Friday, 29 December 2017

2018, Yet another day! By Priya Manikandan

Art by Priya Manikandan 
A Fresh New Feel
…….. Yet another day!?

What does it have in store for me and for you ?
   Does it make us sing and dance?
   Does it make us laugh and play?

   Or does it make us rise and shine?
   Does it make us fall and cry?

   Or does it make us feel sad and gloomy?
How does it make us feel?

Every day dawns beautifully with vibrancy and exuberance as always;
    Be it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday,
    Friday, Saturday or Sunday….

We created the concept of minutes, hours, days, months and years;
     We made our own routines and schedules;
     We also formed deadlines and held ourselves responsible for it.

We stipulated time limits and  when we failed,
     We cried and scoffed at ourselves.
We initiated targets and when we attained,
     We praised and patted ourselves.

We created Success and Failure and conditioned them;
    We conditioned them with our own vocabulary;
    We tempered them with our delusive standards and measures.

We created the aspects of time; 
Do they keep us happy and sane?
Do they drive us crazy and make us feel guilty?

Everything is created with good intentions for our well being at one point of time.

If our thoughts around time make us cringe and feel overwhelmed;
Let’s shun those thoughts and notions 
and create a brand new perspective.

We are blessed with the power and let nothing/no one take the power away.

Yes, it is quite challenging;
Challenges make our lives more lively and interesting.

Let’s heed not to the words of the outer world.
They might make us think and think and think; 
they make us stay stuck in a rut.

Let’s listen to the soft yet firm inner voice; 
it always tells the truth.

Everyday holds a treasure trove of possibilities and opportunities;
Lets look for them and they come looking for us.

Be it small or big; be it tough or easy; be it complicated or simple;
Be thankful for each one of them.

When we are thankful we act with great zeal and zest.
When we act with zeal and zest,
we will be lead in a grander way.

Then every day, every single minute becomes brand new and gives us a fresh new feel.

With the fresh new feel, let’s fill every day with colours of inspiration ;
Let’s fabricate the magnificent art of life with much love and passion.

……….no more yet another days!?…
Create and celebrate each new day, a new hour, new minute…..not just the new year.

Know more about Priya Manikandan

She is mom to two teenagers, she is an artist by soul, 
and a real warrior to combat all obstacles to stay positive always...
Priya is one of the most creative members of our MomzSpace Community. She reflects the purest form of art, and contagious positivity!!!

Event Volunteers, Members, and entire motherhood community at large.

Nidhi Pathak 

Monday, 18 December 2017

The 'Power of Positive Thinking' By Namratha Shetty

Who doesn’t want to live a happy live? But the fact is, its upto us to live a happy life. It starts with being positive. Being positive is easier said than done. And trust me its absolutely possible. We all have fast paced life with no time for self; we often slip into a negative thought now and then, particularly when we’re tired or having a rough day. 

It becomes dangerous when it outweighs the positive, when we find ourselves focusing on things we can’t do , not good at or even tell ourselves we are not capable of. These negative thoughts bring us down and stop us from succeeding greater risk is when it becomes a habit to think negative which can lead us to miss out on great experiences and opportunities in life.  
There came a time when this happened to me, however I luckily stopped to think that I have to change. So what did I do??
Remember  “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." Here are a few things I did to become more positive…………. Try them! 
Smile: It really does help change your mood and relieve stress. I also felt lighter because it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. ☺
Be around Positive People: Associate with people who bring something of value into your life. Avoid people who sap your energy and enthusiasm. 
Change your thoughts from negative to positive: This is the most important one. Change the negative thought to positive. Refuse to participate in negative inner dialogues. It's just a waste of time and energy. Don't allow disappointments, difficulties and obstacles affect your moods and state of mind. Refuse and reject negative thinking. Either replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, or engage yourself in some activity that will divert your attention from the negative thoughts. Don't allow what people think and say affect your mind and mood.
Help someone: Take the focus away from you and do something nice for another person. I tutored my maids daughter. Trust me it feels great to help someone who really needs your help.
Remember that no one is perfect. “Its OK” is the word: It’s easy to dwell on our mistakes. The next time things are not going the way they should. Just say ALL IS WELL and move on. Relax and Smile. Have faith in yourself and in your abilities
Stop watching TV soaps:  Yes I really said that, I personally feel that the sad soaps make us negative.  Instead watch something that is funny or spend quality time with friends and family.
Be Nice: Say positive things about yourself and about other people. Compliment people when you feel they deserve it.
Me time: Spend at least 5 mins of Me time. This is just your time to thing back on the activities of the day and cheers things that went well. Each accomplished goal, no matter how small it might be, will bring you more confidence, self-esteem and positive thinking.
By implementing these simple steps I am a happier person and so is my family, So let all give it a try and live a happy and content life!!

