Friday, 29 December 2017

2018, Yet another day! By Priya Manikandan

Art by Priya Manikandan 
A Fresh New Feel
…….. Yet another day!?

What does it have in store for me and for you ?
   Does it make us sing and dance?
   Does it make us laugh and play?

   Or does it make us rise and shine?
   Does it make us fall and cry?

   Or does it make us feel sad and gloomy?
How does it make us feel?

Every day dawns beautifully with vibrancy and exuberance as always;
    Be it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday,
    Friday, Saturday or Sunday….

We created the concept of minutes, hours, days, months and years;
     We made our own routines and schedules;
     We also formed deadlines and held ourselves responsible for it.

We stipulated time limits and  when we failed,
     We cried and scoffed at ourselves.
We initiated targets and when we attained,
     We praised and patted ourselves.

We created Success and Failure and conditioned them;
    We conditioned them with our own vocabulary;
    We tempered them with our delusive standards and measures.

We created the aspects of time; 
Do they keep us happy and sane?
Do they drive us crazy and make us feel guilty?

Everything is created with good intentions for our well being at one point of time.

If our thoughts around time make us cringe and feel overwhelmed;
Let’s shun those thoughts and notions 
and create a brand new perspective.

We are blessed with the power and let nothing/no one take the power away.

Yes, it is quite challenging;
Challenges make our lives more lively and interesting.

Let’s heed not to the words of the outer world.
They might make us think and think and think; 
they make us stay stuck in a rut.

Let’s listen to the soft yet firm inner voice; 
it always tells the truth.

Everyday holds a treasure trove of possibilities and opportunities;
Lets look for them and they come looking for us.

Be it small or big; be it tough or easy; be it complicated or simple;
Be thankful for each one of them.

When we are thankful we act with great zeal and zest.
When we act with zeal and zest,
we will be lead in a grander way.

Then every day, every single minute becomes brand new and gives us a fresh new feel.

With the fresh new feel, let’s fill every day with colours of inspiration ;
Let’s fabricate the magnificent art of life with much love and passion.

……….no more yet another days!?…
Create and celebrate each new day, a new hour, new minute…..not just the new year.

Know more about Priya Manikandan

She is mom to two teenagers, she is an artist by soul, 
and a real warrior to combat all obstacles to stay positive always...
Priya is one of the most creative members of our MomzSpace Community. She reflects the purest form of art, and contagious positivity!!!

Event Volunteers, Members, and entire motherhood community at large.

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