Sunday, 28 February 2016

Women's Day: 'Free-me Selfie Contest'

‘Photo Booth- Inside Out’ 

By Anjali Gang

With the success of our very first 'Women's Day' celebration, we formed a group called 'Women's World', in which each day was dedicated to some activity or the other, giving each of us knowing each other. 


One of the popular, consistent activity was 'Monday Morning Selfie'. It' was loved by all, and also who all were keeping too busy to post a selfie use to get more positively charged by looking at the cheerful, bright, tinkling, vibrant selfies. We received all types of selfie, like mum-n-baby, selfie with colleagues, selfie with breakfast, selfie in auto, selfie at signal, selfie in boardroom ;-) and lot many

Anjali is a software Team Lead in Accenture by profession, but her passion lies somewhere else. She loves being a freelance Emcee and Event Planner. Her very own, Her motive in life is to serve social causes from the earnings at Creative Kalpana. We at women's world were more than happy  when she came up with an interesting 'Sefie Contest' with a twist. Thanks Anjali!!

Anjali Gang Our Very Own Selfi Queen

For this event, Anjali has a magic box of cool and quirky props for the photo booth. Don’t miss your chance to meet our 'Selfi-queen', she is very chirpy, lively and you will definitely love the things, she has in store for you.

Your Take-away  

Women loves taking Selfies as much as they love buying the diamonds. Here is an opportunity to click pictures with Women’s Day props, quotes – alone or with friends, with no stares attached ;-) We women are often victim of ugly, angry weired stares when we take selfie at malls, concert, movies, spa, list is end less. Take as many as selfies you want, and take these wonderful memories to cherish.

Duration: Starts from 4.30 pm onwards till 6:30pm. 
‘Free-Me Selfie Contest’ at the Photo Booth
This is something, you ladies gonna love. Click selfies with a prop or with a quote during the event and submit your entry at the Photo Booth. 2 lucky winners from each category (with a prop) and (with a quote)* will be review exciting prizes from  Also there’s one more consolation prize, awaiting for you. Surprise, surprise!!!
The winners will be announced at the end of the event.
*You can choose the quotes at the photo booth or you can write your own on the white board and click a selfie with it.We will not accept any entries for selfie competition beyond 6:30 pm. you are free to take selfies as many as you want till the events ends for your personal keepsake.

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