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Hello mommies, have been on a writing hiatus since quite some time, thanks to my Blogger friend Geeta Yadav who shares her view on "being mommy" as a guest blogger. As she rightly said,"It's quite apt for Momz'Space as a community of moms who looks forward to have their own identity apart from being 'Mom'."  It's great to connect with you through MBC blogs and as always I love reading all your posts, but this one is special to me :-) With this blog I announce new section to launch, 'Mom diaries'. Watch this space for more ...

By Geeta Yadav

Being Mommy is the most enthralling phase. Life changes this way, that way and in just every way. No matter what kind of stress we experience but a look at the baby and we smile. We smile through the pain, we smile through stress and we smile through the storms. Ah! No doubt women win over hearts, stride through the storms and chide away the strains in life with their attitude that spells, ‘Ah! this too shall pass.”

Let’s celebrate motherhood but let not the woman lag behind. Yes! Gear up to look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see just a mum? Do you see a mum and a wife?  Do you see a sister, a daughter or any other character you are playing on the stage of life? Ah! If any of the above is true about you then my dear it’s time to find the real you? Yes! in the hustle and bustle of life you’ve lost yourself. Look within to find yourself,   take some time off to think...”who you are?” and “What do you want to become?”

Well! just to give you the initial push let me tell you what my answers were?
I am an individual and I want to be free ...yes! I desired freedom ... freedom in the mind ...freedom in the body.... and freedom in spirit. Desiring freedom is not being selfish; in fact freedom is the goal of the spiritual beings.  Yes! Freedom helps us to perform all the roles with great joy.

I looked at my physical self which looked neglected. Oh! Those chipped nails, the parched look, creased brows and the sighs that just came and went voluntarily. I peeped inside my mind and it was cramped, cluttered and so confused. But to my relief my spirit was much the same ... it was jubilant, so unique and beautiful. I realized that the real me was still the same ... very interesting, extremely entertaining and so damn natural. Believe me I unveiled myself and re-discovered my real self. 

In no time I revamped my physical self! it felt good. Next I adopted a regular fitness regime that took 45 minutes from those 24 hours I was blessed with. I would rise and shine with the morning Sun to embrace great mental and physical health. It was great to watch the Sun rise, listen to the birds and see them fly across the golden sky.  I was happy in my own company and my mind and body began to breathe. Something within me energized me and made me feel so excited about everything ...even the chores. My baby’s cry did not jolt me as I would rush to her and simply engulf her with all the energy nature would bless me in the mornings.

Yes! to find peace, happiness and great enthusiasm ...just be free in mind, body and spirit. Don’t let the events of the day diminish you ... discover yourself to know how empowered you are... create yourself with the remnants to make a new whole.  Be yourself to enjoy being a wife, a mother or any other role bestowed on you. Remember you are unique, you are special and you are YOU; an individual. It’s natural to change but don’t lose yourself to circumstances, responsibilities or people. Happiness begins with you.

About Author: Geeta Yadav
From newspapers to school teaching, to writing short stories, poems, school books, Parenting blogs and now conducting story telling sessions and creative writing workshops, I think I’ve come a long way.  She de-stress herself with yoga and meditation. Her love for children is reflected in a series of value education books called ‘Footsteps: A Book of Moral Values. 
She also contributes her writings for White Print; a magazine for the visually impaired, Chai Times ( Community Newspaper  Bolton) and Art of Living Foundation.

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