About Author ...
Namratha Shetty is a soft-skills trainer with 14+ yrs of experience, and has delivered development programs for a broad range of multicultural audiences, ranging from Indians to Europeans, Americans and Germans.

She is the founder of Gnosis training and consulting, which offers classroom and webinar workshops. 
Follow her on her Facebook Page or Contact her right away

Friday, 15 December 2017

Beyond Being Mom>> Luvena Rangel Shares her story ...

We all at Momz'Space community know Luvena Rangel as an high energy, lively, chirpy. and vocal mommy. 
We know her as a mom - of 3 & 2 pups... 
Let's know her more than being a mom, a yoga guru, and a life coach.  From her first crush to biggest fears, 
know what she never forgets to carry in her purse, and her biggest regrets if any. 

Tell us something unique about yourself apart from what we know

My parents are originally from Mangalore, but I was born and raised in Kuwait and have lived in the Middle East until 3.5 yrs ago when we moved to India. I have 2 siblings - a brother and a sister and I come from a very close knit family. 

Not many of you know that I studied medicine, but returned my scholarship (after 4 yrs) as something didn't quite feel right. 

And yes, once upon a time I use to belong to corporate world. I worked in the International Corporate world for 15 years. Later, I used all my earnings to fund my studies focusing on my passion. I was inclined to learn more about  - wellness, health & wellbeing, spirituality - Yoga, Ayurveda & meditation. Now, I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner & have also a CIBTAC certified Body Massage Therapist. I also coach & counsel women at large.

A few of your favourite things: 
Books, travelling, music, singing & dancing. I always wanted to be a doctor, but for a couple of years I also wanted to be an astronaut! I had 3 scrap books full of clippings and what-not.

As an individual, what has been your greatest achievement and your biggest regret?
Taking charge and control of my independence has been my greatest achievement. 

My biggest regret - poor relationship choices... sigh... There are no regrets as such, but when it comes to being human, I must admit that is something I regret.

One thing that you want to change in your life and Why?
Changing anything in life is difficult..but if possible, I'd like to ask for less difficult tests in life. 
It is tiring sometimes to have to fight single-handedly. It would be nice to have someone take away some of the load.

One thing you always carry in your purse ...
Extra underwear

One song that describes your life ...
One day at a time.

Your teenage crush ? If any :)
13  to 18 is a long time - I can assure you even I lost count/ track of who I had a crush on during that period!

Your biggest fear, if any ..  
To have unhappy children - who have nothing of passion to contribute back to the world. 

What things do you do or want to do differently from what your parents? 
There is a lot of open communication. I have that with my mother now - my father passed away 7 years ago - but my openness with them happened only after I had my children (especially with my father). 
As an adult, I could speak to them openly, but as a child, I was very cautious and scared to approach them. I'd like to keep an open channel for my children to share important things with me.

Three words to describe what family means to you:
Support ~ Strength ~Love

Your 'Gyan' for our readers...
Every single one of us has a gift to give back to the world - either through our joy or through our struggle. 
It is up to us to polish it and offer it.

Your best experience being a part of Momzspace.
Meeting so many other women, hearing their daily stories of inspiration as well as mundane reality - and at the same time being able to use my own life experience and skills to help out someone else. 

The worth of an ever-expanding network of women who touch our lives is immeasurable.

Thanks so much Luvena for being part of MomzSpace community as an active member, who never hesitates to coach or guide women at large. Thanks for sharing your story which defines you besides being mom. I am sure our readers will find it truely inspirational. 

I saw a kid messing the room .... By Muskaan Tulsani

Worth a read!
By our guest writer Muskaan Tulsani reflects the nostalgia of forgotten childhood memories, which today's tech world fails to create. Take a read, I'm sure this poem will take you back to your childhood days and give you an alarming call to shift your child's attention for tech driven enthusiasm to real muddy play.

I saw a kid messing the room
by spilling milk, licking chocolates
eating clumsily with stains on
her mother bought a day before.

A kid crying 'cause her dad told
not to go out and play in mud
But laughed when she came back
with her tiny steps covered in mud.

