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New look to Momzspace!

FirstLook of MomzSpace in 2013
I know you all would have noticed few changes momzspace website, the new look with new shades, new font and new Logo. We are very happy that you all readers have been part of this journey since August 2013.
Second look of MomzSpace in 2014
Momzspace, formerly known as 'Smart Mom At Home' was kickstarted with the first blog post called, 'Raising Readers'.Thanks all for keeping up with the gradual changes for good in the website look, feel and ofcourse the content.
New Look of MomzSpace in 2015

Please share your views and feedback on the new look of our website. I and designer Seema Misra still working on it for other marketing materials. 

Nidhi Pathak
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Design your passion with Seema Misra

Seema Misra - Founder of Loaded Brush Creations
Heylos to all lovely ladies there, here is an opportunity to design you life passion with Seema Misra. A cheerful, yet independent working women follows her passion to design expressions and emotion of people. 

Seema runs her passion driven page on Facebook called 'Loaded Brush Creations' where she shares her digital and conventional art work. She is a self-taught artist and graphic designer hailing from Orissa, and presently based in Bangalore.  

Her personal favorites are water color and acrylic canvas art. She conducts art sessions and displays her artwork at Art Blend Café. She is also a member of local sketch groups as part of which she has covered few locations in the city for live sketching weekend events.


She is one point of contact for both Digital and conventional art-forms. Her eye to detailing in her art form, her quick response to the variations in personalised art,giving more than couple of design options for client to select from and keeping up with guidelines given by clients is sure to impress you.

You can contact her for making personalized gifts, paintings, posters, greeting cards, invitations, social media marketing content, brochures, newsletter designing, logo designs, handmade scrapbooks and photo albums.

Seema Misra at Drumjam at Rangoli, Metro station MG Bangalore
Apart from painting, she also likes to read, watch world cinema, write, talk to her plants, and engage in fair amount of daydreaming. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently working as a technical writer. 
Seema during workshop at ArtBlenCafe

or drop her an email for any inquiry 

MomzSpace new look with new logo have been designed by 'Loaded Brush Creations'. We highly recommend her work to all startup women entrepreneurs, mom entrepreneurs, who is looking for any form of digital designing for vision driven, yet passion reflecting art form for their brand presence.

Nidhi Pathak

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Pregnancy Guide>> Second Trimester

As you enter your second trimester of pregnancy, there will be slight visible bump if you may notice and which keeps growing bigger and more bigger as every month passes by. With Second Trimester you may notice fading of morning sickness and fatigue, nausea. But in my case it continued till 6-7 months of pregnancy and also my food cravings ranged from pineapple chaats, ferror-rocher, nutella to natural tender coconut ice-creams I would have emptied almost dozens of ice-creme boxes of 1 liter in entire second trimester.

I would also like to term the second trimester one of the golden period of the pregnancy as is the easiest trimester for many.  You can enjoy the best, you feel more energetic and yes you can actually can see your baby from the bump scanning reports. Between your 18th and 22nd week of pregnancy you'll have an ultrasound so your doctor can see how your baby is progressing. When you start feeling more energetic along with baby scan reports  this is the time to plan more things for baby arrival.

Although you should be feeling better now, big changes in you body are still taking place. From unwanted advice from strangers, interference from dearones to baby financial planning, here's what you can expect from second Trimester.

1) Dealing with Advice>>

Now, as you are having little or more bump being visible, yo may end up getting advice from stranger at shopping mall, at departmental store or even at your home from guests who comes to visit you. Yes, its weird and quite suffocating at times, in second trimester it seems like that everyone you meet. There will be times like you would like to enjoy some meal nearby restaurant to meet your bump cravings but then when you are just about to gulp a morsel of delicious food, a lady comes to you and says, 'You are not suppose to it this, blah blah'. 

