Friday, 15 December 2017

Beyond Being Mom>> Luvena Rangel Shares her story ...

We all at Momz'Space community know Luvena Rangel as an high energy, lively, chirpy. and vocal mommy. 
We know her as a mom - of 3 & 2 pups... 
Let's know her more than being a mom, a yoga guru, and a life coach.  From her first crush to biggest fears, 
know what she never forgets to carry in her purse, and her biggest regrets if any. 

Tell us something unique about yourself apart from what we know

My parents are originally from Mangalore, but I was born and raised in Kuwait and have lived in the Middle East until 3.5 yrs ago when we moved to India. I have 2 siblings - a brother and a sister and I come from a very close knit family. 

Not many of you know that I studied medicine, but returned my scholarship (after 4 yrs) as something didn't quite feel right. 

And yes, once upon a time I use to belong to corporate world. I worked in the International Corporate world for 15 years. Later, I used all my earnings to fund my studies focusing on my passion. I was inclined to learn more about  - wellness, health & wellbeing, spirituality - Yoga, Ayurveda & meditation. Now, I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner & have also a CIBTAC certified Body Massage Therapist. I also coach & counsel women at large.

A few of your favourite things: 
Books, travelling, music, singing & dancing. I always wanted to be a doctor, but for a couple of years I also wanted to be an astronaut! I had 3 scrap books full of clippings and what-not.

As an individual, what has been your greatest achievement and your biggest regret?
Taking charge and control of my independence has been my greatest achievement. 

My biggest regret - poor relationship choices... sigh... There are no regrets as such, but when it comes to being human, I must admit that is something I regret.

One thing that you want to change in your life and Why?
Changing anything in life is difficult..but if possible, I'd like to ask for less difficult tests in life. 
It is tiring sometimes to have to fight single-handedly. It would be nice to have someone take away some of the load.

One thing you always carry in your purse ...
Extra underwear

One song that describes your life ...
One day at a time.

Your teenage crush ? If any :)
13  to 18 is a long time - I can assure you even I lost count/ track of who I had a crush on during that period!

Your biggest fear, if any ..  
To have unhappy children - who have nothing of passion to contribute back to the world. 

What things do you do or want to do differently from what your parents? 
There is a lot of open communication. I have that with my mother now - my father passed away 7 years ago - but my openness with them happened only after I had my children (especially with my father). 
As an adult, I could speak to them openly, but as a child, I was very cautious and scared to approach them. I'd like to keep an open channel for my children to share important things with me.

Three words to describe what family means to you:
Support ~ Strength ~Love

Your 'Gyan' for our readers...
Every single one of us has a gift to give back to the world - either through our joy or through our struggle. 
It is up to us to polish it and offer it.

Your best experience being a part of Momzspace.
Meeting so many other women, hearing their daily stories of inspiration as well as mundane reality - and at the same time being able to use my own life experience and skills to help out someone else. 

The worth of an ever-expanding network of women who touch our lives is immeasurable.

Thanks so much Luvena for being part of MomzSpace community as an active member, who never hesitates to coach or guide women at large. Thanks for sharing your story which defines you besides being mom. I am sure our readers will find it truely inspirational. 

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