Saturday, 7 November 2015

Unapologetic Mother (Working Mom) Blogger!

Having Diwali holidays is sure to make you busy mom even more busier than ever before. Make some time for you and little one with some holiday crafts. I'll be sharing few holiday crafts as and when I get time to upload my blog :) Being working mom and also the one who runs the real moms community (MomzSpace India), keeping up with a foodie hubby is not a cake walk... Alas my blogging and writing to my readers have taken a backseat.
  Nevertheless, whenever I write a blog for MomzSpace I somehow feel very satisfied with my life and overall. Lots and lots have happened to my in past few month, have joined full time job in communications, and remember I use to share the weekend must attend events for mom and kids, and yes I have been making trips to all the vents I have listed in my site.

Also was super happy to meet core members last month during the '2To Freedom' contest adn winners announcement. Below are few insta-images which will help me to share of what I have been doing all this while as I was disappeared from social media and my blogging space.

I am still in teething phase of coping up with putting kid for full-time day care. Thanks to my dad who flew down to rescue during my first week of office working. Getting back to full-time work after almost 4 year, was like adjusting to a new shoe, you know it's of right size but as you wear it gives more comfort. Will share my experience as a working mom soon, my hiccups, my sos, working mom tips, tricks and yes those cheat tiffen days. :) Meanwhile you can just read my previous post on why Indian Working Women should not feel Guilty and thus whenever I read this blog, I feel more determined and stay focus on my career and my child 

Yes, as I titled Unapologetic Mother (Working) Blogger! as I feel comfortable in what I am doing now with my career and spending quality time with my little one. First, thing i do when I get back from work is to play with her spiderman scooter and the smile on her face is worth of all my efforts. We both do scrapbooking, have put new pink light in her room for diwali festival, dis Chalkpaint art, attend kids and other events, moreover on an unavoidable circumstances I took her to office too, hell ya,?! We both had freaking fun at work and home, though she felt little shy at my workplace... 

Super happy that my parents are coming down to Bangalore celebrate Diwali with us, looking forward for more colourful, sparkling Diwali this time... Am sure Erishka aka meethi will have gala time with her favourite of all 'NAANI' . Wishing you all Happy and 'SAFE' Diwali from MomzSpace Team

Keep Shining!
Nidhi Pathak

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