Thursday, 1 October 2015

Worth A Watch>> Listen. Full Stop to Child Sexual Abuse!

With the reference to my ongoing articles on creating awareness on the most sensitive topic of Indian parenting, i.e.'Child Sexual Abuse' (CSA). Some how I keep looking for information or snippets which could make the communication on CSA in much easier way for Indian parents like me. So the Video I am sharing below found very helpful for young parents to understand the signs of CSA. I request you all to share as much as you can.

On 23rd September 2015, a short film on child sexual abuse (CSA), driving home the message that children are not safe even in so-called safe havens like our homes, schools and gyms. Observe and listen to your children: they may be trying to tell you something either by words, drawings or their behavioural changes. Seek to understand your child. Watch Video Here>>

So all you smart mommies if at all you come across across any information regarding Child Sexual Abuse which could help in creating more awareness for the same among young parents, then please share or email me at These small efforts could be a great help for other parents who are ignorant.

Nidhi @Momz'Space

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