This phase is very important , yet special for you as you can connect with baby and baby bonding entails, so the first thing you do after getting any random advice to consult with your mid-wife, nutritionist or doctor. Unless they red flag anything i guess anything fresh, eatable prepared in humanely manner can be consumed until and unless it is some caffeine or some toxic. By confirming tips, suggestion, advises you feel pampered, special and of course secured.
2) Changes in your Body>>
Yes, this phase is often called as 'Golden days of pregnancy' but also the most of the changes in your body happens now. There might be backache due to extra pounds of baby bump, so make sure you wear comfy footwear and clothes and also see to it that you sleep and sit in right posture. One thing i had to change was the sleeping position , before that I use to sleep on my stomach  but after being pregnant and with baby bump I had to sleep side ways on on my back and yes it does increase back pain. Try to get some comfy bump side pillows to easy your sleeping time and back pain.

Along with back pain you my notice swollen hand-feet, sored gums, constipation, leg cramps and so. For each of these above mentioned discomfort do not hesitate to share, discuss or ask to your doc or midwife.

3) Food and Nutrition>>
Here is the recipe for  Flaxseeds, chocolate wheat powerballs>>
You would have often heard people keep suggesting you to 'EAT FOR TWO'. I firmly believe it's not required, eat as much and as and when you feel like. Take control on your body by monitoring your lifestyle. For monitoring your food habit you may maintain small diary and keep check on your consumption keeping the preservatives away and high on healthy/fresh diet. Of course, pregnancy does increase your body’s needs for all nutrients. To meet the increased demand for nutrients throughout pregnancy, simply eat with smarter food choices, which gives your body with energy.

4) Get Fit Get Going>>

In the second trimester you will notice body starts to change, but if it's your first pregnancy (like me) you won't look pregnant at all! So you become puzzled that no one knows your pregnant because for them maybe you have gained few pounds. So you do whatever you can to make sure that people know you are pregnant, isn't? I did same :-). Also In my case for my fitness I could do only walking as my body does not have tendency to put on weight but yes I did put on around 12-14 kgs more which kept varying every month. Though I keep saying that second trimester is the most enjoyable , for me it was little different as by last few weeks of this phase I happen to break by left ankle and was advised for bed rest. So meditation and breathing exercise kept me going

This is the phase which I mentioned earlier that you tend to put loads of weight (due to baby bump) and also this is the phase when you should start working out. With recommendation of doctors and your mid-wife, follow basic workout routine pick the bet which suits your lifestyle.

Prenatal yoga and Pilates are very popular fitness class. Walking in park or to nearby supermarket can also work good for you, breathing exercise will also prepare you for birthing too. Select your workout regime wisely as per your body requirement and pregnancy stage. Please note that it could be dangerous to follow any read or seen online or bookish exercise without consulting doctor or mid wife. 

5)Time to make mommy friends>>

Now, this is the time you need to make new friends specially with new moms, or moms-to-be. This will add to your happiness and also to wade away few pregnancy blues. Connecting with new mommy friends helps you to share your feelings, concern and give helpful tips and suggestion. Trust me when no one understands you, these mommy friends will be your support system. You may make such friends at birthing classes, lamaze, aerobics, prenatal work out classes or may be just outside the doc's clinic near the waiting queue. 
6) Mark your Priority
This is the time get things clear in your mind as well as for your support sytem. If you are working women, who have already served the office in First Trimester, now this is the time to make your move, like would you like to continue working or not. 

Make each decision wisely keeping in mind your feelings, financial issues and your health as the priority. Just because all your girlfriends were working throughout your pregnancy , doesn't mean you should. Not everyone has same body and mind, o listen to your body, understand your financial responsibility, get your priorities clear so that you don't regret later. This is very important as the stepping stone to happy motherhood and parenting.

7)Schedule your doctor visits

Mark your calendar with the second trimester prenatal visits and other lab tests. Make sure it's hassle free, prior to doc's appointment talk to your friends or someone who can accompany your for the same. The best partner to visit doc for all appointments would be your hubby or your own mom or mid-wife.

8)Shopping Time Begins!

Yes, finally shopping begins! I did ask you all to shop more specially during first trimester. This is the time to buys stuff fro yourself, belly and the baby arrival. Knowing the growth of your baby start buying maternity-cum-nursing clothes. Must buys for any moms-to-be in second semester is harem pants, patialas and stretchable maternity jeans, loose fits tops, belly covers, belly belts and so much more.


For your outings with your mommy friends, shopping or for a date with your hubby you can pick up flowy dress, sun-dress or stretchable tops.

