have any commission plan, registration fee, so with zero investment on marketing mompreneur can scale up her business with no 'money stress' attached. 

I have personally seen lot of mompreneurs pushing their products ob FB groups and Watsapp, but to keep track of customers and inquiries, Goodbox is more efficient than any other social media platform for 'Business'. Moms who are doing business from home and caters local market, this app is the destination for them to meet their customers without compromising on your identity. 

And when some of your tech savvy customer ask you , "Do you have mobile app?" You can always share your Goodbox profile which act just like an customised business app for your online customers. For information please visit the following link on Google Play