Thursday, 22 December 2016

In Conversation With Joonie Tan - Chef Patisserie Artist

Here are few excerpts from the interview with our Judge Joonie Tan, one of the most versatile and dynamic cake artist of India.
Hi Joonie, it is our pleasure to invite you for judging the Home Baker’s Contest at Art Blend Cafe in collaboration with Momzspace. Who could have been more apt than such a prolific, dynamic and talented cake artist than yourself? It is always great to see your art, and your dedication towards your profession at such a young age. You are truly an inspiration to budding cake artists in the country.
So, our readers would love to know, what was your inspiration or motivation to choose this field?
I’ve always love baking since Im very young ( 4-5  years old ), deeply influenced by my aunt whos a great baker ! At the same time I love art and have been always in the creative field even during school time ! Combining both of my interest, Im very happy with what I am doing currently.

That was really an interesting start you had. So, how was your journey till date and your stay in Bengaluru?
Its pretty challenging to be a cake artist in India especially Im not local. During the first year of my journey here, its all about understanding and finding out the preference and taste and what the local like. The culture infleunce the order pattern as well. Its been 5 years and I must say Im pretty much “localized”.  Loved the warmth from people / clients and INTERESTING !

That’s good to know. Can you tell our readers about the common challenges in the industry, and how to overcome them?
There are lot of challenges in this industry and mostly has been overcome along the time with more exposure and knowledge about baking and confectionery.
The only challenges I feel that we still need to work on is the pricing of products that we created. A lot of time its either new bakers under-priced / client do not have the understanding on why  a product is priced that way ( mostly  comments about customised cake being expensive ).
Educating the clients and new bakers in the industry is still something that we need to continue to work on. Theres a saying, “ Good cakes arent cheap, cheap cakes arent good” is very true and a philosophy I always stand by and tell my students / clients.

That was useful information. So, you have been doing this for years now, and you are an expert at wedding cakes, you have baking courses at Lavonne and also India’s first cake decoration magazine. So, what according to you is the toughest or the most critical part in the end to end process of baking a cake and decorating it as the final product?
Creativity / Innovative design – that says it all !
That was really a good insight for new comers. What are your personal favourite(s) in terms of flavours or colours or which ingredients you love to work with? What is the Joonie Tan Signature style?
I love working with gold colours ! It just add so much drama and attention to the overall design !

What do you love doing the most, when you are not baking or taking classes?
Netflix ! :)

As you know that we are organizing this contest to motivate home bakers to showcase their talent, so what are the 3 things that you will look for, while judging a participant.
  • Creativity
  • Taste
  • Finishing

As you know the contest will have three categories, where the participants will be assessed –  Base Baking, Designer Cakes and Savouries and Snacks. So, what will be the basic 2/3 judging criteria in each of these categories?
Base Baking:
1. Taste
2. Texture
3. Creativity
Designer Cakes:
1. Finishing
3. Techniques
Savouries and Snacks:
1. Taste
2. Creativity
3. Finishing
As most of the participants are home bakers, do you recommend any online tutorials or goodreads before they start the contest.
A trial run will be very helpful before the big day !
Fill our contest form to participate>>

Finally, can you list down 2 or 3 tips for our readers as well as the participants for baking and decoration?
  • Always do research / read up
  • Practice , practice and more practice

Thanks a lot Joonie :) for taking time for our interview for readers and home bakers community. We look forward to having you on December 24th, 2016 at the Art Blend Cafe to judge the Home Baker’s Contest. It will be our pleasure to have one of the best cake artists of India among us :)
So are you all home bakers geared up, what are you waiting for ? Hurry Register now!

Monday, 19 December 2016

'White Caps' To help Your Dreams Take Flight

On 24th December 2016, Momzspace in association with Art Blend Cafe is hosting one of it's kind baking competition for Women Home Bakers of Bangalore. We are happy to announce 'White Caps' as our prize sponsors for 'Home Bakers' Contest'. 

Put on your Chef cap and baking gloves and bring the best bakes on 24th December 2016 as we have amazing gifts and prizes by White Caps for winners and participants.

  1. Winners in each category will get free weekend class gift vouchers.
  2. All participants of the Home Bakers Contest will get opportunity to attend Demo Master Class by White Caps.
  3. All Participants will get 1000 Rs discount vouchers for the White Caps class. 