Also second trimester marks the bonding of with the bump and the baby, as you could see lots of visible developments in scan reports. So here is the time begins to shop for your new member in the family.

For lot of Hindu rituals and customs it is advised not to buy anything till the baby is arrived but for me I just break the rules. Not that I really wanted to but yes knowing that in the end it will be nuclear family to take care of my baby, I started nesting stuff for baby arrival. 

As I had opted for cloth diapering so I stocked up lot of cloth diapers. Also one can buy neutral colour onsies, bibs, caps and mittens, how much ever you buy these you run out of it. Baby receiving blankets, baby essential like lotion powder, wet wipes are also much need when baby is arrived.
9) Continue following First Trimester tips>>

As mentioned in the First Trimester continue reading the books recommended, maintain pregnancy journal, watch what you eat, listen to calm/pleasing music, avoid soda/caffeine and get back to your childhood hobbies. Read more about First Trimester here>>

10)Spend Some 'We Time'

This is the best time to plan a 'Babymoon' for speding some quality 'WeTime'. Trust me, after baby arrives, you wont get time to sip a cup of coffee together. the entire house and it's family members would dance on the baby tunes. 

So before all this sets the baby environment, second trimester seems to be the best time to plan a babymoon with your partner. Select the destination which is near to your birthing destination and select the mode of travel which suits you best. I always opted for flight in second trimester and train for third trimester. Before making holiday plans please consult your doc and midwife.
It's me clicked by my sis at the end of second trimester
I hope my tips, suggestion and guidance for Second Trimester will enable new moms, first-time moms or moms-to-be be little or more relax. One last tip for all you moms who are feeling little anxious about birthing part, please keep calm and listen to your heart and bump , and yes you are all doing right. A warm hug to you all who are reading, be positive, think positive and yes you'll have amzing journey in next Third Trimester too. Any queries for Third Trimester please mail at we'll make sure to anser or if unable to will ask our expert panel to share their views. 

Till then be cheerful, and always remember a happy mom raises happy child!

Nidhi @MomzSpace India 

[PS. This isn't rule book, these stuff have worked for me during my pregnancy days, so thought it might help other expecting moms; you all moms are free to do changes as per you lifestyle, likes/dislikes and of course as your bump directs ;-) MomzSpace is open to receive any suggestion, advice or tips related to Pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. Mail your Pregnancy tips, stories, craving and motherhood related suggestions at with subject line: Tips for Motherhood

For any queries, doubts or dilemmas please write to us at we will make sure your queries are answered by expert panel consisting Gynecologist, mid-vives, Lactation consultant, nutrition expert and life coaches. Till then happy motherhood and nurturing!! 

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2ToFreedom>> An Expression of Freedom by Women

First of all I would like to congratulate Debolina for steering the whole campaign of 2ToFreedom contest on both the community Women's World and MomzMeet (Both Administered by MomzSpace). The initiative was taken by my mother blogger friend Debolina. The vision for this contest was to make inter groups and members within the group to connect, create and then share their idea of freedom in any form they want it could be art, craft, poem, story or something digital or virtual.

Click Image to read entire blog by Debolina
“Doing what you like is freedom...
Liking what you do is happiness.”
In an attempt to find both freedom and happiness, a few women came together to create something new, innovative and exciting. Womanhood is not just motherhood or professional careers, it is discovering YOU once again. These wonderful women created WOW memories, to cherish for life.
Women from two groups Women’s World and Momzspace, both administered by Nidhi  Pathak, founder of Momzspace, decided to find their freedom and happiness with each other. We created an event called ‘2ToFreedom’, where we made teams of 2 people, where they had to ‘create something new’. Read more>>
Below we are featuring the works of women who did not meet but created this amazinf expression of Freedom:

Also here is my personal favourite an E-Storybook by Anitha (Author of Poppypals) and Ashwini an artist by art.

