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Meet Su Iyer - Spirit of Women's Day!

We take immense pleasure to announce our upcoming event 'Women's World ' on 19th March 2017 to celebrate womanhood in Association with Art Blend Cafe and Momzspace. We are glad to invite our steering leader, and support system for Momzspace, and for women at large, 'Sujata Iyer' aka Su Iyer, as our Guest of Honour for womenens day celebration. 

"She is chirpy, with a creative mind at work , she loves to talk, she is raises happy kids with Mommy&ME with SU, she is the Business Head of Matribasha, Host  she is defines #beboldforchange by being  a leader of Durga, and above all she is an awesome mom of a teenager."
She has been integral part of our meets since 2013 whether being a lively host for our event , sponsoring our event or sharing her insights with all moms, and women at large of her experiences and learning... Not to forget she belongs to musical family, and learned singer, bless with pure soul, and awesome voice...

Momzspace had quick chit-chat to know what else she has in store for us on 19th March, 2017.
1. Tell us a bit more about the Sujata, we don’t know yet.

Am a Proud mother of a teenager ,a voice over artist ,a singer and a creative consultant and Positivity is a way of life for me!!
Am a proud Mumbaikar and now happily settled in Bangalore for past 13 years.
I love my work and hence there is no compromise on different verticals that I handle in a day.
Apart from being a voice over artist I also head Business Development at Bangalore for Matribhasha Multimedia solutions Mumbai, our core area is localisation we provide translation services and production as well.
Very passionate about Music and hence I wish to use that medium for well being !!Music is very therapeutic and I wish to explore more in this area and help people heal through music.

2. What do you feel are the greatest challenges today for a woman and a mother?
The challenge is spending time with your children,a mother is always working whether at home or office ,I do not discriminate working ,no –working,For me all are working.It is very important to spend quality time with your children ,as they look up to  parents for all the support ,age doesn't matter. A  teenager or a toddler ,both need attention, love and guidance.

3. What motivated you to start MommyandMe with Su?
My son!!Motherhood is my biggest asset and I learn everyday ,the journey is wonderful and am enjoying every bit of it.I did run a pre-school for 2 years ,but I wanted to do something that helps all the mothers handle that phase even before schooling starts ,hence “Mommyandmewithsu – a prep step before schooling.” we call it a prep step before schooling where the mother and the child and mother come together explore and slowly children get used to a routine and the transition from home to school becomes easier.

Su with Acid Attack Victims , Spreading the power of Durga

4.  When did you join Durga and Why?
After the Nirbhaya case,it was very devastating ,nothing seemed right!!
The founder of Durga Ms Priya Varadarajan ,is a dear friend and she wanted to do something different ,and she started this organisation 4 years back and today we ara a big team helping women reclaim their space and equip them to handle sexual harassment in a better manner. I joined in as a volunteer as  I resonate to it completely. Safety is the  biggest issue and it needs to be addressed ,right in the beginning!

5. How Durga plans to influence the day-to-day lives of simple women?
By doing more workshops across India  ,creating more chapters in every city,village and state.Helping women reclaim their space,training them to become Durgas so that they facilitate workshops for their community !! 
Every women is a Durga and she will equip herself and train all other women!! Each one of you is Durga! Durga is a movement and not just an organisation!!
We believe in “Safety” first!!
6. How has Mommyandmewithsu and Durga affected you as a woman and a mother?
I would say “Enhanced “ !!
My day begins on a very high note with mommyandme with Su - full of high energy of kids, which sets the day rolling for me!!
Being with mothers and children ,it’s a continuous learning and for me as a mother  I get to meet  so many mums and we collectively share thoughts and try to help each other cope with motherhood.
'Durga' has made me more confident and strong  with regards to safety ,I do know how to tackle a tough situation ,what I need to be aware of and it has helped me be a good bystander as well.
she is also Pink Ambassador for Pinkathon
7. What do you love doing the most, other than being engaged in your multiple endevours?
Music , and am a fitness freak , excercise is a part of mydaily routine and I want to spend more time excersing and being fit!!

8. What can the audience expect in your session at Art Blend Cafe on March 19, 2017?
You have to wait and watch!!:)
Expect the unexpected and come with an open mind to listen and learn. She ends our conversation with smile and lots of positive vibes.

Things you must know about 'Su Iyer'

Sujata is a communications specialist and a voice over artist, a vocalist in Hindustani herself. She was introduced to formal classical music at the age of 10 through her guru Smt Shyamala Gopalakrishnan, then switched to Hindustani music and learnt from Smt Hemalata jog of Gwalior gharana as her heart was always into natya sangeet, bhavgeet and abhangs. Daughter in law of Shri S Balachandran (MUMBAI)Musicologist and Flutist. 

She has recently hosting a youtube channel, 'Kalaalayam'.  The online music channel aims to bring together all the musicians under one “aalayam” where they can share and talk about the richness of Indian classical music!

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