Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Embracing Imperfections By Geeta C Yadav

                 ‘My beauty lies in my imperfection.
My imperfections make me unique.
My imperfect journey makes an interesting read and
I am nuts about whomsoever I meet.’
- Geeta C Yadav
Embrace Imperfections To Enjoy In 2018         
If life is a journey then you have a story to tell and any story is all about imperfections. In perfection, there is no room for a story. I can feel that you don’t believe me. It’s fine. In your story, I just played the role of an imperfect character. Even in disagreement you contributed your time or your life to deal with the imperfections in me. How’s that? Give me a chance to play a small part. I promise to love your uniqueness and decorate my world with our differences.

Welcome to my small world. It has a whole lot of nuts. They’re adorable. Some are tough to crack and some are so cute and soft. Few are thorny yet sturdy but guarantee support, some others are vulnerable and need help but all of us have learnt to coexist.
We’re all nuts about each other, now aren’t we?  Let’s see how we complement each other. May I introduce my nutty world to you? Each loved one is different. Oh! They simply enrich my life with their imperfections.
The Tough Nuts inspire to strive in love, work and play.  They help me realise my ambitions. They have groomed me to look tough, support softness and appreciate rules.
The Soft Nuts show me that humility builds an inner empire of graciousness, tolerance and empathy.  Sometimes they hold on to give support. They are devoted and help me to grow as a spiritual being.
The Warrior Nuts teach me to fight, make a mark and leave an impact as it helps to bring in change. They inspire me to sacrifice some moments for a brighter world.
The Creative Nuts inspire me to love solitude by being lonesome. They are being productive at whatever they do. They embrace the disorderliness of things, emotions and construct newness with discoveries and inventions.
The Lazy Nuts help me to understand that rest means to let go of botheration and relax. I bask in the sun at times to rejuvenate my tired self or sleep over failures to start afresh.
The Steady Nuts help me realise that balance is the key to a fulfilling life.
The Horny Nuts push me to the edge and I learn to dangle from a cliff instead. I realise that it was a productive effort as I grew the most out of my comfort zone.
The Baby Nuts live in the moment. They gape and then ape. They teach me to observe and to rejoice every moment.
The Young Nuts energize me to explore, experiment and encourage. I marvel at the way they strive and aim to perform. Don’t judge them for many of them are visionaries who make difficult jobs possible. They just perceive a little differently to get to the impossible.
The Painful Nuts help me realise that it is important to have a positive aim in life.
The Patient ones go nuts because they accept all. At the end they empower the rest with their virtuous self.
"We’re crazy! We’re nuts!
We stand out because we can’t fit in everywhere.
We are so different from each other.
So what! We still make a team. We rock!"

Resolution 2018: Deconstruct the perfectionist in you. Opposites attract! Don’t they? Similarity bores! Doesn’t it? Change is inevitable! Isn’t it? AS rightly said by Spiritual Leader Sri Sri Ravishankar, ‘Knowing the past is your destiny, the future is freewill, you should live happily in the present moment.’ So 2017 was your destiny. 2018 is your free will. Exercise your freewill.
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Geeta - As always in her high spirits and contagious smile! xoxo
My online blog Momzpace and my motherhood community (MomzSpace India) has blessed me with awesome friends, and Geeta is one of them. Thanks to my blogging journey which connected me with such an awesome mother blogger. She has explored all the nuances of creative writings like parenting blogs, short love stories and philosophical magazine articles...
I'm in love with each of her writing, it is quite impressive, and it's a soulful writings ... So here is witty yet very enlightening blog on embracing new year with new spirit... P.S we haven't met yet, my meeting with this dynamic lady is due, hoping to see her soon when i visit Delhi next...

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