About White Caps: Empowering Chef Artist & Entrpeneurs

Whitecaps International school of pastry is at par with evolving industry Standards and global influences and imparts this knowledge through our courses that are designed keeping in mind the fast changing trends in the world of Pâtisserie et Chocolat. 

White Caps firmly aims to empower an amateurs, self learnt, home bakers to achieve their dream of becoming an patisserie artist and a master chef. 

It strives to encourage self motivated, passion driven chef artist and aspiring entrepreneurs to get hands-on experience and take ownership of not only baking but also building business out of it.  Their programs are designed and curated with a same thought process and thus, if you are learning your cake art in White Caps you cannot shy away from entrepreneurial challenges faced during being in-charge of their very own 'Students' Cafe.' 

Each and every student is given an opportunity to face real world challenges faced by any entrepreneur in F&B industry, and empowering them further to be even more confident to run their business on their own. with this thought process at the core – in fact, we make it mandatory for students to be in charge of a cafĂ© at least for a week to understand and learn from real world challenges!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Infographic: Top 16 Vaccinations That Are A Boon For Children

To get the vaccines done for your child or to avoid it has been a highly debated topic between new parents and old generation. It's always a wide decision to prevent the deadly disease than to look for cure in the future. As a parent, the decision that we make today can greatly influence the course of life for our children.One such decision, that can have a great impact on your child’s overall health and well-being is that of immunization. Immunization is a critical part that can ensure the safety and well-being of your child’s health. And thus, in this post, we’ll talk about the importance of immunization and why it is a boon for all children.

Why immunization is essential?

All babies are born with some immunity the protects them from infection and illnesses. However, this natural immunity wears off during the first year. This leaves the babies vulnerable to contracting harmful illnesses, as their immune system is not strong enough to fight-off all diseases that they come in contact with. Thus, immunization is essential as it helps to strengthen your child’s immune system, thereby preparing their body to fight off diseases that can severely compromise their health.

Immunization can protect your child from serious illness and complications that may arise from vaccine-preventable diseases and to give you a glimpse of how essential immunization is, and how can you prevent them with timely vaccination.

Friday, 29 July 2016

World Breastfeeding week 2016>> A Key To Sustainable Development

Breast feeding is one of the closest topic to me as a mother and also as a blogger and influencer. From 1st August -7th August will be celebrated as World Breastfeeding Week for 2016.  I firmly believe that it's not only mother's sole responsibility to ensure that child is breast fed, but it takes each of us as spouse, partner, all family members and also your colleagues and work culture to support her to do so with no stress attached. 

I've already emphasized on how important is the Dad's role in breast feeding and how he can support you to breast feed your child. It's everyone's responsibility to create a conducive environment and culture where breastfeeding is accepted as a norm. Thus, this practice will eventually lead to healthy mother, child and society at large.

On 29th August 2016, Cloudnine hosted a media round table to discuss and find solutions for the challenges faced by breast feeding mothers. Below are few highlights of the roundtable discussion;

While sharing her thoughts a breastfeeding practices in India Dr. Asha Benkappa, (Of National Neonatology Forum, Karnataka) said, “Breastfeeding practices in India have been improved over the last decade, but we still need to achieve optimum exclusive breastfeeding rates at WBTi (World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative). To see more improvement India requires a clear national policy on Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF), a stringent Infant Milk Substitutes (IMS) Act. Besides policy perspective we need to train health professionals and community workers on how to educate mothers on the optimal breastfeeding practices in rural areas to create more awareness."

Another highlight of the roundtable discussion was (again my favourite topic) how to reduce the pressure working mothers who are breastfeeding their children for at least six months and how employers can support and encourage a working mother to breastfeed with no stress. Following pointers encourages working mother to breastfeed without any obstacles even.
  • Provide adequate paid maternity leave.
  • Make their workplace breastfeeding-friendly
  • Provide other maternity entitlements.
While discussing on how to encourage working mother to breastfeed, Dr.Sheela,  President, BSOG (Bangalore Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology), said, “There is an acute to increase the maternity leave to 24 weeks to for all women employees irrespective to their working set up. This will not only improve breastfeeding rates in India but it will also reduce infant mortality rate, malnutrition, diarrhea and other diseases in infants. 