Read Bubble’s Trouble – by Anitha and Ashwini

I hope you all lovely ladies would enjoying their work, it's such an delight, isn't? Also we will be acknowledging their efforts with gift hampers and other goody bags. Please join us for the celebration entry is free any woman or mom from any walk of life can join us and celebrate this freedom of expression. Join us by registering at FB event link>>
Or jusr Drop by below are the details

Agenda: Celebration of Freedom of Expression by Woman
Date: 23rd September 2015
Time:10 AM to 1PM

Venue: Art Blend Cafe, HSR
Entry Fees: Free for all lovely ladies
Know more event details here>>

-XOXO Nidhi @MomzSpace India

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Momz'Space>>Pregnancy Guide For First Trimester

Hello lovely moms, and congratulations to all mom-to-be. I am sure you all must be undergoing some mixed feeling; something ranging from feeling happy happy high to as low as that you want to cry, isn't? For me First trimester was all of surprises, morning sickness, curiosity, craving, and reading books related to pregnancy and motherhood. Was utterly pampered by my mom, sister and my little nephew around who kept me cheerful. 

Don't be surprise if  you get number of compliments like 'Oh! She Glows' for your radiant face due to pregnancy. Also not every mom glows, some moms may look dull like me when I was nearing the end of First Trimester (Adverse morning sickness). If you want to know about my craving for the First Semester , I confess I had none due to morning sickness. And also just before I got to know that I am pregnant we have had been to holiday and had loads of junk food specially French Fries and Arrabiatta Pasta, no wonder my lo loves it till date. 

Ya, ya there are many rule books by old-wives like what you should eat and what not... Blah blah I did follow it but then after sometime I just listened to my heart and food craving. I lived on home-made yummy chaats by my mom and also loads of Sindhi Kadhi and rice were one of my favorites. One huge change I got into my eating habit is I absolutely avoided tea-coffee-soda and other such caffeine, aerated or preserved drinks.
Pregnancy Guide: Part 1
<< What you need in First Trimester? >>

Following are few must-haves for any expectant mom in the First Trimester; these stuff kept me going much positively for my pregnancy ahead:

Pregnancy Books>>

I was blessed with elder sister who guided me every step-by-step throughout my pregnancy from day one. I was just like sharing my feelings, cravings with one of my close girlfriend. She handed over me an amazing set of books on Pregnancy and beyond.

Throughout my pregnancy I read these two books which my sis gave i.e 'What to Expect When Expecting' by Heidi Murkoff (Popular pregnancy and motherhood author) and 'The Complete Childbirth' by Nutan Pundit (A Lamaze instructor, pregnancy and beyond author from New Delhi) Heidi in her book clarified all my doubts while i was reading and made me much comfortable with my curiosity nature. Both books really helped me in all my three trimester, but i loved the way Nutan Pundit have answered each question, with alternatives with Indian perspective and not to forget her awesome trimester wise recipes to keep new mom healthy. 

Follow What to Expect When Expecting here>>
Follow Nutan Pundit Lamaze Programe here>>

Other books like ChikenSoup For Motherhood Soul also gave me an insight into how it is to become a mother and then the journey of motherhood is neverending. Though Nutan Pundit Lamaze Programme does have online social media presence and so does the Heidi's What to Expect When Expecting, but I still recommend and firmly insist all first-time-moms to buy their books (available at crossword, landmark and also online shopping sites Amazon, Flipkart). This can be the best gift to any expectant mom.

My Pregnancy Journal>>Maintaining a journal or a diary is a good practice when you are expecting. It helps new moms to vent out, express their feeling, share their experiences and also it helps them to introspect and evaluate their routine and lifestyle habits. This also happens to be good document for future mediacal reference also something like first kick, food craving and so on. 

It also helps mom to be more creative with scrapbook activity, like did for baby Erishka when we did not know like is it a girl or boy but I kept making few scrapbook activity for my future baby maybe boy or maybe girl. Honestly i enjoyed scrapbooking for baby girl, it was like reliving my childhood reflect my inclination of having baby girl.

Baby record-book, pregnancy journal helps the single mom or to a new mom who hubby is not around due to work. likewise in my case my huby was in Bangalore in First Trimester and in Dubai in second Trimester. So I use to write letters to him in my jounal and shared with him once when we met.

Mobile AppsWhen I was expecting in 2011 (Erishka), there weren't many mobile apps for pregnancy in India. I use to use MobileApp of What To expect When Expecting and one more Mobile App from Baby Centre. Their daily updates, my schedule for doctor visit and other test and check ups. 

