Monday, 10 August 2015

Spread the 'love' with Monday Morning selfie Mania

 After summer slacker, here come the fall!!!
 Heylos to lovely moms out there. How are you? I finally feel like I'm getting my feet under me again. I've been such a slacker after summer holidays and then got busy ongoing social commitments. Adding more trouble to my hectic schedule I had to run about hospitals for orthopedics , chiropractor and other test to be done to finally understand whats wrong with my left leg. And also it's time when your child somehow comes to know you need rest, but ain't going well with her never-ending demands at home

Despite of all the challenges at work and home front, MomzSpace successfully participated at #TSC2015 the #TheSocialConclave2015 at  Christ University. The entire meet was bunch of amzing speaker at the panel but I personally enjoyed more the talks by the Ritu David (Beauty with loads of brain ), Dr. Falguni Vasavda Oza (From MICA, heaps of experience shared with dash of humour) and Suresh Babu (Founder & CEO of Web Marketing Academy and the most cheerful and energetic speaker at the meet). It was great to connect with them in person and get more insight into social media trends and tactics.

Loved to be part of E-Chai launch at The Social Conclave 2015 with the trademark smiley balls and also Co-hosted Entrepereneurs meet with E-chai at Tattva and CCD Lounge. Meeting new people at startup, and business networking meets helped me to gain knowledge, exchange ideas and share my feedback and views. It kept me going and I loved attending every bit of it.

Taking rest, and getting back to normal health routine like eating at right time, eating healthy saying no to some work and such things are not so relaxing either. So what kept me going while I was taking rest was a bunch of enthu women and moms for which with the help of some mommy friends like Debolina, Simran, PriyaMani we rolled out an amazing schedule to keep all the mommy friends and women participant active on virtual support platform.

I just wanted to share with you a quick activity to do if you need some down time -- quiet time!

We started a campaign called 'Monday Morning Selfies' with a bunch of enthu moms and powerful women of my community. The idea was to post your Monday morning selfie, with a beaming smile and sparkling eyes and sending more positive vibes to all other members in the group. It was good to see everyone posted their pic and sent positivity at the same time. Like me one more lady in group was also recovering from

Here is the collage of best selfie pics I received on monday morning. Proud to announce Anjali as ‪#‎mondayselfie‬ winner at ‪#‎Womensworld‬ she has brightest of all smile with victory medal... We at women's world enjoyed the best monday ever on ‪#‎watsapp‬ we shared our selfie on monday morning with beaming smile n sparkling eyes. Some sporting sport some just pushed kids n hubby out of house, some out for bread butter and some to pursue passion by empowering other women, each selfie had its story n victory to share. #mondaySelfie ‪#‎mondayblues‬ ‪#‎bestwomenselfie‬ ‪#‎inspiringwomen‬ ‪#‎momzspace‬
All momz with selfie on momzspace are winner,
but my personal favorite is Arpita who clicked the selfie with retro style

I received loads of beautiful selfies to brighten my #mondaymorning from an entrepreneur running for meeting to a working mom stepping out for work, few moms recovering from health to some chilling out after kids n hubby are pushed out of house... Each #selfie has its own story to tell yet with sparkling eyes beaming smile... Winner of #momzmeet at #momzspace of. #mondaymorning selfie is Arpita for her retro style mirror selfie.

Winner Farheen and her daughters selfie,
kept us guessing about who is mother an who is the daughter?!

 This week was amazing as myself and anusha (Tanjore Artist) almost recovered from lil bit of health issues we had. I and anusha look fit and fresh, isn't? Good to see mom entrepreneur setting out for the day, recycle enthu keerti took her selfie with upcyled plastic bottle planter. Some were heading to dance class and some were just in from workout. The best of all i liked was the Selfie taken by Farheen with her daughter, we all failed who identify who is mother and who is the daughter, Farheen looks gorgeous :-)

Winner of Women's World Selfie,
Bindu looked amazing on Monday Morning Selfie taken at workplace
 At women's world group everyone were equally enthusiast about this campaign called, Monday Morning Selfie Mania. winner for this week was Bindu who donned amazing personality reflecting independence and her love for self. Some were driving, some were at work, some just pushed their kids to school and some just starting for the day. Wow thats what I call magic of Monday Morning Selfie, we love being like this and send positive vibes to all we meet and give a great start to the week. Thanks all who ever participated.

The fall has just began, and yes we have many more interactive, yet interesting campaigns for women of Women's World and smart moms at momzspace. We'll share amazing insights from the drive like question of the week featuring best answers, Friday Foodies and Social Saturday. Stay tuned and keep watching this space. 
Nidz <3 sending #goodvibes #womensworld #momzspace
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