Dr. Kishore concluded the event, and said, "Cloudnine is planning to provide accreditation to corporate with breastfeeding-friendly environments, and facilities at workspace. We have already tied-up  with leading companies like Infosys."

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Get more information on Breastfeeding Week and download useful resources.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Well Spent Saturday At 'The Atelier'

Erishka's weekend activity begins!!

Yes it was another weekend morning for me and my little one (who is not so little anymore).  A night before I had promised her that I will take her to an interesting place where she will love to spend more time. As always she was supper dupper excited and started asking me questions like where we will go mumma, your office party? or any birthday party?

I said a place where who will touch, feel and experience creativity with no limits, yet with no rules set. All these things I was referring her to the invite I got from 'The Atelier' to take a preview of their new school and an opportunity to interact with their steer leaders. Like always i carried a book, a pen, and few colour for Erishka to scribble while we are on the way to the destination. She happily scribble, had her snacks, and all set to explore.

Once we stepped in, what I observe is brilliance of light i.e natural light seeping in through sky ceiling , wide space sections as big that you can play Kabbadi, Kho-kho or Futsal.. . I was simply amazed as in this tech age were not only kids but even adults are getting crazy over PokemonGo , The Atelier - An educational environment inspired by Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, is a much needed in the city like Bangalore. 

The Atelier is focused to teach kids by using ideas, and theories inspired by environment, social connect, and basic things like pipes, bamboo rings, paper, colour pulp, clay, twigs, and the list is endless. The founder Rythm Aggarwal and Ashutosh Aggarwal, firmly believes that the age of 0-5 years is just like a wet clay, which carries the impressions made throughout their life. The connections, observations, and understanding children make at age of 0-5 years defines their personalities and interest for their rest of the life. 
Erishka is making something

Music Ladder, with all hands-on musicals
Bunch of explorations and more ,,,

Erishka made castle!!

What interest me the most is that 'The Atelier' integrates all ares of learning for kids via short-term explorations and long-term projects, in which kids are the protagonist, and yes they are not directed with any specific syllabus. They are set free to explore, learn and develop new things. Thus,these protagonist are further encouraged to work in collaboration of their peers and adults to co-construct new theories and ideas. 
An overview to a Classroom which opens to backyard garden

While I was interacting with Neena Aggarwal (the pioneer of The Atelier), I could easily sense her inclinations towards kids learning, like she was making my little on comfortable in every ways she could and yes my daughter loved to explore at Atelier. 
Erishka trying to make something?!
Erishka made small cute house out of those stone slabs

When we reached home with a beaming smile on my daughters face, my husband asked Erishka , What was there dear, what did you do there?
Erishka sorted the colours and made Rainbow from it>>

She promptly replied, "There were so many toys, different shapes, colour, soft and rough. I made mountain with sun. I made rainbow and small house." Immediately my hubby looked at me , and I said there were no toys toys in literal sense but creative object that inspired her to make so many things." (As a parent , are you one of those who wondered why my kid plays with everything but not toys? If yes, then this is because they love playing with real things not just mechanical objects.)

Another best part of Atelier which touched me was when Mr Ashutosh Aggarwal, showed me that each classroom has a backyard garden which brings kids more close to the nature.

There are lot many schools in Bangalore which has different ways of teaching for kids from 0-5years, but this is the only school in my knowledge that not only teaches kids in unconventional method of non-competitive or non-judgemental, but they also prepares the same kids for the higher education so that they do not feel out of place. 

As My daughter (4 year) is already in Bethany, I still wanted her to explore the Atelier learning too. So out of curiosity I asked Neena Ma'am, " Like is there any way that other kids can benefit for the same for few hours, she replied, "Yes we have something planned for kids outside Atelier. We will conduct weekend workshops and evening exploration session." I was so happy to hear that this environment inspired exploration is not limited to few but open for all. 
We met their teaching staff, who weren't professional about teaching but , passionate about it.         
 It was great meeting their teaching staff, they all belonged to successful professional career, yet they got into teaching by passion as they feel more satisfied while exploring with kids.


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Parents too need to be disciplined?!

