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Guest Blog>> How To Protect Kids During Season Change

Infants and toddlers are in a phase, where their immune system is still developing. Their body is not  strong enough to handle the onslaught of the changing weather. Their body is still not equipped to handle quick temperature fluctuations, sudden bursts of wind or irregular humidity in the atmosphere.

It is very important to safeguard your child from these un-predictable season changes to prevent them from falling ill. If they fall sick, their immunity system weakens further and then again they get vulnerable to attack by germs once again.

Here are a few simple tips to protect your little one from harsh season changes:

Know when to take precautions: As a mother, you need to anticipate the right time to take the requisite measures for your child. Though season changes can be abrupt, the signs are visible for quite some time, like light drizzles in the evening  or cloudy days at a stretch or perhaps, a chilly wind since afternoon even in the blazing sun. Close windows or put curtains, when the outside the too windy, especially when your baby is sleeping. Though summers are quite hot and the fan is inevitable, reduce the speed in case you feel a drop in the temperature. You might consider reducing the AC, while travelling in the car.

Dress properly to prevent chilling winds: Summers are for cool, light, sleeveless clothes, but as the changes in the weather starts to settle, you might want to dress your baby a little more than usual. As in comfortable trousers or light jackets, when they are out in the playground or a cap when they are out, especially in the evening. The sudden drop of temperature during dusk can be a real concern, so cover your child properly when going out or to places, which are not covered. For infants, consider covering their ears with earmuffs to avoid the chilly winds.

Avoid outdoor activities: Summers are a fun time for outdoor activities like swimming, games, picnics and others. As the days are longer and the sun is out for a long time, kids enjoy staying out. But, gradually, the rainy season sets in with light showers in the evening and it gets dark earlier. So, avoid outdoor activities for sometime, so that the weather settles in. Swimming in cold water, or playing in the out late might expose them to changing weather. In case, you plan to take them in the open or to parties in terrace or uncovered areas, do carry proper accessories like jackets and caps to cover their heads and ears.

Avoid certain foods: Certain foods also tend to induce cold and might be harmful for kids during the season change. Switch to normal temperature water or beverages and avoid ice-creams, in case your kid enjoyed those during the hot summers. Certain fruits might be responsible for causing cold during this time. However, there can be many foods, which might help to fight flu and other conditions. It is always advisable to check with the doctor to follow a certain diet for your child during the season change. Also, avoid unhygienic food outside and water from outside as they contain a lot of germs, which can spread fast. Make sure you carry personal things like water bottles, spoons, etc. for your child while going out and avoid using things, which has been used by others. Insist your kid cleans their hands before they put food in their mouth with it. Take utmost precautions in terms of what and where you eat with your child, especially in public places. 

A mother knows best when and how to take necessary precautions before their baby is hit by the uncertainties of the he changing weather. So, do not ignore the initial symptoms like common cold or flu, if any, and give them proper treatment or medication in the beginning.
Though summers are still continuing, a change in the weather has been already visible in various parts of the country like Bangalore, Kolkata and others. So, it is important to ensure that your child is well-protected, both indoors and outdoors, to be able to sustain the instant blow of change or drop in temperature.

Keep these tips handy for your child, yourself and your family!


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