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Video>>The story of Mensturation by Walt Disney

The Story of Menstruation is a 1946 10-minute American animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions. Here is an informative video, 'The story of Mensturation' by Walt Disney.

Where in still in todays date, we see some of the Indian parents (specially rural, and remote areas with limited awarness of the health adn hygiene) where the sex education or a girl having monthly menstural cycle is impure and kept away, way back in 1940s Walt Disney released this informative film for little girls to understand their biological change. 

The film is not at all making the girl child viewer to feel ashame of , but make it more It was part of a 1945 to 1951 series of films that Disney produced for American schools. Gynecologist Mason Hohn was hired as a consultant to ensure that the film was scientifically accurate. Hohn was hired to increase the likelihood that school doctors and nurses would allow the film to be shown. Hohn's involvement led to a stronger emphasis on biology than other marketing by ICCC. The Story of Menstruation increased its reputation when it received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

The film uses animated diagrams to detail the menstrual cycle. The film's narrator, who is not identified in the credits, informs the viewer that "there is nothing strange or mysterious about menstruation," and it shows women engaged in such activities as bathing, riding a horse and dancing during their menstrual cycles. 

The film's narration also provides advice to avoid constipation and depression, and to always keep up a fine outward appearance. The Story of Menstruation is believed to be the first film to use the word vagina in its screenplay.

 Neither sexuality nor reproduction is mentioned in the film, and an emphasis on sanitation makes it, as Disney historian Jim Korkis has suggested, "a hygienic crisis rather than a maturational event." The menstrual flow was depicted as snow white instead of blood red. 

I hope this film helps parents of young girls to make them understand the biological and physical changes in them and make the whole transition to a woman more comfortable than awkward.

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