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Holiday Craft: DIY Blue Chalkboard Paint to Upcycle Table

Cut, paint, create and connect with kids through DIY craft activities 
Heylos to lovely moms, as promised here I am with the holiday craft which I did with my daughter this weekend. somehow I cant resist any blank slate, chalkboard or blank paper, I have to doodle scribble on it.... it's very therapeutic. Making my own chalk board paint was always there on my To-do list... Once made you can do so many things like labeling kitchen jars, naming lanters, chalkboard gifting tags and other chalkboard activity entails lots of fun. 
Erishka's bold blue chalkboard Art Table ready to scribble, she has scribbled rainbow and few letters
Chalkboard paint is popular among new moms for daily learning activities or back to school fun, its enchantingly creative, opens wide room for your creativity with utility benefits. From painting chalkboard walls, to up-cycling DIY furniture, Chalkboard paint has many shades of creativity in your kids' life. It has come long way from being simply black, to grey, green and yes today we are going to make blue colour Chalkboard paint. Chalkboard have opened wide sky of creativity for not only kids but also creative addict moms (grown up adults) like me ;-)

Ingredients to make Chalkboard Paint: Acrylic colour, POP, fevicol, paint brush placed on wodden art table of Erishka ...
Following is the list of Materials Needed to make DIY Chalkboard Paint>>
  1. Plaster of Paris (POP)
  2. Acrylic Paint 
  3. Half cup water of Water
  4. Measuring cup or spoon
  5. Mixing Bowl
  6. 50 gms of Fevicol
  7. Wooden Spoon to stir
Step 1>> After googling and exploring some pinterest, and trial and error, I found the fool proof reciepe for DIY Chalkboard Paint. 

Step 2>> The combinations which works for me best is three parts of paint with two parts of Plaster of Paris with one part of water. To make it simple remember the ratio for paint, pop and water as 3:2:1 , ok. 

Wow it looks so crisp and creative, cant wait to paint my board Blue ...

Step 3>> Now, start out by measuring your Plaster of Paris into a mixing bowl. I used two cups. Then, add 1 cup of water, keep mixing it by pressing the mixture with no lumps being formed. It formed smooth mixture us and then add paint. Give th emixing job work to you rchild, am sure kids love to mix the ingredients eithe rin craft or cooking, also it will be kind of messy fun for them.

Step 4>> Mix constantly till you ge teh smooth texture. It should be semi-liquid, something like cake batter or Dosa batter. Crazy examples but this is what I could relate to ;-)

Step 5>> Once you get the right consistency, you are ready to paint. We took her old study/art table to paint. Before painting teh main object try iton the other base, to see if you are ok with the consistency. If you think it's too thick or water, you may add water and paint to make it thin, and add pop to make it thick.

Step 6>> I painted her old art table with 3-4 coats, and let it dry for more than 2.5 hrs, it's always a good option to let it dry overnight...

Step 8>> After finishing painting her art table I painted few glass jars to store erishka's crafts supplies and stationary. 
Chalkboard paint jars for Erishka's craft supplies
Please do try this at home, the mixing of Chalkboard paint will be fun activity with kids, and when suggested to 'LET IT DRY' for longer hours, it teaches patience to little, my lo waits till her all craft activity related to glue and paint is dried, it so cute to watch waiting patiently ;)

I use this mantra let it dry for her routines also hahaha.. no am not monster mama, but yes when i tell her let it dry, surprisingly she waits ... Once you get the knack of you can up-cycle your kids craft room, nursery, dinning space, kitchen counter, and list is endless. 

This is how it looks, when scribbled with pastel chalky sticks ...

Ladies I'll be doing more crafts activities for this winter watch this space, also share your views or any craft activity you did with your kid, would love to feature it in momzspace :)

Happy holidays, happy crafting!


Nidhi Pathak

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