Monday, 29 February 2016

VisionBoard: Visualize Your Life Goals To Achieve Them!!!

‘Vision Board: You and Your Life’ 

By Ashwini Rao

Besides Megha Mehta's 'Being you, Being Special' and Jigisha's 'Why Women should be financially independent?', we also take you through an artistic journey to conquer your dreams and set goals for you and your life! Ashwini will host a artsy and brainy session called, 'Vision Board: You and Your Life', an artistic journey to map your goals.
Ashwini Rao is a consultant of financial services by profession and an amazing artist at heart. Her paintings are a live example of her passion. A mother to a beautiful daughter, Aditi, who chose to follow her mother’s footsteps winning lot many art competition across Bangalore, Ashwini is a lovable person to interact. 
Like mother like daughter>>Ashwini with her winner Daughter 'Aditi'

Activity Outline
This will be an unique and exciting session for all of you. Ashwini helps you to bring out the hidden artist in you and also to visualize the roadmap of your life touching important aspects of life like Family, hobbies, interest, career goals, luxury, spiritual. It will be an artistic blue print of your life goals and beyond. We will provide the template, arts and crafts supplies, and end-to-end Guidance. You have to come and get involved to experience the beauty of the activity.

What's Your Take-Away?

An opportunity to discover, re-discover the hidden artist in you by working colours and crafts to on the canvas and at the same time reinstate and reinforce your life goals by putting them onto art template and thus, making you even more determined to achieve them. Nidhi Says, "Remember, what you see it, you believe it, what you believe it has 100% potential to achieve it! So, on this Women's Day Celebration, get ready to explore your artsy side and being more focused on what you want from life. The session is all about 'YOU & YOUR LIFE' :-) I am very excited to create my vision board!"
Duration: 1 hour

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Women's Day: 'Free-me Selfie Contest'

‘Photo Booth- Inside Out’ 

By Anjali Gang

With the success of our very first 'Women's Day' celebration, we formed a group called 'Women's World', in which each day was dedicated to some activity or the other, giving each of us knowing each other. 


One of the popular, consistent activity was 'Monday Morning Selfie'. It' was loved by all, and also who all were keeping too busy to post a selfie use to get more positively charged by looking at the cheerful, bright, tinkling, vibrant selfies. We received all types of selfie, like mum-n-baby, selfie with colleagues, selfie with breakfast, selfie in auto, selfie at signal, selfie in boardroom ;-) and lot many

Anjali is a software Team Lead in Accenture by profession, but her passion lies somewhere else. She loves being a freelance Emcee and Event Planner. Her very own, Her motive in life is to serve social causes from the earnings at Creative Kalpana. We at women's world were more than happy  when she came up with an interesting 'Sefie Contest' with a twist. Thanks Anjali!!

Anjali Gang Our Very Own Selfi Queen

For this event, Anjali has a magic box of cool and quirky props for the photo booth. Don’t miss your chance to meet our 'Selfi-queen', she is very chirpy, lively and you will definitely love the things, she has in store for you.

Your Take-away  

Women loves taking Selfies as much as they love buying the diamonds. Here is an opportunity to click pictures with Women’s Day props, quotes – alone or with friends, with no stares attached ;-) We women are often victim of ugly, angry weired stares when we take selfie at malls, concert, movies, spa, list is end less. Take as many as selfies you want, and take these wonderful memories to cherish.

Duration: Starts from 4.30 pm onwards till 6:30pm. 
‘Free-Me Selfie Contest’ at the Photo Booth
This is something, you ladies gonna love. Click selfies with a prop or with a quote during the event and submit your entry at the Photo Booth. 2 lucky winners from each category (with a prop) and (with a quote)* will be review exciting prizes from  Also there’s one more consolation prize, awaiting for you. Surprise, surprise!!!
The winners will be announced at the end of the event.
*You can choose the quotes at the photo booth or you can write your own on the white board and click a selfie with it.We will not accept any entries for selfie competition beyond 6:30 pm. you are free to take selfies as many as you want till the events ends for your personal keepsake.

'Why Women Should be Financially Independent’?

‘Money Matters – by Jigisha Rajguru
Meet Jigisha Rajguru, and be friends with money matters
Jigisha hails from Mumbai and has a rich experience of 20 years in Accounting and Finance. She has worked with PwC, KPMG and the likes of it. Currently, she is heading the Bangalore branch of Choice Group for Solar and E-commerce. 
Her independent consultancy, JR Financial Services is providing innovative investment solutions for individuals over the last 6 years. A mother of two, Jigisha is a perfect example of work-life balance.
Discussion Outline
Women tend to keep themselves distant from financial matters, whether by choice or by compulsion. But, modern age women are equally involved in money matters at every level. At the same time having a job or any other regular source of income doesn't mean that you are financially important. To be financially independent and strong, women need to first save the money, and then secure their savings at right place! Even home-maker who isn't having any source of income, has huge potential to save money and thus, impact on family savings at large. Hold on! Jigisha will talk about finances and its importance in detail and will make sure that you (be it student, working women, home maker, entrepreneur) are confident about your money matters by the end of her 20 mins powerpact session. She will enlighten, and guide you on your role in the financial decisions of the family, whether you are working women, single, married or stay-at-home.
Your Take-away
An empowering talk (minus jargons) on what you can and need to do for managing the finances of your life and your family. It will help you understand how to work magic with numbers that tinkles!!!
Duration: 20-25 minutes including Q&A
 Nidhi says, "People who know me, they very well know that am not that great with numbers and money matters. I personally feel that Jigisha's Expert Talk will help not only money-dumb like me but also others to know and understand more about power of saving, thus investing them right. I am anxiously looking forward for this session to be friends with number game!"  
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Saturday, 27 February 2016