Have you ever raised your eyebrows, when you notice someone surpasses you in a long queue? Have you ever come across some parents who thinks it's okay, or call it to be street smart training to kids by doing so. Oh! look at this, my son is so quick and fast he did not do donkey work standing in queue. We come across such people at movie ticket window, shopping mall, birthday parties (Yes! I did come across such weird parents, who thinks it's ok to cross the line as far as it makes their kid happy). 

We mommy friends at momzspace group were having the discussion on the same and many of us were quite upset with 'indiscipline acts by adults' that too by parents. It all started when one of my mommy friend Preeti Balan (works at Reach Clinic) shared her views as below;

[17/04 12:47 pm] Preeti: Hey guys sharing this .. Please ensure you don't let anyone cut line in front of your kids.
[17/04 12:48 pm] Preeti: So I went with my 5 year old to watch the jungle book !! There were many parents with their kids and during the interval all rushed to the food counter.Now we complain about everything around us , how in India we ppl don't follow rules , lack civic sense and blah blah . I had to ask 4-5 parents who were accompanied by their kids to actually follow the cue and not jump the line . Please it's high time we take responsibility and model the same to our kids .I do this in every place I go .. I had a 10 year old boy cut the line at a grocery and had to tell him to get in the line . He was right behind me . When his turn came , an elderly gentleman cut the line so had to tell him that the boy will think this is the norm and waiting for your turn doesn't help. So had to ask the old gentleman to follow the line.Don't mean to sound holier than anyone else , but I wish all of us implemented and modelled this to our children or those around .

[17/04 12:58 pm] Luvena: I agree.. this is a major peeve I have.. I dont understand where parents fail to teach good values to their children by setting a decent example. Simple things like these... I have often been very, very blunt & at times with the proper facial expression & tone too to either tell them directly, or to teach MY children loudly in front of the offending 'ears' (yes passive aggressive at times).. but someone has to teach them
[17/04 1:00 pm] Luvena: then there are those who send all 6 members of their family to hold a spot at various queue counters (whoever gets closer first wins.. once there was this guy who I caught pushing a trolley in front of me & also manning a trolley at another line..  The moment I realised waht he was up to, I just took his trolley out of the way & told him to stand in the other queue. Read her views in detail here>>

[17/04 1:01 pm] Nidhi Pathak: Ya luv then I also see ppl calling me snob but then I DONT mind as far as I'm in queue n get my chance as it should be this also makes erishka to understand that when ppl are wrong and when you you know wat doing right no harm in standing up for it
[17/04 1:02 pm] Nidhi Pathak: This makes her to follow self righteous path courageously.

Adding to it further, yes you might call me boring, not so go getter parent, as I always follow queue, with this i also inculcate good values in my daughter who is looking up to me. She should know that all must be treated equal, who ever is first , is ought to be served first.

While having almost a day long discussion as literally nothing has been written or said about it as such, I wanted to really spread the word for the same. And my friend Luvena came up with amazing detailed blog on the same and i hope the 'Undisciplined Parents' are keeping both of their years open!  Please read and share your views too! Hugs to all!


About Luvena Rangel
I know luvena as humble, lively, chirpy and vocal mommy and who is also founder of the Curvy Yogi. She describes herself as Human being.... who also happens to be a mom - of 3 & 2 pups... And yes, I also teach yoga, meditation, Ayurveda & ThetaHealing®. I am a Co-Active coach and am always ready to embrace life as it comes. I enjoy experiencing the adventure of life and hardly take things lying down. I love to help people be inspired to live their life to the fullest!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Part 1 : 'Women's Day' Celebration 2016

Women's Day Celebration by MomzSpace at Art Blend Cafe

Heylos to all lovely and beautiful moms out there. On 12th March 2016, MomzSpace in association with Art Blend Cafe hosted womens day celebration for all the like minded women in Bangalore.

We were more than glad to see good old faces which has time and again proved the potential of women power to support this community.I must thank Anjali Gang for the innovative, fun, quirky contest we had on the women's day celebration at Art Blend Cafe. 

Here is quick peek-aboo into the funtimes we had during the entire event and specially while taking our groupies and selfies. 

While we ladies were into deep thoughts during the informative session and art workshops, we all squeezed in some time to click our selfies and groupies. 

