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Pamper yourself with 'Lily Believes'

An exclusive Health and wellness session by 'The Curvy Yogi'
 Yoga: For All>> is full of fun activities and surprises for lovely mothers and woman at large. The event offers you an holistic approach towards healthy living with some lifestyle changes and thoughtful tips for food, nutrition and cooking with lotss of games and interactive session. 

You have not one but quite a few reasons to attend 'Yoga: For All', there are lot of activities planned to make each women feel special and pampered. Momz'Space and Art Blend Cafe is proud to announce that one of the lucky winner will get a chance to win an exclusive Gift Hamper by 'Lily Believes'. So what are you waiting for grab this opportunity to pamper yourself with an one of it's kind gift hamper e specially crafted to celebrate womanhood. 

The Team 'Lily Believes'are committed to serving woman with the most personalized and a well-balanced pamper package to take care of your sanitary, nutritional and wellness needs during the menstrual cycle. By delivering the pamper package at doorstep or preferred location, we will assure, you have the necessary supplies, nutrition and surprise gifts from 'Lily Believes' , every month. Read more>>

When we say Yoga is for all means, "Yoga is for everybody, everybody with all shapes and sizes. there is nothing called Idol Yoga body, Yoga is for all. Everyone's body can be Yoga body, it has nothing to do with size or shape." Join us for the workshop to know what 'Real yoga is all about'>>
Time>> 9:30 am to 12pm

9:30am to 09:45 am - Registration

9:45am to 10:15 am - Yoga fish Pond (Interactive game)

10:15am to 10:45 am - Myth busters by Luvena Rangel Founder of 'The Curvy Yogi'

10:45am to 11:15 am - Sitting/Chair Yoga for all

11:15am to 11:30 am - Q and A

11:30am to 12:00pm - Cooking session by Nidhi Pathak Founder of Momz'Space 

12:00pm to 12:30pm - Healthy refreshments and networking
Price>> Adult 350 Rs. and for child above 3 yrs is  150 Rs. (Inclusive of materials for activity and refreshment charges)

Venue>> Art Blend Cafe 
View Google Map>>
#659, 24th Main, 22nd Cross,
2nd Sector, HSR Club Road,
HSR Layout, Bangalore, India
Contact no: 080 2258 1913

To register join our Facebook event: Yoga For All>> or call on +91 9620808160 | +91 9886782062 or drop us a mail at  

About Lily Believes>>
    1.  Hygiene 
    2. Nutrition
    3. Pamper
    The above 3 areas are the key focus and idea behind the invention of ' Lily Believes'. With the team of  specialised doctors, food and nutrition expert, and experienced product designers, ' Lily Believes ' offers pamper package to fulfill the basic sanitary requirements, replenish your nutritional needs and plus lots of love and pamper for women from all walk of life like working women, students, aspiring athlete, working mom, smart-mom-at-home (Home-maker).

    Co-Founders of Lily Believes speaks>>

    Nandini: We all know that a woman takes care of her entire family and Lily Believes in taking care of her. We will make sure you have the necessary supplies and nutrition, delivered to you on time, every month. With the help of our team of doctors, designers and feedback from family and friends, we have designed a package that will take care of your sanitary-hygiene needs, nutritional needs while offering you unconditional love, loads of pampering and free goodies! Our primary focus will be on the nutritional aspect your menstrual cycle. We deplete a lot of essential vitamins such as B6, Iron and other nutrients during periods. Studies show that by replenishing the essentials vitamins and nutrients in the required proportion, regularly, women have experienced lesser pain during their periods.

    Sapan: As a teenager, I always noticed my mother, cousins’ and friends were never the same for a few days, EVERY MONTH. Back then I wasn’t sure what changed, EVERY MONTH. So I always wondered, if I could do something to make them smile, make them laugh and give them soooooo much love that they’d forget (or at least try to) all about “what changed”. Hence, Lily Believes is born! to love and pamper you, because YOU DESERVE IT! The gifts that you find in your pamper package, are directly bought from micro and small businesses that are exclusively owned and operated by women. To reduce our carbon footprint and also do our part in making earth greener (Recycle!), we are offering special discounts and gifts to Lilies who help us in recycling boxes, empty sanitizer bottles etc. Our cookies and chocolates are made fresh using the premium quality of ingredients with strict quality control and yes LOTS OF LOVEEE!!!
     To register join our Facebook event: Yoga For All>> or call on +91 9620808160 | +91 9886782062 or drop us a mail at  

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