Monday, 11 May 2015

Relive the Mothers Day Celebration!

Bunch of most enthusiastic moms in town at 'Mothers Day Special'
On 10 May 2015, Momzspace in association Art Blend Cafe hosted of of it's kind Mothers Day Special event. We kick-started the celebration with a casual introduction of all mom participants followed by a 'Health Talk' by Ranjani Raman. The talk was interesting as Ranjani made it very interactive by throwing questions like How many times you buy a grocery in a week? When was the last time you made your favourite dessert? What food item you crave for? and many more. 

After some insightful interactions she explained us that if you buying grocery more than twice a week than you end up buying more junk food, how is it easy for all moms to put a family at first for food preferences, the food item you crave defines you. This whole activity made the session interactive, interesting yet informative. 

When asked her what is she looking for the winner of 'Fit and Fabulous Mom', she says, "A mother takes care of her health and who takes the control of the kitchen." To find the winner Ranjani made all mom participants play game, and started eliminating one-by-one. And finally she found the winner of 'Fit and Fabulous Mom' Title. Smitha Ganapathy (Mom Entrepreneur) won the title of 'Fit and Fabulous Mom'.
Ranjani giving prize to 'Fit and fabulous Mom' Smita Ganapathy
For the Smart Mom Contest We have had invited Babita Jaishankar to Judge the Contest. It was amazing to see her as vibrant as ever along with two lovely daughters. She shared her success story and also told how important it is for mom to take care of herself.  
Babita Jaishankar interacting with Mom participants
On asking her what is she looking for in the winner of the title 'Smart Mom'? She says, "I want mom to be themselves, they need not be a Super Mom, but someone who excels at being a woman, a mother and a nice, humble human being in every respect. As the saying goes, there is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to become a good one." 

She further added, "For me all moms are winners, and so declare the winner I'll pick the one who unique or adding value to society." I must say that it was a tough job for Babita Jaishankar to select one winner. So there was a tie between three Smart Moms, Deepa, Simran and Luvena.
Babita Jaishankar Award to 'Smart Mom' winner: Luvena, Simran and Deepa
The Winners of 'Smart Mom Title' are Deepa, single parent of three kids, who gives time to herself too), Simran (Mom of toddler boy who patiently allowed her kid to scribble all over the answer sheet while she writes, she is a baker and works for animal welfare), and Luvena (Yoga instructor, who says you have to compete with self not with others) To read what Babita Jaishankar shared as a mom and an Entrepreneur click here>>
Judges at Work to select 'Mom Artist'
Each mom is an artist by heart, this mothers day we thought of acknowledging the creative streak in 'Mom Artist'. All the paintings, art work were displayed at the gallery and our judge Babita Jaishankar and Ranjani Raman selected Vidya Hukkeri's creation for the Award 'Best Mom Artist'. 
Casting Art by Vidya Hukkeri
Vidya Hukkeri's art reflects the power of art to capture the live moment of childhood, wedding and growing old. 
L-R: Vidya Hukkeri (Winner of Mom Artist) with Babita Jaishankar, Ranjani Raman and Nidhi Pathak
While these contests were taking place, Mom&Me live sketch and tarot reading session was going on. And kids were busy making creative gifts for their moms too ;-)

My reaction while getting tarot reading done, it says 'Queen of Coins'
This was the best Mothers Day ever! I started my Mothers Day celebration with 'Dream Run' with Soles of Bangalore , (thanks to Preeti Khattri for inviting me. This was the first time ever I ran after school days. Loved your signature style Dance warm-up session too.), attended commemorative meeting with my Buddhist friends and ended with an amazing celebration of 'MothersDay' at with Momz'Space Moms at Art Blend Cafe. Thanks to all our lovely mom participants, mom artist and mom entrepreneurs who made it on Sunday evening. 

Thanks to my awesome mommy friends who joined us for celebration and 'MothersDaySpecial' CoreTeam (Debolina, Suman, Keerthi, Jyothi, Shipra Aunty, Seema). Good to see lovely mommy friends Deepti Mahesh - KYDZADDA and Smitha Ganapathy for being part of Momz'space again and again.
Guest of honour Babita Jaishankar with Guest Speaker Ranjani Raman 

With my Mommy Friend Deepti Mahesh - Inspiring Mom Entrepreneur

With Debolina my mommy blogger friend who writes amazing poems too

L-R: ME, Suman (Host), Babita Jaishankar and Ranjani Raman
We  extend our gratitude to all our sponsors who supported this event Motherhood India (Sarjapur), GoodBox for Businesses, Four Fountains (Koramangala, Bellandur), Luvena Rangel (Yoga Instructor).

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