Sunday, 28 February 2016

'Why Women Should be Financially Independent’?

‘Money Matters – by Jigisha Rajguru
Meet Jigisha Rajguru, and be friends with money matters
Jigisha hails from Mumbai and has a rich experience of 20 years in Accounting and Finance. She has worked with PwC, KPMG and the likes of it. Currently, she is heading the Bangalore branch of Choice Group for Solar and E-commerce. 
Her independent consultancy, JR Financial Services is providing innovative investment solutions for individuals over the last 6 years. A mother of two, Jigisha is a perfect example of work-life balance.
Discussion Outline
Women tend to keep themselves distant from financial matters, whether by choice or by compulsion. But, modern age women are equally involved in money matters at every level. At the same time having a job or any other regular source of income doesn't mean that you are financially important. To be financially independent and strong, women need to first save the money, and then secure their savings at right place! Even home-maker who isn't having any source of income, has huge potential to save money and thus, impact on family savings at large. Hold on! Jigisha will talk about finances and its importance in detail and will make sure that you (be it student, working women, home maker, entrepreneur) are confident about your money matters by the end of her 20 mins powerpact session. She will enlighten, and guide you on your role in the financial decisions of the family, whether you are working women, single, married or stay-at-home.
Your Take-away
An empowering talk (minus jargons) on what you can and need to do for managing the finances of your life and your family. It will help you understand how to work magic with numbers that tinkles!!!
Duration: 20-25 minutes including Q&A
 Nidhi says, "People who know me, they very well know that am not that great with numbers and money matters. I personally feel that Jigisha's Expert Talk will help not only money-dumb like me but also others to know and understand more about power of saving, thus investing them right. I am anxiously looking forward for this session to be friends with number game!"  
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