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Watch Video>>How to make DIY Easy Rakhi?

Rakhi brings lot of memories from childhood like during school we use to make rakhi in our SUPW classes. Though we are two sisters but we enjoyed making Rakhi and tying the same to our God brothers. It was real fun with nice shimmery ethnic clothes , sweets and amazing food followed after memories.

This year my lo is 3 years plus so I made her make DIY Rakhi all by herself. Of course I gave her pre-cut felt flowers and pearls to stick on with double sided glue tape and no scissors used by her. She not only enjoyed making but also we both couriered the same to her cousin Brothers Aryan and Rishabh. Below are the photos of DIY Rakhi making by Erishka with my help>>
Things we need pre-glued pearls, satin and pre-cut shapes
Things you need to make the above pics DIY Rakhi (for 3 years old) are;
  • All-purpose gluePre-cut felt shapes like flower/star/circle 
  • 1 or 1/2 metre thin satin ribbon 
  • Pre-glued pearls of all sizes and colours
  •  Double sided stick on tape

Below are the detail step-by-step method to make quick and easy DIY Rakhi by 3 year old toddler;

Step 1 - Take a half meter satin ribbon of any color. 
Fold it in half and mark centre with double sided glue tape.

 Step 2 - Stick pre-cut felt shape over it and press neatly.

Glue the ends of shape with the satin ribbon
Step 3 -  Stick pre-glued pearl of big size on the centre

Step 4 -And then stick smaller size of pre-glued pearls in ends of the shape , like this one in the above pic it's placed over each end of petals. So for star shape you can place it at the each corner of the star.
 Step 5 - Tada! 5 mins  rakhi is ready. Even a 3 year old kid can also make this just like Erishka, toddlres enjoy sticking activity with colours and objects.

For older kids like above 5 years below are few amazing videos on Youtube which shows how to make DIY Rakhi in more detail description, step-by-step sub-title>> A must watch video to make quick, easy and an attractive Rakhi on this Rakshabandhan. 

DIY Easy Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan | How to make | JK Arts 038

DIY - Fancy Pearl Rakhi

Momzspace wishes all the little ones and thier mummas a very happy Rakshabandhan!!!
We would love to feature some handmade rakhi by kids in our next segment please mail us the pix at


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