A kid whose uniform didn't fit and
her big brother laughed watching this
Yet her dad took the camera to capture a glimpse of her first day at school.

A kid who got a certificate for participating in the school play for acting well
and everyone cheering up on the stage
and in the corner her dad teary eyed.

A kid whose brother bought her a cycle
and instructed how to drive and when she fell down, he chuckled, hugged her and
guided never to give up.

And as I turned around closing my
photo album;

I saw a kid playing on the tab that
I bought her yesterday on her
9th birthday.

By Muskan Tulsani (Guest Writer)


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Healthy, yet yummy dessert for New Year By Anjali Gang

Kick-start your new year 2018 with one of the most yummiest, yet healthy dessert 'Shrikhand.' We at Momzspae watsapp group have been teased with lots her delicacies as she shares when she tries out anything new or something of her excelled or signature dish. 

So finally we got her secret recipe to be fit without compromising on taste... but still we at momzspace community is waiting for our group potluck to happen soon, so that we taste few of her more specialty.

Chef Speaks>> Anjali to readers!

So this my first attempt to share healthy and yummy dishes from my diary of experience.

Before we begin with dish preparation, I want to tell you the reason behind I choose this as the first recipe to start was calcium deficiency which I know all my readers will admit either they or their family facing it. 

And in order to recover this deficiency drinking milk or taking curd or pills regularly is quite a difficult and boring option.

To make this quite interesting I am here with my healthy simple and quick recipe which you can make on weekends and serve daily to your family ,I am sure after lunch kids gonna love this :)

Ingredients :

1. Curd - 1000 gm
2. Sugar - 100 gm 
3. Chopped Dry fruits of your choice. - 150 gm
4. 2-3 leaves of Safron

Procedure :

1. Hung the curd for 3 hours.
2. After 3 hours when all water from curd is removed ,place it into a container.
3.Add sugar,chopped dryfruits,safron and mix it well.
4. Ready to serve healthy dessert.

Chef Tip: 
You can also add fresh grapes or mango pulp to add the twist to a flavour.

  • This dessert is  healthier than any yoghurt.
  • It is rich source calcium and phosphorus than yoghurt.
  • It contains 10-12% of proteins.Calcium makes teeth and bones strong and healthy.
  • This dessert serves as remedies for an intestinal infection.

Hope you guys like my dessert we call this as 'shrikhand' but if we add the twist of fresh fruit pulp it will become more delicious than any flavoured yoghurt available in the market and trust me this quick homemade dessert is always good option then buying adulterated or unhealthy sweets which have the adverse effect on the body.

Know more about Anjali
Anjali is not an unknown face for MomzSpace readers or event participants , she has been actively involved in all momspace activities even though she is not yet experienced motherhood.

Her journey from a just another participant to our momzmeet to become our event volunteer, organizing selfie content, don a photographers lens, or be an entertaining host for our events. 

When she is not doing MomzSpace activity she is software Team Lead in Accenture. She is the founder and owner of her passion driven website .  Her motive in life is to serve social causes from the earnings at Creative Kalpana. 

Embracing Imperfections By Geeta C Yadav

                 ‘My beauty lies in my imperfection.
My imperfections make me unique.
My imperfect journey makes an interesting read and
I am nuts about whomsoever I meet.’
- Geeta C Yadav
Embrace Imperfections To Enjoy In 2018         
If life is a journey then you have a story to tell and any story is all about imperfections. In perfection, there is no room for a story. I can feel that you don’t believe me. It’s fine. In your story, I just played the role of an imperfect character. Even in disagreement you contributed your time or your life to deal with the imperfections in me. How’s that? Give me a chance to play a small part. I promise to love your uniqueness and decorate my world with our differences.

