Sunday, 8 November 2015

Tips for a 'Safe' Diwali celebration

Wishing you all lovely moms and your family a very happy and a safe safe Diwali. Diwali brings lot many reasons for us to be happy, yet one has to be careful with FireCrackers. Below are few safety Tips and tricks to keep in mind while celebrating Diwali...

Safety tips and tricks for Kids and Adults while celebrating Diwali with Firecrackers.


  1. Always make sure Kids light Firecrackers under supervision of an adults
  2. Always KEEP BUCKETS OF WATER and BLANKETS READY, for quick rescue during emergency
  3. LIGHT ONLY ONE FIREWORK AT A TIME. And one person to should lit one fire cracker, no need of two kids or people to lit fire cracker as it will create chaos and lead to accidents
  6. Be careful while lighting oil lamps too
  7. DON'T BURN CRACKERS IN CROWDED and narrow streets. 
  8. DON'T DARE TO EXAMINE UN-BURST CRACKERS, if it does not burn , take another one, and info adult about unburst cracker.
  9. WHILE LIGHTING THE CRACKERS, STAND AT AN ARM'S LENGTH away from firecracker, no need to peep in while lighting the firecracker. 
  10. Dont wear falling or silk outfit while bursting cracker as this might lead to an accident.

    Be safe, Enjoy Diwali!
Nidhi :)

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