Sunday, 13 September 2015

Worth A Watch>> 'Lullaby' For Mom From The Baby In The Womb

Heylos to all lovely ladies, and special hello to all mothers-to-be. I came across this incredible Youtube video for all you expectant mothers. For those new , first time moms who often feel low thinking that 'you are alone'. But mark my words, trust me this amazing video by Unicharm will make feel special, with no feeling of loneliness, yet will make you much more stronger. 

More than what you "find out," it's what you "feel"  Being able to "see" the baby inside the belly with an ultrasound is a very magical thing. This is the first experience where mama gets to "meet" her baby. It is very useful in bringing about a maternal awakening as well.

Lullaby for Mom  A video specially made for all those mothers who are waiting to for the day to hold their precious little ones in their arms for the first time. What if you could listen to your little one speak? Watch this video and listen to the lullaby that your baby is singing for you while you await his entry into this world. 

A big shout to all first time mothers to be,  please listen carefully. It's recommended to use earphones or headphones while watching this video for its delicate and sensitive music. Cardiac sounds of babies in the stomach sound similar, but they are all different. This project by Unicharm focused on such mere difference.  Based on the timing and loudness of the cardiac sound, a mechanism was developed to automatically create a melody. 

We asked expecting mothers to listen to the one-and-only melody in the world that their babies played.  Usually, mothers sing lullabies to cuddle their babies, but this melody is in a sense a lullaby from the baby in the stomach to their mother who feels anxiety in giving birth. Please share this video with all expectant mothers you know, am sure it will help them a lot to Stay Strong and Sparkle on!

You are not alone when giving birth, so please don't feel worried.  You may hear such words… An encouraging and warm melody is born. A warm hug to all lovely expectant moms ... share your queries, dilemmas at We will make sure to connect you with right support for right guidance.


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