Welcome to my small world. It has a whole lot of nuts. They’re adorable. Some are tough to crack and some are so cute and soft. Few are thorny yet sturdy but guarantee support, some others are vulnerable and need help but all of us have learnt to coexist.
We’re all nuts about each other, now aren’t we?  Let’s see how we complement each other. May I introduce my nutty world to you? Each loved one is different. Oh! They simply enrich my life with their imperfections.
The Tough Nuts inspire to strive in love, work and play.  They help me realise my ambitions. They have groomed me to look tough, support softness and appreciate rules.
The Soft Nuts show me that humility builds an inner empire of graciousness, tolerance and empathy.  Sometimes they hold on to give support. They are devoted and help me to grow as a spiritual being.
The Warrior Nuts teach me to fight, make a mark and leave an impact as it helps to bring in change. They inspire me to sacrifice some moments for a brighter world.
The Creative Nuts inspire me to love solitude by being lonesome. They are being productive at whatever they do. They embrace the disorderliness of things, emotions and construct newness with discoveries and inventions.
The Lazy Nuts help me to understand that rest means to let go of botheration and relax. I bask in the sun at times to rejuvenate my tired self or sleep over failures to start afresh.
The Steady Nuts help me realise that balance is the key to a fulfilling life.
The Horny Nuts push me to the edge and I learn to dangle from a cliff instead. I realise that it was a productive effort as I grew the most out of my comfort zone.
The Baby Nuts live in the moment. They gape and then ape. They teach me to observe and to rejoice every moment.
The Young Nuts energize me to explore, experiment and encourage. I marvel at the way they strive and aim to perform. Don’t judge them for many of them are visionaries who make difficult jobs possible. They just perceive a little differently to get to the impossible.
The Painful Nuts help me realise that it is important to have a positive aim in life.
The Patient ones go nuts because they accept all. At the end they empower the rest with their virtuous self.
"We’re crazy! We’re nuts!
We stand out because we can’t fit in everywhere.
We are so different from each other.
So what! We still make a team. We rock!"

Resolution 2018: Deconstruct the perfectionist in you. Opposites attract! Don’t they? Similarity bores! Doesn’t it? Change is inevitable! Isn’t it? AS rightly said by Spiritual Leader Sri Sri Ravishankar, ‘Knowing the past is your destiny, the future is freewill, you should live happily in the present moment.’ So 2017 was your destiny. 2018 is your free will. Exercise your freewill.
Know more about 'Geeta C Yadav'
Geeta - As always in her high spirits and contagious smile! xoxo
My online blog Momzpace and my motherhood community (MomzSpace India) has blessed me with awesome friends, and Geeta is one of them. Thanks to my blogging journey which connected me with such an awesome mother blogger. She has explored all the nuances of creative writings like parenting blogs, short love stories and philosophical magazine articles...
I'm in love with each of her writing, it is quite impressive, and it's a soulful writings ... So here is witty yet very enlightening blog on embracing new year with new spirit... P.S we haven't met yet, my meeting with this dynamic lady is due, hoping to see her soon when i visit Delhi next...

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Gratitude List 2017: #1 January

As promised to all my readers, friends, and well wisher, here I am with my gratitude list for 2017. Aiming to focus only positive aspects happen 2017, despite the fact i was surrounded by circumstantial obstacles in personal life. So here is my gratitude list for the month of January... 

For me the month of January was just like classic opener for any Fizzy drink, which was quite effervescent at the beginning and marks me slow gradually. I began 2017 with a great celebration, I wanted to mark this year with a 'high note' and tread confidently as unstoppable me in the coming months of 2017. To meet my healthy lifestyle goals for upcoming 2017 I registered myself for Pinkathon2017 that too for 10km category. Earlier I have participated in 3 km and 5 km maximum, but doing 10 fo r the person like was big win. 

I happen to meet an awesome colleague from different team, her name was Sweta koti, we both use to run atleast 4 km everyday at NGV, Koramangala. Her early morning wake-up calls motivted me to not to give up. Yes, there were times when I felt lazy but then anyways I had to get up for Erishka's school thingy by 6:30 so why not I start my day little more early.

In order to give healthy start for the day i started having wheat grass juice almost everyday instead of tea, and then also started working on my sleep routine too, I must thank my Smart Watch which helped to monitor and improve my sleep routine. All this while I continued by Buddhism practice by attending meetings, participating in monthly discussions and of course Chanting.

So my morning routine for almost last three months of 2016 was like this;

5:45- get up, freshen up and Chant for 10 mins and morning prayer
6:15: off to run
7:00: Coffee followed by quick shower
7:20: Cook & Pack Breakfast, snack n small lunch for 3 of us, 
8:45: Wake up Erishka get her ready, and myself for work
8: 30: walk down Erishka to school, and try to login before 9 am to office
9:00: Breakfast heavy like alu parattha, childa, poha, poori, channa, sprouts, parattha
around 11am I replaced tea with green wheat grass juice, and fruits for snacks
1:30 lunch : homemade food
3:30 : juice , veg sandwich and fruits
6:30: Pick Erishka, 
6:45: have evening snacks (homemade sevaiya, potatoe chips, pasta) and milk
8:30: Dinner 
I aimed to sleep by 10 pm .... but it stretch till 10:30 as i need make Erishka do her HW, other school activity, next prep for food, and of course my social media interactions...