‘Being You, Being Special’ by Megha Mehta

Heylos to all lovely ladies, we are pretty sure that all of you must be excited after the first glimpse of the Women’s Day event. Women’s World- Redefining the WOMAN in YOU, hosted by Momzspace in association with Art Blend Cafe,HSR on March 12th,  2016 from 4 pm onwards. 
You must have already marked your calendar and also deciding about what to wear for this special occasion. talking about the same among your friends. Keep the excitement rising as we take you through a detailed picture of the first segment of the event. We have the following sessions, fun and games for you:
Meet Megha Mehta: Special session on Being you, Being Special!
Megha Mehta is a Certified Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and card reader. She chose to be a Life Coach so that she can help women in their inner healing. She has expertise in dealing with self-esteem issues, relationship troubles, health concern, emotional healing, parenting, nutrition, and much more. Apart from her professional engagement, she loves being a mother to a lovely 4 year old daughter, reading and crochet. Her book, Find Your Rhythm has received overwhelming response and is available on Amazon. Check out her website for more details.

Discussion Outline

Sometimes, we get so busy with our responsibilities of life, that we forget ourselves and ignore our own dreams and aspirations. Megha will help you bring out the woman in you and help you converse with your inner voice. She will talk about how you can rejuvenate your inner self and establish a healthy relationship with you once again. The session holds equal importance for a working as well as a stay-at-home woman and mother because both of them need to live to the fullest to ensure a happy and healthy family.
Megha will also be launching the second edition of her book, Find Your Rhythm at Womens' Day event.  There will also be a contest hosted by Megha Mehta, and the winner will receive a free copy of her new book.

Your Take-away

You will know how to reveal and use the immense power of your inner strength. You will able to use these guidelines to revive your relationship with your soul, balancing work-life both and most importantly 'Being you'.
Duration: 20 to 25  minutes including Q&A
For more event details checkout our Facebook event.

All this and much more like yummy food, goodies, etc. awaits you at Art Blend Cafe on March 12, 2016. Just a nominal charge for all this fun and frolic. Participation Fee for Adults : INR 500 per person |Fee for Children : INR 250 for above 3 years and for below 3 years, it is free of cost. 

The entire event is an endeavour of Momzspace, hosted by Nidhi Pathak in association with Prateeti Shukla from Art Blend Cafe. So, get geared for a power packed evening and see you all to celebrate the essence of womanhood!!!
This Post is Compiled by Debolina Coomar and Nidhi Pathak

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Women's World: Being You, Being Special

Women's Day Celebration by MomzSpace in association with kid's friendly venue Art Blend Cafe, HSR

Are you ever tired of being a daughter, a wife or, a mother or an employee or the boss? Well, you might still have a thought on this. But, one thing you all will definitely agree without a second thought is that ‘YOU can NEVER STOP being a WOMAN’.
This is our foremost identity in the world, but I guess the most neglected one. We tend to forget the woman inside us and get busy being a daughter, a wife, working women or embracing other roles. The woman inside us also wants to peep out once for a while and enjoy herself. 
We, all deal with a lot of challenges every day, in our various roles. And Some of which we are able to overcome, some frustrates us to the core, some give us an insightful learning, some leave us stressed and some we accept as ‘part and parcel’ of life. So, what are your challenges – your career growth, your business goals, kid’s education, family’s health, your parents and in-laws, your social commitments, your money matters? Phew! The list is endless, isn't it ?
We hardly hear some women saying, ‘My health needs care’, 'I need to pamper myself at Spa', ‘I need a break', my mind needs peace’ or ‘My dreams need wings’. Even if we say, it gets overshadowed by the sound of our other roles. So, ladies, with the success our Women's Day celebration 2015 ( See Pictures), this year too Momzspace welcomes you all to another of its flagship event of Women’s World - II on 12th March 2016. I know a single day is not enough to celebrate womanhood, but this one of its kind event, Re-finding the WOMAN in YOU, will give that woman in you a chance to come out and enjoy. This is an endeavor to meet, connect and celebrate , connect with like-minded women from different walks of life, pamper yourself, re-discover the artist in you, redefine your vision for life, enlighten yourself with expert talks and many more exciting surprises.
This event is a jamboree of networking, discussion, fun, food, games, goodies and moments of happiness for the ‘little WOMAN searching for freedom inside YOU’. This event will touch upon every aspect of being a woman and things you face face in your day-to-day lives. 

So, are you COMING? Still thinking WHY?
Come to listen to your inner voice and connect to your soul with an enlightening session by a renowned life coach and author and a WOMAN to help you explore your strengths and weaknesses.
Come to empower yourself with money matters and know how you become financially independent from a WOMAN, who has mastered it all.
Come to pamper the woman inside you with a Makeover session by WOMEN who not only gives you outer beauty, but an inner glow as well.
Come to revive your creativity with a Vision Board by one among us, a WOMAN whose passion is reflected with colours and palettes.
Come to win prizes for cool, funky, quirky games, and win prizes.
Well, there’s still more, 
but’s a SURPRISE!
So, time to charge up your lazy bones and bring the WOMAN in YOU for this unique way of celebrating womanhood on this day.
Keep watching this space for more ...
For further information visit at Facebook event or call us at Nidhi - 9620808160 | Prateeti - 9886782062
Compiled by Supermoms Debolina Coomar & Nidhi Pathak