Also their articles and feature editorial helped me to stay more connected to the baby like what size the baby would be this week, what she would be doing, changes in my body and other mothering tips to keep me motivated to stay on healthy track.

Music>>Music can be one of the best 'Feel Good' therapy for any expectant mom and at any stage of the pregnancy. 
Image source:
You may buy or download some soothing instrumental music or you may listen to GarbhSanskar CD available at all popular music stores, you may also listen on Youtube Channel For Pregnancy Music or you may download online>> 
Comfort Footwear>>It's always said put the best foot forward, but with pregnancy it becomes even more important to have and select right type of footwear. Footwear would be bearing yours and bumps weight so it has to be sturdy, flexible and yet comfortable to suit your foot shape.

I swear by Dr.Scholls coushioned footwear, Bata sketchers and a good walking shoes/Sports shoes. Avoid footwear which has belts to buckle or strings to tie because it will put pressure on tummy and also in later days of pregnancy it will be difficult for you to wear.
Dolly shoes/ballet style shoes with more design & colour is the best/safe pick for dinner/shopping
You don't have to follow any pregnancy fashion trends, one need to understand her type of and and it's need and the comfort for the same. Of course nowadays we do see a wide range of pregnancy shoes but you may pick what suits you best. Two things are very important for selecting footwear

Comfort clothing>>
Like I mentioned earlier that no need to follow pregnancy fashion trends, same applies here too. Of course fashion trends may help you to know options on where to buy from and try other innovative yet comfortable for these pregnancy days. But often these popular fashion trends are misleading and I feel it's more of marketing for motherhood audience rather than giving practical options and ways to style.
My pic during last month of first trimester

I did put on few pounds in First Semester but it was not so visible in my body structure. I opted for loose tops and harem pants or patiala's for bottoms. This was quite comfortable for me. 

In First semester you don't need to spend much on clothes as the weight you put on is not so visible. Observing your body type and growth of bump, you should select the best one. I also opted for front button midis and halter tops. Also try to buy as much as less you can in first trimester, you can just pick few outfits with i-2 size bigger than your normal. I use to carry stole or long shrugs which worked awesome as accessories as it's utility at it's best.

Food and Nutrition>>
 Due to horrible Morning Sickness, I was advised by my doc to have few bites of biscuit /cookies before I step out of the bed. This practice really helped me to avoid the morning sickness till certain extent. Also as I had stopped tea/coffee, I use to have jasmine tea or any other fruit tea or herbal tea. I used to drink cold milk in night cause I was having lot of heart burn. At first two trimester you don't need high calories but you need more iron, folate and vitamins. To keep up with energy levels keep munching healthy snacks.

This phase is very important as
for the development of your baby's circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems. So to sum up have nutritive snack bites like I use to munch granola bars, carrots/cucumber with hummus dip, fruit chats, home-made chaats, khichadi, veg stew, jacket potatoes, sprouts salad. For healthy beverages you may opt for fresh seasonal juices, milkshakes, tender coconut water, buttermilk, soups.

Also note there will be time that you just don't want to see food (called Food aversions), but keep trying something or the other, don't keep your tummy empty as it will worse the morning sickness, just have what you feel like. Food like pasta, potatoes, rice, wheat help to avoid morning sickness.

I hope MomzSpace series of Pregnancy Guide for all three Trimester will be helpful to all First time moms and moms-to-be. My next blog post would be on Second Trimester which I think it's the best period and most important period for any moms-to-be. For any queries, doubts or dilemmas please write to us at we will make sure your queries are answered by expert panel consisting Gynecologist, mid-vives, Lactation consultant, nutrition expert and life coaches. Till then happy motherhood and nurturing!!

Nidhi @MomzSpace India

[PS. This isn't rule book, these stuff have worked for me during my pregnancy days, so thought it might help other expecting moms; you all moms are free to do changes as per you lifestyle, likes/dislikes and of course as your bump directs ;-) MomzSpace is open to receive any suggestion, advice or tips related to Pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. Mail your Pregnancy tips, stories, craving and motherhood related suggestions at with subject line: Tips for Motherhood]

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