Friday, 15 December 2017

I saw a kid messing the room .... By Muskaan Tulsani

Worth a read!
By our guest writer Muskaan Tulsani reflects the nostalgia of forgotten childhood memories, which today's tech world fails to create. Take a read, I'm sure this poem will take you back to your childhood days and give you an alarming call to shift your child's attention for tech driven enthusiasm to real muddy play.

I saw a kid messing the room
by spilling milk, licking chocolates
eating clumsily with stains on
her mother bought a day before.

A kid crying 'cause her dad told
not to go out and play in mud
But laughed when she came back
with her tiny steps covered in mud.

A kid whose uniform didn't fit and
her big brother laughed watching this
Yet her dad took the camera to capture a glimpse of her first day at school.

A kid who got a certificate for participating in the school play for acting well
and everyone cheering up on the stage
and in the corner her dad teary eyed.

A kid whose brother bought her a cycle
and instructed how to drive and when she fell down, he chuckled, hugged her and
guided never to give up.

And as I turned around closing my
photo album;

I saw a kid playing on the tab that
I bought her yesterday on her
9th birthday.

By Muskan Tulsani (Guest Writer)


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