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Parents too need to be disciplined?!

Have you ever raised your eyebrows, when you notice someone surpasses you in a long queue? Have you ever come across some parents who thinks it's okay, or call it to be street smart training to kids by doing so. Oh! look at this, my son is so quick and fast he did not do donkey work standing in queue. We come across such people at movie ticket window, shopping mall, birthday parties (Yes! I did come across such weird parents, who thinks it's ok to cross the line as far as it makes their kid happy). 

We mommy friends at momzspace group were having the discussion on the same and many of us were quite upset with 'indiscipline acts by adults' that too by parents. It all started when one of my mommy friend Preeti Balan (works at Reach Clinic) shared her views as below;

[17/04 12:47 pm] Preeti: Hey guys sharing this .. Please ensure you don't let anyone cut line in front of your kids.
[17/04 12:48 pm] Preeti: So I went with my 5 year old to watch the jungle book !! There were many parents with their kids and during the interval all rushed to the food counter.Now we complain about everything around us , how in India we ppl don't follow rules , lack civic sense and blah blah . I had to ask 4-5 parents who were accompanied by their kids to actually follow the cue and not jump the line . Please it's high time we take responsibility and model the same to our kids .I do this in every place I go .. I had a 10 year old boy cut the line at a grocery and had to tell him to get in the line . He was right behind me . When his turn came , an elderly gentleman cut the line so had to tell him that the boy will think this is the norm and waiting for your turn doesn't help. So had to ask the old gentleman to follow the line.Don't mean to sound holier than anyone else , but I wish all of us implemented and modelled this to our children or those around .

[17/04 12:58 pm] Luvena: I agree.. this is a major peeve I have.. I dont understand where parents fail to teach good values to their children by setting a decent example. Simple things like these... I have often been very, very blunt & at times with the proper facial expression & tone too to either tell them directly, or to teach MY children loudly in front of the offending 'ears' (yes passive aggressive at times).. but someone has to teach them
[17/04 1:00 pm] Luvena: then there are those who send all 6 members of their family to hold a spot at various queue counters (whoever gets closer first wins.. once there was this guy who I caught pushing a trolley in front of me & also manning a trolley at another line..  The moment I realised waht he was up to, I just took his trolley out of the way & told him to stand in the other queue. Read her views in detail here>>

[17/04 1:01 pm] Nidhi Pathak: Ya luv then I also see ppl calling me snob but then I DONT mind as far as I'm in queue n get my chance as it should be this also makes erishka to understand that when ppl are wrong and when you you know wat doing right no harm in standing up for it
[17/04 1:02 pm] Nidhi Pathak: This makes her to follow self righteous path courageously.

Adding to it further, yes you might call me boring, not so go getter parent, as I always follow queue, with this i also inculcate good values in my daughter who is looking up to me. She should know that all must be treated equal, who ever is first , is ought to be served first.

While having almost a day long discussion as literally nothing has been written or said about it as such, I wanted to really spread the word for the same. And my friend Luvena came up with amazing detailed blog on the same and i hope the 'Undisciplined Parents' are keeping both of their years open!  Please read and share your views too! Hugs to all!


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