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Working Moms>> Can we ever be Guilt-Free Moms?

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Time and again it has been easier said than done to follow advice of not feeling guilty while you are a working mom. No matter how much you hate it or love it, a working mom guilt is sure to follow in one form or the other. My previous blog post on "Why Should Indian Working Moms Feel Guilty?"got an amzing response from the working as well as Smart mom at home (SAHM). Working mom's guilt it's actually unavoidable, infact sometime even when you are content there are many factors to make you feel so? 

Like few days back when during lunch hour I happen to visit my lo's Daycare to hand over her evening snack box. Oh! don't raise your eyebrows, I don't do this everyday, this was one of those days when I was running late and yes forgot to pack her evening snack box.. Of course things were not as relaxing as the way I am now (9:32pm), like writing this blog post while lying on my bed comfortably before I snooze off. I was full in rush till the time I handed over the snack box to the care taker with the labeled attached. 

I am an urban mom who is very opinionated and loves her Independence too. So if at all people are there to put me down and so criticism is concerned it does affect my happiness and does not make me feel guilty. But that fine day what made me feel guilty or something emotional was that when I requested the Daycare school that can I look at the live video streaming now like what is my doll doing? The admin person smiles at me and paused for 2-3 seconds and said, "Sure, why not, But ma'am she is already sleeping. You can see the video right here at the reception." 

I moved closer to the screen anxiously looking for my lo and yes I spotted my daughter. She had few sips of water and then covered herself till waist and slept off, with no tantrums. She was so cutely sleeping tucking her knees inwards tummy and joining her hands to each other. I so much wanted to hug her and cuddle her that time, but i did not wanted to ruin her daycare routine and of course I had to head back to work too. The feeling I went through was guilty or not , umm and I really don't know what it was but made me feel very different and yes it did make me feel if I was not working, I could have cuddled her ;-)

But to all the working moms my simple advice to be happily working mom is to accept the fact that it's a simple fact of physics that a working mom isn't going to witness every single minute of the growing days of her child. Also as I have been Smart mom at home too, we as SAHM also not actually enjoy witnessing each and every moment at home raising child and at times kids just want to play with their age group friends. 

So in short, it's okay to miss out on some sweet and precious moments. Be it SAHM or working super mom, we all miss out on few little things, isn't?

Nidhi Pathak@MomzSpaceIndia

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