Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My Kitchen Counter> Fresh Basil Pesto Recipes

As promised in my earlier post I'll try to share my secret recipes and other handy crafts for kids and family. Here is one o f my favourite pasta sauce ever, 'Basil Pesto Sauce'. I've omitted the use of pine-nuts and parmesan cheese as I don tlike basil sauce that way...

I like my basil sauce to be with more of olive oil, with pungent garlic flavour, puch of pepper and soury lemon juice ... Slrupp!

Please note the key ingredients you need to make my style 'Fresh Basil Pesto' straight from 'My Kitchen Counter'

1. A Bunch of fresh basil leaves
2.  Half cup olive oil
3. Five Medium Garlic Cloves
4. One-Two tbsp Lemon juice
5. Pine-nuts  (Optional)
6.Parmesan Cheese (Optional)
7. Few whole Pepper
8. Salt as per taste 

fresh ingredients for Basil Dip
Ingredients for fresh basil pesto

Step 1>> First wsh the basil leaves thoroughly in cold water and put it grinder. Add some whole pepper seeds and salt and grind it coarsely.

Step 2>>   Then add 5-6 six medium size coves of garlic and olive oil as per the consistency you need.

I like this coarse consistency as it gives tint of freshness of basil

Step 3>> Add Parmesan Cheese and pine-nuts if you wish . I have not added as I like more citrus and liquid basil dip without nuts. Also if you prefer to store the Basil Pesto sauce in fridge then add Parmesan cheeze and coarse powder nuts before serving and not in the storage box.

Step 4>> 
Once all ingredients are mixed evenly, squeeze half of lemon juice and store the pesto dip in a air tight container. Tada - have it with freshly baked dinner rolls or spaghetti and have Aoli oli :) 

Step 5 >> This fresh Basil Pesto sauce, hand grinded will stay for a week to 10 days in a fridge. Make sure that the amount of salt, lemon and olive oil is generously used if you intend to store it. And please see to it that you use glass bottle, so that the sauce is stored for longer duration.

Try out this fresh basil dip recipe and share your views. It's a quick fix to falafel dip, greek balls and pasta.
Nidhi :) 
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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Tips for a 'Safe' Diwali celebration

Wishing you all lovely moms and your family a very happy and a safe safe Diwali. Diwali brings lot many reasons for us to be happy, yet one has to be careful with FireCrackers. Below are few safety Tips and tricks to keep in mind while celebrating Diwali...

Safety tips and tricks for Kids and Adults while celebrating Diwali with Firecrackers.


  1. Always make sure Kids light Firecrackers under supervision of an adults
  2. Always KEEP BUCKETS OF WATER and BLANKETS READY, for quick rescue during emergency
  3. LIGHT ONLY ONE FIREWORK AT A TIME. And one person to should lit one fire cracker, no need of two kids or people to lit fire cracker as it will create chaos and lead to accidents
  6. Be careful while lighting oil lamps too
  7. DON'T BURN CRACKERS IN CROWDED and narrow streets. 
  8. DON'T DARE TO EXAMINE UN-BURST CRACKERS, if it does not burn , take another one, and info adult about unburst cracker.
  9. WHILE LIGHTING THE CRACKERS, STAND AT AN ARM'S LENGTH away from firecracker, no need to peep in while lighting the firecracker. 
  10. Dont wear falling or silk outfit while bursting cracker as this might lead to an accident.

    Be safe, Enjoy Diwali!
Nidhi :)