Jigisha Rajguru with 'Selfie Contest winners. L-R Jigisha, Susheela, kalash and in centre Ashwini Rao
We all look forward for 'Monday Morning Selfies' and yes we all are selfie queen, but on the day of celebration we picked the top 3 selfie queen of women's world and momzspace. 

2nd Runner up - Ashwini Rao
1st Runner up - Susheela Mahesh
Winner - Kalash  

Congratulations to all our very own selfie queen, I love seeing your selfies in the group too, keep them coming, it spreads lot of positivity specially while we are struggling to combat monday madness, isn't?
Yes there was strong competition from Anuradha and friends Indrapreet and Harini
 All the prizes for 'Selfie contest wear sponsored by Nefficar.

Meet the winner of Megha Mehta's Latest book>>  Harini

Being You, Being Special


Watch this space for more Photos and stories. Till then you may checkout our Album on Facebook page 

Also apologies for posting my blog so  late, also watch this space our upcoming event for mothers day on May 8th 2016 and Mother Blogger Meet in June 2016. Stay Tuned Ladies! 


Monday, 7 March 2016

What To Expect From Women's Day Celebration?

Heylos to all beautiful ladies, we are just couple of days away from our women's Day celebration at Art Blend Cafe on 12th March 2016. If at all you haven't yet registered, then please hurry as seats are filling up fast. As we aim to gift each women a one of it's kind experience which she can cherish all through her life in form of some memorable snippet, laughter moments, mentor interaction, make life long friends, we would want you to register before 10th March 2016 as seats are limited.

Below is the in detail agenda for the Women's world: Being You, Being Special!, you can plan your Saturday evening as per your preference to attend the event, but I bet you wouldn't like to miss even a single minute of the celebration.

4:00pm - 4:30pm - Registration, form filling and Introduction
4:30pm - 5:30pmVision Board By Ashwini Rao
5:30pm - 6:15pm - Why women Should Be Financially Independent? By Jigisha Rajguru
6:45pm - 7:00pm - Awards for the winners of the evening followed by food and refreshments.
[Please note: 'Women's Day: 'Free-Me' Selfie contest will start from 4:00pm onwards. Also entries for competition will be accepted only upto 6:30pm not beyond that. You can continue clicking your selfies and have fun beyond 6:30 pm also.]

Lot many surprise activities and goodies are awaiting for you, be there in your comfiest outfit with loafers, peppy mood and beaming smile to meet, greet and connect with like minded women in Bangalore. Take a look at our last years women's day celebration.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Women's Day: Daimonds Are Girls Best Firend!

 Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles.                                                  ~Sonja Henie

As rightly said by Sonja Henie and popularly believed by all women is that 'Jewelry and Daimonds' turns every woman's eyes sparkling. On this women's day celebration we take immense pleasure to announce our proud sponsor with 'Praveen Jewels'.

Praveen Jewels is an endeavour of jewelry business from past 3-4 decades by passing it to thier succesors. Shree Shambulal Jain, the founder and the Chairman of 'Praveen Jewels' is the best example for young entrepreneurs for his matchless expertise and priceless name in the Gold Making Business.

Praveen Jewels offers superior quality artistic jewelry ranging from gold, silver, platinum and diamonds too. They also specialize in traditional patterns as well as stylish modern designs too. So if you wish to look ethnic yet stylish, embrace yourself with Praveen Jewels collections. Their in-house gem experts guides you to pick right gem for your prosperity and growth.

"So there is a surprise gift vouchers in each goody bags, tat each and every women t the event will take away as token expressing respect for womanhood at large."

We have lot many things to make each of you to feel special, loved and yes appreciated. Below are the list of activities:
  1. VisionBoard: Visualize Your Life Goals To Achieve Them!!!
  2.  PhotoBooth: 'Free Me' Selfie Contest By Anjali Gang
  3. Money Matters: 'Why Women Should be Financially Independent’? 
  4. Being You, Being Special By Megha Mehta 
  5. Know all about Women's Day Celebration 2016

To register visit our Facebook event 
or call 
Prateeti:+91 9886782062 | Nidhi: +91 9620808160 
Watch this space for detail agenda you can plan your evening accordingly!