Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Healthy, yet yummy dessert for New Year By Anjali Gang

Kick-start your new year 2018 with one of the most yummiest, yet healthy dessert 'Shrikhand.' We at Momzspae watsapp group have been teased with lots her delicacies as she shares when she tries out anything new or something of her excelled or signature dish. 

So finally we got her secret recipe to be fit without compromising on taste... but still we at momzspace community is waiting for our group potluck to happen soon, so that we taste few of her more specialty.

Chef Speaks>> Anjali to readers!

So this my first attempt to share healthy and yummy dishes from my diary of experience.

Before we begin with dish preparation, I want to tell you the reason behind I choose this as the first recipe to start was calcium deficiency which I know all my readers will admit either they or their family facing it. 

And in order to recover this deficiency drinking milk or taking curd or pills regularly is quite a difficult and boring option.

To make this quite interesting I am here with my healthy simple and quick recipe which you can make on weekends and serve daily to your family ,I am sure after lunch kids gonna love this :)

Ingredients :

1. Curd - 1000 gm
2. Sugar - 100 gm 
3. Chopped Dry fruits of your choice. - 150 gm
4. 2-3 leaves of Safron

Procedure :

1. Hung the curd for 3 hours.
2. After 3 hours when all water from curd is removed ,place it into a container.
3.Add sugar,chopped dryfruits,safron and mix it well.
4. Ready to serve healthy dessert.

Chef Tip: 
You can also add fresh grapes or mango pulp to add the twist to a flavour.

  • This dessert is  healthier than any yoghurt.
  • It is rich source calcium and phosphorus than yoghurt.
  • It contains 10-12% of proteins.Calcium makes teeth and bones strong and healthy.
  • This dessert serves as remedies for an intestinal infection.

Hope you guys like my dessert we call this as 'shrikhand' but if we add the twist of fresh fruit pulp it will become more delicious than any flavoured yoghurt available in the market and trust me this quick homemade dessert is always good option then buying adulterated or unhealthy sweets which have the adverse effect on the body.

Know more about Anjali
Anjali is not an unknown face for MomzSpace readers or event participants , she has been actively involved in all momspace activities even though she is not yet experienced motherhood.

Her journey from a just another participant to our momzmeet to become our event volunteer, organizing selfie content, don a photographers lens, or be an entertaining host for our events. 

When she is not doing MomzSpace activity she is software Team Lead in Accenture. She is the founder and owner of her passion driven website .  Her motive in life is to serve social causes from the earnings at Creative Kalpana. 

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