Yes i did went off track from my fitness goal, and that too when the D-Day was nearing, you may blame 31st December Hangover ;) and also my sister's first visit (for wedding) to Bangalore after my Marriage. She was coming to our house for the first time.. On the same day of her arrival, I had to collect my BiB too so , being super excited I picked my sister and nephew from Lavelle road. Reached home to have awesome food made by my mom.. 

Best part of this month was that my mom was with me, in Bangalore. She extended her stay due to some family wedding happening in the same city. However, I happen to spend more time with her, not sure about the quality.

Finally I finished my first ever 10K run in 01:29:13 as official timing Thanks to Akshaye Thakkar ... I left behind lot many things my qualms, inhibition, fear, abuses, stereotypes #leaveitbehind #pinkathon2017 #pinkathon #fitmom

I did a good show on the 29th January 2017 hoping to begin next month of love February better :) So these were few good things to count for my gratitudelist2017 for the month of January. 

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Will I ever 'Accept' 2017, and move on?

I am writing almost after 7-8 months on this blog, and I am absolutely unapologetic about it.  For me this blog is reflection of my personal pages of life. I do not blog to kill the time, I write what i feel, and I blog because I love to, it’s like a personal journal where keep track of activities with kids, other like minded moms, learn new things and share my experiences.

The year 2016 was so good to believe that everything in my life was falling in place whether it’s my work, my kids or my personal life… I was very much content, and as the year 2017 was fast approaching I was all set for new year and it’ new set of life goals and career priorities.

Unknowingly I started challenging and stimulating the year 2017 to Bring it on! And trust me everytime when I ask from universe it will take pretty long time or won't even consider my requests. But maybe this time the law of attraction wanted to work for my wishes to come true in the year 2017 i.e offering me the most toughest and difficult year to deal with... challenges for the year which is yet to come kick started with a wrong note and the poignancy is still there… And thus the year 2017 struck a wrong note a the very beginning, followed by my mom’s sudden demise.

She was 60 and I am in early 30s. It was a complete shock not only for me and my family but also for every person she met in her including casual acquaintances. It was difficult to believe that how can such a lively, energetic, cheerful and dynamic personality is no more. Trust me nothing prepared me for this loss, not even in my darkest nightmare, I never thought that she wouldn’t be with me any more.

Waking up every morning, getting back to office work, taking care of 5 yr old is very painful but what kept me away from grieving was my 4 months old pregnancy. I had curtail my emotions so that a new life coming to our world in 2017 is happy and healthy child. A mother creates a special space in her child’s heart, and i wanted to do same by gifting my second a healthy and happy life.

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but by making an effort to have happy pregnancy, I couldn’t make space to grief enough for my Mom. It’s very easy for someone very close to you, your colleague or even an acquaint friend to ask you not to stress, don't cry, be strong we know you are strong blah blahh… but it’ easier said than done. Sharing my pregnancy journey with her or my elders one’s new milestone was left untold, incomplete.

I am happy that she parted her soul without any qualms or pain, having beaming smile on her face. Just the way she led her life, where her soul effortless touched everyone’s life and keeping her alive in every conversation we have about her. She was way too generous, compassionate and a happiest person i’ve ever met. But knowing all this doesn’t make it easy for me to accept the fact that she is no more. For me losing becomes everytime difficult when my daughter misses her, when she plays the same games taught by naani or when my two months old baby rolls-over for the first time.

In the following months of my mom’s death, I succumbed myself into lots and lots of office work, and managed myself to at least look normal and pretend happy person. I went to office, strolling with friends down the street, going for shopping, satisfying my pregnancy cravings. I somehow managed to look like a normal person. But I was in grief, and not ok at all. I am writing this post so that I release some burden of grief, yet get back to normal as happy mommy of two.

Will I ever accept the fact that my mother is gone? I know I will, and get going! I know it will take time but I’ve decided to count all good things of the year 2017 and gear up for positive 2018.

Every week i’ll write my blog on good things happen in 2017. Let me make my Mom feel proud by being happy mom to twos at least can aim to be a  ½ a percent like her. What do you all say? Please share your advice for me to kickstart 2018 positively.