Thursday, 31 December 2015

Blast from the Past>> I want to relive 2010

Blast from Past: Me and Akshaye in 2010 a selfie just before heading for New year Eve

Hello to all moms, this happens to be my blast from past blog from my personal blogging site before Erishka. The pic above it's me and my hubby capture by myself just before, (selfie, if you want to call, as that time selfie was not termed or popular) we were stepping out to celebrate New Year Eve at Madhuban Resorts with his friends.
Argh blame the wrong setting in digiCam, This is not Erishka with her dad but baby girl in Pink is Erishka's cousin with Akshaye. aka Monster Kaka. Our adorable niece Jaanu and Ruchi <3

Yep, it’s that time of the year again when everyone takes a break to celebrate the traditional holidays with their family and friends. I did same this year too! had great fun with akshaye, eva, vandana, vishal …31st 2010 was rocking… It was an incredible year for me and akshaye.. Looking forward to 2011, there are a lot of new things on their way.

His gang in Baroda, very incomplete without Sapan aka Raavan
I celebrated almost all the festivals with loads of passion, fun and friends of akshaye, for me those festivals were more than a holiday.. for a change i was enjoying the real life of being with people and celebrating life… Be it Uttrayan, valentines’day or holi or diwali wat not… each of the festival of year 2010 was special for me as i did really enjoy with akshaye and his funlovein friends and caring family.. From plays to movie , from short trips to staycation, i’ve had it all in 2010…Originally posted on Nidzlive2010's Blog>>

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